Short Routes of the Camino de Ronda: Sa Conca Beach to Sant Pol Beach

We continue with the Short Routes of the Camino de Ronda and this time I bring you such a short route that it's funny. A walk from Playa de Sa Conca to Playa de Sant Pol, both beaches highly recommended to spend the day as they are quite accessible and the water is very crystal clear what makes them ideal beaches for snorkeling.

It is a very short route but quite beautiful where you can savor a piece of the Camino de Ronda. Is perfect to do one day in the afternoon or first thing in the morning.

Route Details

  • Distance: 2km
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy

To Park: Paid and free options. Free Sant Pol Parking: Ronda S'Agaró Parking. San Conca Parking: Free Parking Carrer Mas Sais &, Carrer Rafael Masó, S'Agaró.

Coves and Points of Interest on the Route from Sa Conca to Sant Pol

  • Sa Conca Beach

Sa Conca beach is similar to that of Sant Pol; very clear water, some stones, beach bars and many people.

Although it is usually quite full, it is a Very quiet and accessible beach to walk.

You have several parking lots around. Also, if you go in June or September, you can park for free in a street that surrounds it.

  • L'Esquerda dels Llobarros

In this part you will see a small entrance to some coves or, rather, holes in the rock where you can bathe. It is an area with a lot of stone where some come to seek the tranquility that the neighboring beaches cannot offer.

Short Routes of the Camino de Ronda
  • Hope Church

Although to go to the church you must take the parallel street, it is a very nice building. So don't do like me and don't pass on her. It is worth her visit.

  • cove vaques

One of the most authentic and paradisiacal coves that I have seen in my life. Cala Vaques is at the top of the beautiful beaches and coves of Catalonia.

Since I don't have many words to define it, I limited myself to including a photo that can explain, or get closer to, such a little corner.

Beautiful Coves Costa Brava
  • S'Agaró viewpoint

Came here without planning. I went to Sa Conca with some friends and after walking around this area for a while I ran into This viewpoint, which is located around a cliff… Spectacular!

  • Cala Pedrosa

A fairly small cove, where if the sea is a bit choppy the cove almost disappears.

  • Sant Pol beach

Well, here we are again, ready to turn towards Sa Conca or stay on Sant Pol Beach all afternoon watching the hours go by.


Things to do in Sant Pol

you can rent a kayak and explore the surrounding coves or do the Route from Sant Pol to Sant Feliu de Guilxols. *Another route of the Camino de Ronda that will not leave you indifferent.

*** I think the idea of ​​staying to contemplate the clouds and the sea is also cool. 😉

One day we made a small route to visit the coves, as we had all day, we took a kayak for 2 hours to explore the area from the sea.

Kayaks Hour Price: €16 Two people and €12 Kayak One person. Available: Paddle boards €8/h.

I'm not a big fan of these things but If you like this type of sports, I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.

Photos Camino de Ronda Sa Conca a Sant Pol

The Most Beautiful Routes of the Costa Brava

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Live the Costa Brava and explore its Camino de Ronda at your own pace with these routes. Aquí encontrarás maps, detailed routes and photos of the different sections of the Camino de Ronda.

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