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Playa D'Aro to Palamós route. Family routes near Barcelona

Playa D'Aro, one of the busiest and most cheerful cities on the Costa Brava, Without a doubt, a large town where fun is guaranteed. It is a place Great to spend weekends once the summer season ends. So I want you to pay attention because we are going to tell you in detail about the beautiful route from Playa D'Aro to Palamós. A journey full of tunnels, steep stairs and crystalline coves. Are you going to miss it?

Details of the route from Platja D'Aro to Palamós

  • Distance: 8 km approx.
  • Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes. One way. Return bus from Palamós €2
  • Difficulty: Media

A series of scenarios await you, including crystalline beaches, hidden coves and spectacular landscapes. Throughout this journey, you will find impressive natural landscapes, dream beaches and endless charming corners.


In this post I will tell you about the highlights that await you along the route Playa d'aro to Palamós.

Platja d'Aro: The Beginning of the Adventure

Our walk begins in the charming coastal town of Platja d'Aro, a popular tourist destination on the Costa Brava. Here you will find a wide variety of shops, restaurants and activities to enjoy before embarking on your trip.

I recommend you go early, even more than a day, to enjoy a little of the city at the end of the route.

We start from the immense beach of Platja de D'Aro, a point full of tourists in summer. We are not heading towards our first cove, make sure Follow the white and red line that indicates the Camino de Ronda.


At some point passing through Playa D'Aro boardwalk you will find the statue of a woman looking at the sea. If you look at the sign there is a sign that tells you that you still have 1 hour 44 minutes of route left. It may take you a little longer, since the route is full of beauty. 

Cala Sa Coveta: Between Rocks

The first stop on our route will take us to Cala Sa Conventa. A series of rocks divide it from the main one and make it look more welcoming.

Cala Rovira: Golden Sand and Crystal Clear Waters

Following the path, you will reach Cala Rovira, a beach of small stones and a wide variety of things to do. Unlike Sa Cova it is much larger.

Cala Rovira has beach bars and everything you need so you don't have to move from your sun lounger.


Here, you can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters. The views of the coast from here are simply stunning.

Cala Sa Cova: The Magic Begins

The next stop is Cala Sa Cova, a place that seems straight out of a sailor fairy tale. This small cove is very well known, so if you go in summer it is important that you go early. The water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Cala de Ses Carbasses: Temporarily Closed

Continuing along the Camino de Ronda, you will reach Cala de Ses Carbasses, a tiny cove. If you look up you will see the statue of a seated man. One stop is especially charming.

Temporarily closed.

Then you will have to go through a stone tunnel with a few arches.

—> A few tunnels await you along the way. Which makes the route dynamic and varied.

Cala del Pi: A Hidden Gem

The next stop will take you to Cala del Pi, another Mediterranean jewel of the many on the Costa Brava.

Hidden and crystal clear, it is the perfect place to stop and have breakfast. If you want to have an improvised picnic, it is the ideal place.. Surrounded by pine trees and large rocks that provide some shady spaces early in the morning.

Cala del Pi

We continue along a walkway. My colleagues, my partner and my daughter, enjoy the place at a brisk pace and I am amazed by every corner, I take photos of some corners like this, so I am left behind all the time. 

Cala Canyers: Nudist Beach

As you progress along the route, you will encounter Cala Canyers, a small and somewhat hidden nudist cove.


Paller Cove

Next stop: Cala Paller.

We went through a tunnel with windows towards…

Belladonna Beach

You will see a small peninsula that if the tide is somewhat high looks like an island.

Looking ahead along a walkway you can already see the towns of Sant Antoni and Palamós. We are close but there are still many charming coves and corners.


When you arrive at Platja Belladona, you will find a wide beach of finer sand. As you advance along the Camino de Ronda, you will notice that the Stairs and tunnels are a constant on this route. 

Cap Roig Beach

We then take us to Cap Roig Beach.

Cala Cap Roig Beach

A wide and beautiful beach that is appreciated during the summer season, since you have plenty of room.

You will then come across a series of smaller coves before reaching

Cala de Ses Torretes: Or Cala Gogo

Cala de Ses Torretes is Another point that we recommend if you want to spend the day and have restaurants and beach terraces close at hand. Comfortable and accessible.

Cala Gogo / Cala Can Cristus / Cala del Forn

Cala del Corb: Beauty and Tranquility

Cala del Corb is another corner of beauty that inspires tranquility after passing through Cala Gogo.

Les Torretes Beach

It is a perfect place to take a break before embarking on the last stage of your adventure to Palamós.

Can Cristus Beach: Large and Quiet

How can you appreciate this route? It is marked by many coves and also a few large beaches that are worth noting in case you need to resort to them in summer. The good thing about these beaches is that They are accessible, they have restaurants so you don't have to bring food, which is convenient if you go with the whole family and don't feel like walking.

After passing by this beach The path becomes pleasant between walks, roncas, wooden walks, stairs, tiny coves and even towers:

Torre Valentina Bunker
  • Cala Forn
  • Roques Planes
  • Perpignan Tower

Torre Valentina Beach

Upon arriving at Torre Valentina Beach, you will notice a different atmosphere, with a promenade that offers a wide variety of bars, beach bars, restaurants and summer buildings.

Beach Torre Valentina

This beach is a popular place for relax and enjoy the lively life of the Costa Brava.

San Antoni Promenade: The Malecón

The Paseo de San Antoni will take you along the coast, offering panoramic views of the coast and the sea. Un long and relaxing walk that tells you that you will soon arrive in Palamós.

Platja de Sant Antoni

After so many new things, the walk along this boardwalk becomes somewhat monotonous, but with the enclosure full of coves to remember and visit again.

Sant Antoni de Calonge

There is only one more stop.

We are in Palamós: End of the Route

Finally, you will arrive at Palamós, a city ​​with a great fishing tradition and an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere.


Here you can enjoy a variety of restaurants offering fresh seafood and delicious local dishes. Palamós beach is a perfect place to relax after the long walk and give yourself a rich tribute.

In this town the Palamós shrimps are famous.

For our part, We recommend you visit the restaurant The Llar Vostra. This is a place with a lot of atmosphere and surrounded by nature. We remind you that You cannot call to reserve so if you want to go it is best to stop by and sign up for the list as soon as you arrive in Palamós.

Throughout the entire route, You'll notice that stairs and tunnels are an important part of the experience. These elements add a touch of excitement and adventure to your hike, but They also require physical effort. Make sure you wear comfortable, appropriate walking shoes, as well as enough water, food, and a snack.

Photos of the Playa D'Aro to Palamós Route

You cannot miss the photos of this beautiful route. The reason why this servant always falls behind on walks. I hope you like them.

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