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Slow Travel: a different way of traveling

Have you ever felt tired, stressed after coming on a trip? Equal you need to know about Slow Travel for the next time you go on a trip.

I've been one of those people and until you're aware of the speed with which you want to visit everything. It's when you realize that that's not precisely the essence of a good trip.

Many travelers live an exhausting life with a schedule full of activities and stress. But it's not supposed to We travel to be better, to know and enjoy other places and cultures.

Today I want to talk to you about a movement that grows every day: the slow travel.

Definition of slow travel

The slow travel is a way of traveling that focuses on the connection and essence with the place in question: the culture, the local people, the gastronomy.

Do not rush to reach the horizon. Enjoy the road.

This movement defends the idea that travel should excite us, educate us and make us feel alive trying that our impact on the community and the environment is minimal. (Closely related to ecotourism in this sense).

Origin of slow travel and slow movements

The general slow movement arose in the 80s in Italy. It began with slow food as a protest against the opening of a fast food establishment in Rome., a McDonalds, of course..

The slow movements have a common goal: calm human activities. And what do we need! Some of these movements are: slow food, slow travel, slow fashionEtc.

Benefits of slow travel

Among the many benefits that you can obtain are: the experience, the connection with other cultures and the peace that traveling in this way provides.

Other benefits :

  • You save money

Considerable savings on hotels deluxe rtourist guide restaurants where everything is more expensive.

Replacing the above with activities that provide us with a greater connection with the place: go on a route on your own to a town, stay in cheaper places and perhaps further from the tourist hub. This makes you closer to the real community from that place.

  • You connect with the place and its people
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Talking to people, asking what moves them, what they usually do in their free time in the city, what their favorite food is... All of this makes us getting closer to people, talking about things we do every day, connecting and learning from them. Making new friends.

The most beautiful thing about traveling is connecting with people.

Here is the best way to learn any language. And the best way to get to know a real country.

Post about my first time traveling alone here.

  • You leave the comfort zone

The slow travel supposes get out of your comfort zone, one of the typical all-inclusive hotels where you don't have to think about where you're going to eat or spend the afternoon.

It's complicated, especially at the beginning if you have never traveled this way, it requires a lot of self-confidence, but once you put it into practice you blend in with the circumstances of the trip.

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Know the slow travel to travel slowly.

It's a way to find yourself: know where they are our weaknesses, our fears and work on them.

  • Know other ways to travel

Along the way you will meet people, many people, with whom you share your experiences and you will find that there are as many ways to travel as there are people in the world.

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Your trips are getting richer and richer. With other people's little breadcrumbs. This is fantastic!

  • you learn much more

traveling this way you get involved in every aspect of the trip to the fullest. You look for information, you read, you ask questions, all of this leads you to get to know the terrain a little better and to be more proactive.

How to practice traveling light

Soon I will do a more detailed post about this but I advance you something:

Travel as if you were a local and imagine that you are from there.Observe what people do and how they do it. Forget lists and travel guides and adapt your trip to your tastes.

If you are a musician, focus on getting to know their folklore, you will surely come out enriched and with many ideas. Always try to keep an open mind and do not stop observing.

I am really looking forward to going on a trip after this post. But hey, now is not the best time to do it so we are going to continue reading little things and we will put it into practice when we can.

*Dear reader, at the time I write this post I am in the year 2020 and therefore the impossibility of traveling as we used to do before. I hope this has changed by the time you are reading this post.

Thank you very much for giving me a little bit of your time. I hope the post has served you. A hug!

Tell me, Did you know the slow travel movement? * I read you in comments.

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