Iceland Itinerary: Top XNUMX Road Trips in Iceland

It can be a bit overwhelming organizing a tour through Iceland. We have such a long list of places to visit that we feel lost and don't know where to start. To give you a hand and help you organize this dream trip, we bring you diferent routes divided by sections with the best places to visit in Iceland.

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As we always say, we want you to take these routes and do what you want with them. In other words, that you adapt them to your way of traveling. Feel free to organize this trip in your own way.

We believe Iceland is the dream country of photographers and nature lovers. That's why for sure some of you would be comfortable doing longer routes. Exploring a waterfall or getting lost around a volcano.

For example, in Skógafoss, starting from the viewpoint, you can throw yourself 24 kilometers along the side of the river while you discover other lesser-known waterfalls but just as impressive and less crowded.

For this reason, he seeks information. Then plan your trip thinking about your needs and preferences.

Iceland. Fire and Ice in one place

"I am Iceland, I am a beast"

 Jón Páll Sigmarsson

An island in childhood. When we talk about Iceland we talk from one of the youngest corners of the planet. The island is constantly changing: active and subglacial volcanoes, areas with high geothermal activity where geysers and fumaroles make this country the most particular and extraordinary on the planet.

aurora above lake at night

When we think of fire, we do referring to volcanoes. We can find signs of solidified lava in many parts of Iceland and also pseudocraters whose shape creates the most lunatic landscape.

Then ice comes to mind. icebergs thousands of years old. In Jörkulsárlon lake we can do routes through ice caves and discover these amazing bubbles frozen in time.

Who was going to tell us that we could find A whole world of contrasts in the same country. Sometimes as white and cold as Antarctica, others, it is pure fire. On this island everything is possible.

Did you know: Iceland suffers so many In Iceland every year multiple waterfalls are born and from time to time even an island emerges. and from time to time, even an island arises.

It's normal that they don't have names for everything...

Let’s start 🧶with the best routes around Iceland.


The best routes to do in Iceland

Alternatives for all types of travelers. Routes through the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, surrounded by that particular green, circuits to visit the depths of the earth and some of the most impressive corners of the island. You will also have other tours for lovers of geysers, fumaroles and volcanoes.

You can enjoy the best routes through Iceland doing the entire Ring Road or simply taking the section that interests you or adapts to the number of days you will visit the country. Remember that you can make the whole ring starting from one side or the other.

The golden circle

A route just an hour and a half drive from Reykjavik. It is one of the most popular alternatives for tourists. A form of get closer, in a short time, to all that Iceland has to offer.

Ideal when you go to Iceland for a few days, but still you want to know waterfalls, craters and fumaroles. Here you have it all.

What you will find in the Golden Circle:

  • The waterfall Gulfoss , one of the most impressive and mighty in Iceland.
  • Thingvellir National Park is proud to have the Sifra tectonic foult where you can see the separation of the Eurasian and American tectonic plates. The crack confirms that Iceland is located between two continents.
    • Thingvellir Viewpoint (Lookout)
    • Oxarárfoss (Waterfall)
    • Þingvallakirkja (Þingvellir Church)
    • silfra Snorkelling Pond. In case you want to snorkel, dive through the crack or just watch.
  • And the famous Geysir and also the crowded Strokkur.

Let’s continue...

Waterfalls and black beaches of the South

Resuming the route from the small town of Selfoss to before reaching the town of Vik and Myrdal We will go through some waterfalls that remain on the way. This area is full of beautiful waterfalls that will take your breath away.

You can see some waterfalls from the road and if you have a few rainy days you will be surprised to discover dozens of improvised ones.

South Iceland Waterfalls:

  • Urriðafoss and Ægissíðufoss
  • Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrafoss
  • Drífandi
  • Íráfoss
  • Skógafoss. Other smaller waterfalls
    • hestavaðsfoss
    • fosstorfufoss
    • steinbogafoss

–> Let's go straight to a black beach...

First I would like to show you this image.


I'm from the Caribbean and you can't imagine my surprise when I saw a black beach. I think it's one of the places that surprised me the most in Iceland. More than the beach, it is about the contrast in the landscape and that effect of being on a totally unknown planet.

