Short routes along the Costa Brava: Playa del Castell to Cala Estreta

Within the Short Routes of the Costa Brava, this is one of the best to do on a Sunday morning before staying on the beach for the rest of the day.

The number of routes on the Camino de Ronda makes each stage a totally different experience, that is why in this post I will leave you one small route that you can complete perfectly in about 40 minutes.

Sometimes I get the feeling that the Camino de Ronda is infinite and that no matter how much we walk we will never complete it, this is truly exciting for us.

Short Routes on the Costa Brava – Camino de Ronda

In addition to this short route on the Camino de Ronda we also leave you others at the end of the Post, some lasting less than 1h and others a little longer.

  • Platja del Castel

Point of natural interest of Castell-Cap Roig, Platja del Castell has a large expanse of fine sand, also has to kayaks and paddle boards at your disposal to explore the area on your own and from the sea.

In fact, A very interesting option is to rent a kayak on this beach and head to Cala Estreta. Many people choose this option since along the way they can visit the different coves from the sea.

Access to the beach is very easy as it has a parking fee with quite affordable prices. Also surrounding the beach you have a whole wooden walkway Ideal for people with reduced mobility or if you go with children.

Coves and points of interest from Platja del Castell to Cala Estreta

Although this The route is relatively short. In it you will find several points of interest that will surely keep you entertained part of the way.

Below I leave you the coves and points of interest of this small route.

  • Castell beach

It will be the starting point of the route and no matter how much you want to swim you have to wait a bit because they are waiting for you many coves where taking a dip is an act of self-love.

As a this is the start and end point of the route it's quite refreshing take a bath around.

But, for the moment we continue on our way to our second enclave.

  • Iberian town of Castell

Is an Iberian settlement that is located at one end of the Platja del Castell. This archaeological site was inhabited by indigetes from the XNUMXth century BC. C. until the first century AD. c.

The strategic location would make it the ideal place for surveillance and defense of the area.

  • Cove and viewpoint of La Foradada

La Cala and the viewpoint of La Foradada is one of the most beautiful enclaves of the route since You can perfectly see the entire cove from the viewpoint and I assure you that from above the colors of the sea are impressive.

  • Senia cove

We did not go down to Cala Senià because we did not see where we could go down, however, from above you can appreciate the number of boats that stop in this cove to snorkel and do all kinds of water sports.

  • Cove and viewpoint of Canyers

The first thing you will find is the Cove and a little later is the Canyers viewpoint. Both places are very beautiful, both in the cove and in the viewpoint, it is worth making a stop.

  • cove corbs

*** Temporarily closed. summer 22

This is the typical Mediterranean cove with stone stairs and a very small space. From above you can see how crystal clear the water is. Another perfect place to snorkel.

cove corbs

When we passed by it was closed due to the danger of landslides since the cove is between rocks. However, curiously, the cove was full of bathers.

Anyway I can't help but mention it since it's a beautiful cove that I think is worth making a stop or even staying there all day.

  • Estreta Cove

And finally we arrive at Cala Estreta. We had heard a lot about this cove, in fact It had been recommended to us on countless occasions and I am not surprised because it is a very special cove.

As soon as you enter the cove you will see a little house where if you look closely you will see drawings and books everywhere, it is usually wide open and its inhabitants seem very nice.

A particularity that this cove has is that it has a very varied marine fauna, making it a great place to snorkel since without going too far from the shore you can see colorful fish, sea urchins and others.

we were surprised to have gone in the middle of august and that there were so few people. Reason to recommend it since the atmosphere is calm and relaxed.

  • Barrack d'en Dalí

A place you will like to visit in this route is Dalí's shack.

Short routes along the Costa Brava – Camino de Ronda

It is a very well preserved stone house, with the crooked front door, which has a curious history of Dalí and other artists.

Barrack d'en Dalí. Photo from

It is very curious read History From this place so here I leave the link where apart from the story you will have some photos. Shack d'en Dali

Let's say the house is a little difficult to find so that I advise what if you have parked on the Castell beach visit her around the route.

How to get to Dalí's Barraca

I hope this little map helps you locate yourself. 😉

From the Castell beach car park you will have to head left along the dirt track, instead of going straight down to the beach you head left.

A little while later you will find a detour with a small path, at this intersection you will have a sign where you will see your location and the different points that are in the area, if it is more comfortable for you, take a photo of the paths to Dalí's barracks.

Once you pass the crossroads you will see a small post with a telephone and you will have to take that path, to the right, if you go straight on you will get there.

Photos of the Camino de Ronda from Playa del Castell to Cala Estreta

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Live the Costa Brava and explore its Camino de Ronda at your own pace with these routes. Aquí encontrarás maps, detailed routes and photos of the different sections of the Camino de Ronda.

The Costa Brava, and its impressive Camino de Ronda, awaits you. 😉

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