Flower Temps Girona. When is it and what to do in Girona during the Flower Festival

Girona Flower Time is here. In this post I will give you some details of When is it and what to do in Girona at the 2022 Flower Festival. A unique party where the city covers its most outstanding monuments with floral presentations of all kinds. A party full of ingenuity and affection.

When is the Girona Flower Festival 2022

During the month of May, the city of Girona is decked out with the most beautiful and creative decorative arrangements you can see.

It is a party where the whole town participates, but above all, you will find the best samples of this party in the shops and cafes of the old area. As well as the monuments of the city.

The Festival of Flowers begins on May 07 and runs until May 15. of the same month.

Here you have the brochure in Pdf of The Girona 2022 Flower Festival. With all the information about the activities and meanings of the representations.

Tip: If you can, I recommend you visit the city during the week, since if you go on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the experience may not be the same due to the large number of people. If, on the other hand, you can't get away from going on the weekend, I suggest you visit the sites first thing in the morning.

What to do in Girona at the Flower Festival

If it is the first time you visit the city, I assure you that it will be a day full of emotions since Girona is a small fairytale city, and with flowers even more, that will make you fall in love at every step.

During the festival I recommend you visit the old area, specifically:

  • Girona Cathedral

The imposing Cathedral of Girona that with its 90 steps (not that you have counted them...) welcomes you to the city in the most elegant way possible.

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During the festival here the flowers roam freely in some representations that change every year and that they are always a surprise.

Also Girona Cathedral is an essential monument to visit if you go through the city

  • The Jewish Quarter of El Call

One of the best preserved sites in Girona, this place was an important enclave in the development of commercial activities for centuries. A place where you will want to get lost and have a coffee or a beer along the way.

During the Festival This area is a real discovery since premises and streets are decorated in the most creative ways possible. I encourage you to stroll through Girona.

  • The Wall of Girona

A walk along the Wall of Girona. It is one of the best ways to get to know the city from a different perspective, In addition, during the Festival of Flowers it will help you to visualize some enclaves in addition to giving you a magnificent panorama of the city.

Very pretty tour the wall at sunset. Seeing the city during sunset is a real luxury.

  • The Rambla de la Llibertat

One of my favorite sites. Where you can walk through the streets of Girona while you take a look at its premises. A place to spend at noon and have a vermouth in some of its bars.

  • Gardens Dels Alemanys

In this cozy park, apart from its beauty and tranquility, during the Festival you will be able to see an endless number of floral decorations. A corner of Girona that you cannot miss if you want to see the most beautiful flower arrangements in the entire city.

What to see in Girona during the Flower Festival

Discover Girona on your own and without haste

I encourage you to get to know the city in May, specifically between May 07 and 15, where live the most beautiful Flower Festival you can imagine.

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If your idea is to spend the whole day in the city I advise you to be an early riser @ and start your tour as early as possible. In this way you can enjoy the city, and the flowers, in a clearer and more relaxed way.

I don't want to overwhelm you with many places, Girona is a fairly small city that you can explore on foot without rushing. Discover the places to your roll and let the city welcome you.

Grab the map and go explore! 🗺

How to get to Girona from Barcelona

If you visit Girona from Barcelona, ​​an alternative is to take the Regional from Barcelona Sants. La duration of the trip is usually 1h 30m approximately.

You can also take the same train at: Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona El Clot and Sant Andreu Comtal (Watch out that it is not San Andreu Arenal, don't be wrong like it happened to me).

It is one of the comfortable and authentic ways to get to Girona, since during the journey you will be able to see an endless number of towns and cities.

The price of the ticket, round trip, It is usually around 15 euros.

Once in Girona remember take lots of pictures but don't forget to live the city to the fullest, walk its narrow streets, imagine its life centuries ago, taste its food, sunbathe or shelter in some of its bars and cafeterias, and above all, do not forget to know her your way.

If you want to know more charming places you can go to the section Corners of Barcelona and discover from cute cafeterias to fairytale towns, and everything, in the Province of Barcelona.

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