8 Tricks to achieve a minimalist kitchen

In this post I will give you some tricks to have a kitchen minimalist, tips that They will help you make small changes and go little by little until you get the kitchen you want. Whether for aesthetics or comfort minimalist kitchens are in fashion.

With figures like Marie Kondo, minimalism has been gaining followers. Especially in this area, in the organization of home spaces such as the kitchen.

More than by style minimalist kitchens are very practicalThey work very well and are very easy to maintain. We spend too much time in the kitchen to not give it the attention it deserves.

The kitchen is the place in the house where more accessories and appliances We have quite a difference. This fact makes us wonder if really are necessaryyes, or if on the contrary, we can do without them.

Tricks to get a minimalist kitchen

A minimalist kitchen with more space

On the basis that «less is more» minimalist kitchens focus on a basic principle: simplicity. All this can be achieved with a few tricks that make our kitchen a place more practical and with more space.

Why don't we give this space the importance it deserves? And what better way than with some tricks for a minimalist kitchen, more comfortable and flexible.

Let's go with the tricks, which apart from being very cheap are very easy to achieve.

  • 1. Get rid of useless accessories

The kitchen is the place in the house where we have the most accessories and appliances, by far. From the graters that we use once a year and that shape the vegetables, to waffle makers kept in boxes waiting for the day they are used, and yes, they are very cute little things but that they are pretty do not solve anything for you.

That's why I decided to start here because apparently it's the easiest. I ask you to take out all those gadgets and accessories that are useless, at least not to you, it's time to find someone to use them.

Get minimalist kitchen

Gentlemen, we have to be practical and if to be practical we have to make the shakes and the crepes in the blender, nothing happens, they remain the same. Find what works for you and Eliminate all that that only takes up space in your kitchen. You will appreciate it, especially in time and comfort.

  • 2. Consider your needs

This trick is a bit related to the previous one and we should use it in all aspects of our lives.

If you like baking and have many sizes of sleeves and gauges, that's great, when we use things they become useful and that is what we want them to be useful, not occupying living space.

Don't hesitate to put those to the test. objects that you think can go outside, try and make a decision. Most of the time it happens that you didn't even remember that you had them, so it's much easier because that means you can continue with your life without that object.

Remember you want to simplify your space and for that we have to build a comfortable and quiet space to work.

"When we use things they become useful and that is what we want them to be useful, not occupying living space."

  • 3. Recycle

I love this point. Open your tablet and Look for ideas of things you can do in your kitchen to save space and money.

Take those jars that you have and order them by size, there you can put the things you use the most or you can even relocate and transfer all the products of your kitchen to jars and other containers that you recycle.

I leave you an entire post dedicated to Recycling Glass Jars to have a beautiful and organized pantry.

You'll see how beautiful the kitchen will look on you, plus you'll be able to see all the products, which will make things easier for you when cooking and making the shopping list.

Pantry with mason jars

Here the question is make our imagination fly and by the way give it a personal touch to that place where some of us spend so much time.

  • 4. Control what goes into your kitchen

If we spend months tidying up the kitchen and just as we have it tidy we fill it up with junk again, then we haven't done anything, we'll have to start over from the beginning.
Do not forget to bring a control of everything you need, and also of the their come into the kitchen disguised as gifts that we are not going to use, or as things that are not practical.

I'm not saying throw your gifts away, I mean be aware that this is new in your kitchen and that if it is there it is because it should be useful or beautiful in any case. Make sure it is, and if not, you know what to do with them.

But shhh you don't have to tell anyone. Try not to justify yourself too much, your comfort will thank you.

  • 5. The fair and necessary

With a little discretion we move on to point number six. Do not forget what is fair and necessary. Learn to live with what is necessary and develop with itThis will help you depend less on certain things and more when we talk about cooking.

What is the use of having 50 dishes if the maximum number of people who have gone home have been 8, and two of those 8 were us. It's okay to be cautious and have some things for the unexpected or for substitutions, but you also have to be realistic and honest with yourself.

When we know what we need and to what extent (more or less clear) we take a big step towards that order that we want to achieve.

I don't have a toaster at home and I don't miss it either. I get by very well with a frying pan, it was never necessary for me so I have not bought it nor do I plan to buy it. Instead, there are other things in my kitchen that may seem useless to you. The key is in find the right and necessary for you.

We are all different and each house is a world. Just as we do with the closet, submit those objects to study and eliminate those objects that only take up space.

  • 6. Feel comfortable

That is why we have talked about getting involved, creating new things in your kitchen, spending time in it and paying attention to it, as we pay to the living room or the closet.

If you enter the kitchen and feel that you are not comfortable, that you bump into too many things, that you don't have space to cook, I think it's time for you to get to it. Eliminate everything that does not serve you.

How to achieve a tidy kitchen

For example, I am one of those people who do not feel very calm in a kitchen with many things in the middle, so I try to have only what is necessary on the counter, nothing more. I like to be able to see all the ingredients that I am going to use, have space and move comfortably.

Try and try and try again until find that ideal point where you feel comfortable. Don't be afraid to remove what has always been there, maybe you even forget that you had it once you remove it.

  • 7. Personalize your kitchen

Find that point where you feel comfortable. It is important and also requires you to be fully involved.

Many people like kitchens with everything in sight, others who adore white or those who do not give importance to any of the above.

Think and get an idea of What would your ideal kitchen look like?, with magazines or photos from the internet, and seek to turn those photos around by adapting them to your kitchen. Try to do everything in your power so that the kitchen is as aligned as possible with your tastes.

It takes time but it's worth it.

  • 8. Better quality than quantity

Buy quality objects and gadgets. Try to make the investment worthwhile. Think carefully before buying a new device.

Look for information, brands and reviews and you can even look in second-hand stores, in many of them there are certain things that have a guarantee and, sometimes, for price, it is worth it.

Remember that we want objects that last over time, not be every two by three looking for the same thing.

organize your kitchen

I don't think I forget any more. Remember that to get a minimalist kitchen you must think about your needs first and foremost and put into practice everything that makes your routines easier.

If there's something missing from this list, why don't you let me know? We are here to learn and lead the way together!

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