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Top best reads of the year 2021

This compilation of best readings of the year 2021 promises to be the shortest of all the blog since this year of readings was not especially good. Perhaps because of the little time dedicated to it consciously, as I like, or because of the lack of motivation for not having something really good to read, even so. there were readings, although few, very good this 2021 and I couldn't stop mentioning them.

what usually happens when No. find books that hook you is that when one fulfills his mission you value it much more and enjoy them more. It's like finding a treasure.

Best Books of 2021

  • My Story Michelle Obama

A beautiful book where the author describes you the life of a normal girl, with big dreams and problems like everyone else's, which reaches The White House and how it change your life.

Best Reads 2021 Book My Story by Michelle Obama

What I liked the most of the book are the desire to improve the personalities of the book. I was touched and admired Michelle's father as well as her Mother.

"One of the lessons I grew up with was to stay true to myself and never let what others say distract me from my goals."

Michelle Obama

The ease with which she talks about issues like motherhood and work, as well as her beautiful relationship with Barack.

It is a book that everyone should read because More than talking about triumphs, he talks about failures and how to try again and again until you get what you want, such as straying off the beaten path y de how small people can make big changes.

  • Wonder Patricio Palacios

How not to fall in love with the little-big August and how by delving into his inner world you can empathize with so many things, such as: friendship, the feeling of loneliness, bullying and family union.

It is a book that shows the different points of view within a family where a child is born with a deformity. At first it may seem that there is only one victim in this story but as we progress through the book we can see how each one feels and their respective problems.

"When my mom saw my deformed face, the only thing she noticed was how pretty my eyes were."

Highly recommended, even as a gift to other children.

  • 13,99 Federic Beigbeber

Are you ready for the most shameless irony? This is a shocking book and at times irritating. And if so, why are you putting it on the list? Because speaks truths like fists.

Best Reads 2021 Book 13,99

In this book you will learn the story of a publicist who is jaded and bitter about his work and life in general.

Addicted to drugs and sex, the protagonist tries to get out of his boredom at work by counting all the manipulations of which he is a part and companies do to sell more.

If you like marketing and you faithfully believe that everything in it is ethical and perfect, this book is not for you. It talks about how our feelings are used to sell us things and how to create emptiness.

According to the book, the more unhappy a society is, the more facilities there are to sell things to them.

So well, I'm not telling you anything and I'm telling you everything with this sentence:

How easy it is to rail against the system and, at the same time, help make it work!

13,99 Federic Beigbeber

It is a book that generates a lot of discomfort since it is not easy to digest reality and for that reason I recommend it.

  • Ana Frank's diary. a singing to life

I am not at all original recommending a book that surely you have already read but if there is a person who has not read this book I strongly recommend that you do so.

Ana Frank's diary

Ana will surprise you with her ideals at the young age of 14. His way of thinking is wonderful and reading how everything is questioned, the way in which she educates herself and nurtures her intellect by herself is precious.

"It has taken me a lot, a lot of sweat and tears to become so independent."

Anna Frank

Now I understand why this book is so recommended, it is a gem that makes you start a conversation with a teenager who had a vision of the world and life far ahead of her time.

  • The 1 page Marketing plan. Allan Dib

A book that is: clear, with effective and ethical techniques, as well as real problems solved with common sense from the experience of a seasoned person on the subject.

I think that every person who has or wants to be self-employed should read it.

Eg. In this book you will find very ethical and effective guidelines about How to manage your business in order to do good marketing. As well as saving costs and expanding your contacts thanks to: doing things right, using common sense and being original.

I recommend that if you buy the book you buy it on paper since you will surely want to have notes on hand to put them into practice. 😉

"Remember 80% done and delivered is better than 100% saved."

It's a excellent gift to give someone who is about to open a business.

And that's how short this list has been, only 5! But hey, quality is better than quantity, so I didn't want to give you books that wouldn't bring you anything.

Although it has not been an ideal year in terms of reading, I feel very excited about the books that await me in 2022.

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Reading is an enormous source of learning and human experiences. so never stop reading because as the phrase says: reading is traveling 🧭

A big hug and take care of yourselves.

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