Here some black beaches and viewpoints near Vik:

  • Reynisfjara
  • Dyrhólaey viewpoint

Both the black beach and the viewpoint are two essential stops that you must make.

At the viewpoint you will be able to see two ends of the coast from different angles and at a great distance. The unique landscape that surrounds it is incredible. Although it is very windy it is a must visit that we recommend.

  • Plane and Sólheimasandur beach

If you prefer to take advantage of the time to see something else, I advise you to skip this visit. Reason? The walk from the parking to the plane is quite long, approximately 40 minutes, and we think there are places around more beautiful and interesting.

Anyway, we mention this curious place in case you want to visit it.

You also have a bus that makes the journey if you prefer to save time. If you want to go, it's the best option.

  • Vik and Myrdal Black Beach

Vik's black beach is also a tourist enclave for those who want to continue enjoying the landscape, or, for those who have not had time to visit the previous beaches.

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

Canyon about 2 million years old. The route runs along the canyon and ends at the bottom of the river.

Along the way you can see the canyon from different perspectives. At one point of the route there is a viewpoint from where you can see a beautiful waterfall.Another viewpoint halfway and a bridge from where you can see the canyon at ground level.

The contrast in the landscape is very beautiful. The route is quite short but well worth it. The colors present in this route are spectacular. Depending on the time you go, you will find the canyon in a radically different way.

I leave you some photos so you can see the difference.

Photo on the right Naomi Maestre Cembellín

Vatnajökull National Park (South). Jökursárlon

What you can see in the South Vatnajökull National Park:

  • Skatafell waterfall

Before arriving our next stop we will stretch our legs with a route to the Skatafell waterfall.

One of the Iceland's most characteristic waterfalls. The wall of basalt columns made from a perfect hexagonal shape.

Although It takes a while to get there We cannot deny that it is a route that is very worthwhile. The autumn colors and the beauty of the place made the route very enjoyable for us.

During the ascent you have two very beautiful waterfalls. Even a viewpoint and some alternative routes for those who want to explore the area. You can see how the vegetation changes in this part of Iceland, as bushes are a bit taller and even the flowers and moss are different.

  • Lake Jökursárlon

I never thought such an impressive place would be so accessible. Between Vik and Höfn we find a scene straight out of a movie. A lake full of small, or giant, dancing ice mountains. These are centuries-old icebergs that wander aimlessly through the immense lake of Jökursárlon.

One of the only places on the planet where you can navigate by boat or kayak between icebergseven walk along the shore while you try to find some seals.

  • Diamond beach

If you walk down from Jökulsárlón lake you will see a black beach, better known as Diamond beach.

The contrasts between the black sand, the pieces of ice and the streaks of light make it seem which we are, curiously, in We are surrounded by diamonds.

An very crowded beach but you have to visit and enjoy.

Watch out for giant waves and look out for seals.

Eastern Fjords

<< It is difficult to imagine the beauty of a fjord. Until you're in one. >>

A fjord is characterized by roads full of curves, excessively rugged landscapes, estuaries that continually join the sea, over and over again, cliffs and the feeling that the roller coaster will never end.

We left Höfn with a storm on our heels. Even so, we decided to go the long way. A journey full of curves but particularly beautiful.

In those moments of the trip, I could remember Galicia and its particular Costa de la Muerte.

In these places it is best to sacrifice time and take the longest route. Highly recommended. It is on these roads that surround the estuary where the most spectacular places are hidden.

The East Fjords of Iceland are "Populated" by Micro Towns that follow each other every few kilometers in the middle of a road surrounded by mountains, where apart from the waterfalls what can you find on the one hand, only remains to look at sea ​​on the other.

In this part of Iceland you will be surprised with:

  • Klifbrekku Waterfall *On the way
  • Haifoss *On the way
  • Gufufoss *On the way

These waterfalls up here are very beautiful and if you have time you can visit some. ☺️

  • The town of Seyðisfjörður.

Regarded as one of the the most beautiful village in iceland and where is the photographed church with the rainbow trail, Seyðisfjarðarkirkja.

colorful pathway

It is without a doubt a part of the country to explore slowly and an ideal place to do all kinds of hiking trails.

