Visit Village Noel: the Christmas paradise in the south of France

A whole year waiting to write this post. And at last the time has come; Christmas. Date on which this little guide makes all the sense in the world. Is about the Village Noel in Le Barcares, south of France, small space where at Christmas everything becomes magical and possible.

Un small corner where you can experience the essence of Christmas that lives in some towns in central Europe. An excellent idea for a day trip with the family.

About three hours from Barcelona city you will find a A unique place that I am sure the little ones will love, as well as the older ones in the house.

Is one of the largest flea markets in the south of France that is becoming, with the help of Instagram and Tik Tok, a one of the most famous in the south of France.

Christmas Markets in the South of France

👉🏽 All about Village Noel in this Post. 👈🏾

Where is Village Noël

the enclosure of The Village Noel is located in the small seaside village of Le Barcarés about three hours from Barcelona.

It is located at about 15 minutes by car from Perpignan. If you have time visiting this city is an excellent option.

  • Open: from November 25, 2022 to January 8, 2023
  • Entry: 5 €
  • Address: Bd du Grau Saint-Ange, 66420 Le Barcarès, France

What can I find in Village Noel

In Village Noel you will not get bored and if you go up to some of their attractions, you visit the ice museum or you have a few beers in their bars or you treat yourself, or two, in some of their stalls, the afternoon will fly by.

Inside the enclosure you will find:

  • Rink
  • Crafts and food market
  • ice museum
  • Bars and restaurants
  • live uncle
  • Noria
  • Maze of lights and recreations
  • ice sledding and slide

Important: The price of the attractions goes apart from the cost of the entrance.

What to see in Village Noel in France – Le Barcarès

Free tickets for children under 5 years and other rates on specific dates. Information about rates in villa claus

Village Noel in one day

Surely, if you've seen pictures, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in this little place. But do not worry, One day is more than enough to visit the site.

Remember This is a recreation of a Christmas town, not a real town, so that all attractions that available they are very close to each other.

Photos from Facebook Village Noel – Le Barcarès

We visited it on a Sunday and we had plenty of time to get to know the surroundings a bit.

Tips for visiting Village Noel in Le Barcarés

  • The first advice we give you is that organize your day well because if you only want to visit the enclosure, a whole day can be a long time, so I advise you look for some surrounding villages that you can visit. Later, when it is getting dark, go to the enclosure and see it at night, which is when it is most beautiful.
  • If you go with the family and your budget is tight, you can bring sandwiches and eat them before entering the venue. That will save you some money and surely you won't be able to resist dessert.
  • To park on these dates you have plenty of space throughout the place. Le Barcarés is a coastal town that at this time is almost deserted. Of course, do not even dream of having a place near the enclosure.
  • If you can avoid the designated times such as holidays and Sundays in December and January, all the better. If you have availability and can go during the week, you will have less queues and less saturation at the attractions.

Skip the lines at the Noël – Le Barcarès Christmas venue

One of the most important tricks to avoiding queues at the entrance is to stop by in the morning to buy the tickets and once you have them you can spend the day wherever you want. This, if you stay in Le Barcarès all day.

Later when you really want to enter the venue you will simply skip the queue to buy the tickets.

In the morning, when it opens, it is usually quite empty, since when more people accumulate it is in the evening.

Note: At the moment you cannot buy tickets online.

rush hours, where the queues start to form to buy the tickets It is about 18:00. Even though you have about 4 boxes to buy the tickets and an automatic machine, the queues are usually quite important, in addition to all the nitty-gritty that make up the groups.

We saw these long lines since We bought the tickets in the morning and we only had to queue to get in.

Remember the enclosure is completely closed and you cannot leave and re-enter with the same ticket.

Programming Village Noel Le Barcarès

Here you have a summary with the most important information you should know to visit The Village Noel:

  • Open: November 25 to January 8
  • Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 01:00 a.m.
  • Entry: 5 €
Programming Village Noel in France

All the information on the official page of Village Noel Le Barcares. You can also follow them on Facebook page where they upload photos and schedules that can help you plan your visit.

Enjoy the experience!

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