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Tricks to find cheap flights

If you need some tricks to find cheap flights This post is what you were looking for. With these tips You will save money and time, because you will go in search of the ideal days and dates to make your trip. Remember to look ahead and pay attention to the offers offered by airlines.

Travel the world with cheap flights

The tourism industry has grown exponentially in recent decades to become one of the main sources of income for many countries. Nowadays traveling has become an easier activity thanks to the variety of options and the low cost of some destinations.

With some fours tricks to find cheap flights you can travel to the most spectacular places in the world while saving hundreds on one of the most important expenses of a trip, the flight.

Tips for finding cheap flights

Use flight comparators. Skyscanner is the best

If you are looking for a simple solution, this is yours. Skyscanner It is the best flight stop in the world. I'm not saying it, the thousands of travelers who recommend it say it.

Skyscanner has an option which has no other comparator; It allows you to enter the airport of origin without determining the destination. One last.

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If what you want is find the cheapest flights to any part of the world and you don't care about the destination This comparator is what you need.

Another of his and advantages is it allows you make routes with several flights, which saves a lot of time doing them individually.

Search in advance…and compare prices

If you already know when you will have your vacations and days off, try to look for flights in advance. If you look months in advance you can get an idea of ​​the routes you can choose and thus plan your travel budget appropriately.

The good thing about buying the flight in advance is that You have that expense ready and you can also save money for other sections of the trip.

Remember if you save with time before the trip everything will be easier for you.

The best days are during the week

So is! Days matter a lot. Choose weekdays to choose your flights and you will see everything you can save.

Avoid putting days like Friday, Saturday, or Sunday as much as possible. It is on the weekend that most people work and companies know it.

Use the incognito search engine

Although I don't use it often when it comes to more expensive flights and I want to look at them several times before buying them It is the option that usually helps not to predetermine the algorithm.

Avoid times with festivities

Avoid times likeo Easter, Christmas and other holidays times where they usually raise prices. Always.

If your idea is to travel on some of these dates The only way to do it without costing you a ton is to look at it well in advance.

Travel in low season

Traveling in high season is overrated. In this time there is more people, prices go up, places are crowded and there are not many options. Come on, a burden.

Travel in low season will allow you to move at a much calmer pace and you will be able to enjoy the place, whatever it is, in a more authentic and calm way.

Also in some countries with high prices like Iceland or Switzerland It is the best option to save money on everything.

In fact, our trip to Iceland we did it in low season which made we would save on accommodation, flights and car rental in addition to discovering the country at a pace consistent with this impressive island.


Other trips we have made in low season: Thailand in 15 days and Cambodia.

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The best day to search for flights

The legend of travelers tells... that there is a day when airlines get charitable and let their guard down. That is why it is often said that Some days of the week are better to look for cheap flights.

Wednesday. Although I have no indication that this is always the case, I do tell you that sometimes it has The price of a flight varied quite a bit by putting it on this day.

So, it would be good if you took this advice as one more and Try to see the difference.

Another day that is usually cheaper is Tuesday. These two days being during the week have discounts, take advantage!

extra tricks

A few extra tricks are always good. Here I leave you other tips so you can Find cheap flights and travel the world saving a little money.

Create a piggy bank with the name of the trip

It is important to have money available in case you make an offer. Taking advantage of bargains is only for those who are able to plan a trip in advance.

Take a look at your banking app where there is usually a savings section, folder type. Anyway, here is a link to the post with some saving tricks for traveling.

Travel with as little luggage as possible

Enter here the art of traveling with a carry-on suitcase.

Can you save enough money on your flights if you can traveling with a carry-on suitcase or even just a backpack.

Traveling with a lot of luggage can be an expensive and cumbersome experience. The costs associated with checking luggage are usually high and can represent a significant expense in the total budget of a trip.

On the other hand, traveling with hand luggage allows greater mobility and freedom before, during and after the trip.

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It's a pleasure to talk to you about travel.゚☾ ゚。⋆

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