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I went a year without buying clothes and this I learned during the challenge

Back in 2018 he had returned home after almost a year traveling. Returning home meant the reunion with my family and the run into all the clothes he had left behind. She was no longer the same, therefore she did not have the same tastes and values. Searching the internet, and after months taking clothes out of my closet like one possessed, I found the challenge of spending a year without buying clothes. I liked the idea and went into practice.

Going a year without buying clothes helped me in many aspects to reaffirm my idea about minimalism and lay the foundation on which I would build a simpler life.

One year without buying clothes: My experience

This didn't just come to me out of the blue. The challenge was the consequence of reading a few books on minimalism, along with all the information that i had been looking for on how to simplify my wardrobe.

He had a pretty tight job and my closet was getting smaller but I still had to take the step of never filling it up again.

I made sure I had everything I needed to go a year without buying clothes and I started the challenge.

To make sure I don't buy any clothes I took a notebook to write down all the purchases I made during that year. The idea was to write next to each item of clothing that I bought the price and why I had to buy it.

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At first it was a bit difficult because it turns out that, more than ever, I saw super nice clothes that could come in handy. Hold on as best I could and don't buy anything you don't absolutely need.

Did you buy clothes during that year?

During my year of abstinence from shopping, I had to buy some item of clothing for which I had no substitute. During that year I bought very simple pieces that didn't go beyond jeans and a couple of undershirts.

After spending my entire year buying almost no clothes, I realized that I had acquired some very valuable skills. what did would help continue to improve on the way to a simpler life with fewer things.

Lessons from spending a year without buying clothes

You are more aware of what you really need

By setting myself the challenge and wanting to fulfill it I was very strict about what I needed and tried my best not to have to buy a single item.

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I was looking for options to use what I already had and I was wondering if I really needed such a garment.

You realize the immensity of clothes that we have and that we do not use

During that year without buying clothes I realized that I had a lame closet and that I should organize it better since I had many clothes that I never wore, On the other hand, there were others that he used a lot and did not have enough of.

Esto It helped me better reorganize my closet and adapt it to my style of life. With the passing of the months I was writing down the things that I wore the most and adding them to a list to buy them little by little. I used to write down details such as color, type of garment, composition, time of year, etc.

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An example were the basic ones that always I used in my day to day. However, it was something that should buy in larger quantity. I had few and sometimes I did not get to the weekend.

You learn to value the clothes you already have

Value what you have in your closet.

With the passing of the months you realize the clothes you wear the most. You take care of those clothes that you like and try to make them last as long as possible.

It is a simple habit that solves many things for you since you know very well what goes with your style.

If you don't know where to start here is an initiation post, « Introduction to Minimalism » , will help you get down to work.

You become more selective with what you buy

Over the years I have become quite picky about the clothes I buy, Since I don't usually buy often when I do, I take care to do it well. I try to acquire exactly what I want and need.

it's my way of save money, time and trips to the stores.

You change the habit of going to buy clothes for pleasure

This is the deepest habit of capitalism and which It is very difficult for us to undo.

Although I never met friends to go shopping, I admit that once I bought things simply to buy or because they gave me pleasure at the time and not because I needed them.

A hobby that did not take me long to remove. Today, they don't take up a minute of my time, only when necessary.

Use your imagination to make use of the clothes you already have

I have always liked customizing clothes. I started to devise changes in my clothes to adapt those clothes that I did not like. It was all a lot of fun that also helped me improve my sewing techniques.

Some of my clothes became fabric bags and others I added some fabric patterns or cut them. It was my way of adding another garment to my minimalist wardrobe while reusing pieces that I knew I didn't want.

You are more aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment

You can become a person really concerned about the environmental impact and textile waste. Luckily and keeping calm, this syndrome fades over time.

It's really worrying realize that consumerism much more than we need. It is one of the main reasons why I try to buy second-hand clothes and try to buy quality pieces so that they last as long as possible.

Better quality than quantity

When you have few clothes did you know quality plays an essential role in your wardrobe.

I try that all the clothes that I buy are of a good material. Having a small closet also makes you use clothes a lot, therefore They must be resistant.

At this point I try not skimp and buy the best quality garments that I can afford. Although I don't usually buy brands, yes. I investigate the components of the garments or the texture of the fabrics.

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As you see It's not that hard to go a year without buying clothes. We live in a society where we have plenty of things and yet we complain that we have nothing. Going a year without buying helped me realize of what really we need little to carry out our routines.

you realize that there is another way to consume, to live. The saving of economic and natural resources is so great that not doing it has very few advantages. Leading an aligned and conscious life is possible by putting everything you have in order, starting with the closet.

In a world of excess, simplifying life is a way to enrich it.

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