Diamond Circle

From the lunar landscape offered by the Hverir to the shore of the impressive Lake Mývatn. Going through other sites of interest such as Detifoss waterfall. All this surrounded by mountains.

The Diamond Circle is located in the northwestern part of Iceland, between Egilstađir and Akureyri, on a journey between mountains. If you have not yet seen snowy landscapes, probably on this route you will find some.

We need to mention that the Diamond Circle is one of the best places to relax and discover, at a good price, geothermal baths.

In the Diamond Circle you can visit:

  • Lake Myvatn
  • Dettifoss waterfall
  • Goðafoss waterfall
  • Hverir

Zone of high geothermal activity, famous for its boiling pools and the characteristic smell of sulfur.

if you go in winter You will be able to freak out with the contrast of smoke and snow-capped mountains in the area. Lunar landscape where we can observe in great detail the high geothermal activity in some points of Iceland.

  • Lake Mývatn Nature Baths

Reserve a few hours of relaxation visiting the Myvatn Nature Baths. A small thermal bath with mountain views and if you go in autumn or winter probably landscape covered in snow.

It seems to us the best alternative to the Blue Lagoon, in addition to the tranquility of the place and the prices are much more affordable.

In the bathrooms you have The place is a small circuit with two swimming pools and sauna rooms. As well has a bar in one of the pools so you don't have to get out of the water to get a drink.

Let's talk budget: to give you an idea, the entrance price to the Blue Lagoon is usually around €80.Basic rate and choosing the cheapest time ranges. Instead, the Mývatn baths only cost €40. It's the double!!!

If you do the complete route through Iceland, Iceland Ring Road i recommend you save the money it costs to go to the Blue Lagoon and enjoy the relaxation offered by the Mývatn Nature Baths for half the price.

Akureyri and whale watching

Apart from knowing one of the most famous cities in Iceland We recommend that you take advantage of the fact that you are in the best place to do a whale watching.

Akureyri is one of the best places to see these spectacular animals.

The small town of Husavik, on the outskirts of the fjord, is the place ideal for whales watching. The offer of excursions is wide and varied.

See options in north sailing.

In the city of Akureyri you can visit:

  • Akureyri Church
  • Lystigarður Botanical Garden
  • Christmas House Jólahúsið

We continue.. 🚗

Snæfellness Peninsula

According to Jules Verne, in the Snæfellsjökull volcano we enter into the magic door to travel to the center of the earth. And there it was, half myth, half reality.

Despite not knowing if we reached the center of the earth or not, what we do know is that it is one of the most spectacular parts of Iceland. Some people call this place miniature iceland, since in this part of the island where you can find black sand beaches, glaciers, volcanoes and the most famous bird sanctuaries in Iceland.

Although we did not go to this area, we can leave you with some references that other travelers have given us.

What to visit in Snæfellness:

  • Svortuloft Lighthouse
  • Skarðsvík Beach
  • Djúpalónssandur Beach
  • Arnarstapi Cliffs

Some Snæfellness waterfalls:

  • Grundarfoss waterfall
  • Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall


We finish this series of routes in Reykjavik one of the most dynamic capitals of the north.

Curious fact: Before arrived Reykjavik on the west road you will pass through the Hvalfjörður underwater tunnel.. Nothing more and nothing less than 6 kilometers of journey under the sea.

It is considered the Iceland's most outstanding engineering achievement between the years 1991-2000. It is a example of all the road deployment that the country is suffering in the last decades.

After passing through tiny villages dotted all over Iceland, visiting small towns and getting to know the most isolated places in Iceland We're back to civilization in a big way.

After so many days exploring the island It feels strange to hear the noises of a city again.

In Reykjavik:

  • Hallgrímskirkja Church
  • Harpan Auditorium
  • Sun Voyager Sculpture
  • Laugavegur. The most famous street in the capital

In the northernmost capital of the world you can enjoy enjoy the lively nightlife, night, wide cultural offer and all kinds of restaurants. And the most impressive and different church you have ever seen.


You always can spend a day or two doing nothing. If you just want to relax after so many kilometers and so many emotions.

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