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Minimalist wardrobe: the advantages of having few clothes

I am going to tell you some of the advantages of having few clothes in the closet. You see, there are times when less is better. The benefits of having a small closet They are progressively noticed as you progress in the creation of a more efficient and comfortable closet. Although it may seem like having few clothes is not always bad and I am going to tell you why.

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minimalist wardrobe

The first thing to keep in mind when creating a minimalist wardrobe is that this It means a change of mindset. Keeping the closet clean and organizing is not enough to achieve a closet of this style. It is necessary iGet involved as much as possible in the task of discarding all those that we do not useWe don't want to, we don't like it. In short, all those garments that do not add value to us.

In this detachment exercise that goes progressively and on which we cannot go very fast if we do not want to crash. A minimalist wardrobe requires time, dedication, and a lot patience.

Like I always say; do not forget that the wardrobe is something very personal and that the posts that I publish are indicative so that you can take those tricks that may be useful to you and reject those that are not.

I don't get involved anymore so here we go.

The benefits of having little in a saturated society

1. More organized closet

This is one of the first advantages I found by reducing the amount of clothes I had in my closet. I no longer had that feeling that clothes had a life of their own and changed places. I started to have order in my closet.

Its alot easier to clean and have everything in its place and our peace of mind thanks us. And best of all is that You don't have to be ordering every two by three.

2. You are more aware of everything you have

If before I had no idea what clothes lived in my closet and sometimes I was even surprised to see some item of clothing, many times I came to ask my sister if that item of clothing was hers…. You see, I didn't know the things I had, it was like my closet belonged to someone else.

a smaller, more organized closet

Now, having a smaller and more organized wardrobe, I am aware of all the clothes I have, the ones I don't have, the ones I want and the ones I really need.  

I pay a lot of attention to the clothes that come out of my closet and also to the ones that come in, and I try to ensure that this new item of clothing suits the others as well as possible, especially that it is useful and that I like it.

3. You find your own style

I came across this one much later after trying and trying. Step by step you realize what is your style and you begin to base your wardrobe on those clothes that you like the most and with which you feel most comfortable.

With time you end up with a wardrobe perfectly adapted to you and your needs. To everything that you really like, it goes with your style and your way of being.

The most beautiful thing about minimalism is finding your essence, that which differentiates you from others. For that alone it is worth a try.

(I.e.It may interest you: Create the perfect color palette for your closet

So don't get tired of trying because the only way to find the style that best suits you is with experience. You have to turn the closet into your own test lab.

4. Everything suits you

At this point we already begin to feel good with everything we have and that brings many advantages, such as the saving time looking for what clothes to wear because you have already experimented so much with your clothes that you know a little what is for each occasion.

And the most important thing is that you have kept those clothes that you really like, with which you are going to wear….

You have your own style what we talked about in the previous point.

If you are not yet at this point in the process nothing happens over time You are going to adapt your wardrobe and for that it takes time. It will come.

5. You save money

I was not aware of the savings that having a minimalist wardrobe meant until years later when I did the test of a year without buying clothes. It wasn't exactly -not buying clothes- but I decided to buy only the clothes you need (what is strictly necessary).

That year I learned to be clear about the things I need and even the things I want. A lesson that meant considerable money savings.

For this, it seeks write down what you would like to include in your wardrobe: the garment, the color,…

It is not about suffering from not buying clothes, or living in a state of lack, it is quite the opposite. It is knowing how to prioritize what you really like, what you are excited about and what you are going to use.

In that aspect saving money per year is a lotIn my case, so much that I could afford a mini trip to the elderly.

That's why I recommend that If you are in the process of transitioning to a smaller wardrobe, make notes or save the receipts for the clothes you buy, so that you can really see the savings that this means. You will see a big difference compared to years before the change.

6 Comfort

At this point we are going to talk about comfort and how having a minimalist wardrobe has helped me make myself the easiest life.

Comfort at home when cleaning and stop wasting my time.

Another thing that I include at this point and that for me has been one of the biggest changes is the comfort when traveling. When I go on a trip, preparing the luggage is a moment.

As well during the trip I feel more liberated, with less burden and once at the destination it saves me a lot of time because I am wearing those clothes that I am actually going to use (The usual song hahaha is my anthem).

7. More awareness

When you reduce the amount of things you have in your life, you realize that we actually use a very small percentage of everything we have.

Do you realize the impact it has on the planet? our way of consuming and that in many cases, not to say the majority, is unnecessary and exaggerated.

Reduce the amount of things you have in your life

Be that change the world wants to see. And that personal change begins with empathy, awareness and commitment.


8. You feel freer, happier

For many people this can be a bit cheesy but it is very noticeable the lightness with which you walk through life. Phandles being surrounded by filth to being in a healthier place. This leaves a feeling that is very difficult to explain.

It's like taking a load off your shoulders, less ballast, you know that if you have to move it will not be so much stress for you as is the case in most cases.

Don't get attached to material things, they are there to help, not to chain you to them.

We are what we are, we are not what we have.

You are noticing all this every day, with each step you take, and best of all, you start to look the world from BEING and not from having. We are not the car we have, nor the clothes we wear.

We are what we are, we are not what we have.

More essence and less appearance

Let's learn to live more consciously, in tune with what defines us as human beings. Let's forget what we're supposed to do or have and start drawing our own conclusions about what we really need.

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Reduce your carbon footprint with minimalism de Reduce your carbon footprint: Gain time, clarity and productivity with minimalism de soulgate y anny garcia

We are all different so we need different solutions.

I hope you liked it and if anyone feels similar, I would like to know, you can leave it in the comments or even write me an email at

Thank you very much for giving me a little bit of your time. Until next time and happy week!

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