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Reasons to visit Porto and what makes it such a special city

Reasons why you should visit Porto. With only One chance you give this small but cozy city will be enough for you to fall in love with it. Here you have some of the reasons that make me love Porto, Portugal in general, with all its faces.

There are cities that penetrate people in a way that is difficult to explain. I think that there are cities that come to you, or rather; you arrive at them, at the right time to teach you something. It is up to us to find out what it holds and try to show us that place.

Portugal is a country full of values ​​and those values ​​are perfectly represented in every Portuguese city in a different way, yes, always with humility and pride.

Porto is inspiration around every corner

If you are a person who likes any type of art, this city is for you.

Porto is brimming with interesting ideas, its streets and houses inspiring everywhere you look at them. Without a doubt I think that Porto is one of the most interesting city for artists. The air in which the city surrounds you is magical and I think they attract the elves who are in charge of bringing ideas to our heads.

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Reasons to visit Porto at least once in your life 🚃

For this reason, do not stop observing, touch the tiles of the San Benito Station and also those of the humblest houses and you will see that there are similarities and unique colors in every corner.

Reasons to visit Porto at least once in your life

  • Porto will give you an ideal of beauty very different from other European cities

Perhaps I am saying a fallacy but from my point of view there are many European cities that are similar. Although they have many differences, there is something about them that makes them equally organized. This pattern in Porto is not fulfilled, let's say that it is a city very different from the rest.

We could not compare Porto with any European city, Porto is unique, it is magic but seen from another point, seen from the cobbled streets, dark walls, old tiles, streets with stars and noise; the noise of the tram, the sound of footsteps, the whistling of cars. Porto cannot be compared to any other city and that is its great power.

  • The Francesihna is waiting for you

One of the typical Porto dishes. It is a super-mega sandwich filled with cheese, pork with a rich sauce and topped with a fried egg. If you eat this dish you will not need to eat more all day. So go prepared.

I recommend you visit the Capa Negra restaurant, where you can enjoy a rich francesinha portuguese style. It is also a site cheap and cozy.

Recommended Restaurant: Capa Negra. Rua de Barros Lima 487 and Capa Negra II: Rua do Campo Alegre 191

  • Walking along the Ribeira is always magical

A walk along the Ribeira de Porto is always a good plan. At any time of day that you go, this area is full of people, the atmosphere is cheerful and the views are spectacular.

On your trip you will surely pass through this place many times, enjoy it and observe how the panorama changes in each phase of the day.

  • The street art of Porto will not leave you indifferent

If you want to see graffiti and street art ideas full of wit you just have to sharpen your eyes, it's everywhere.

I recommend you visit the neighborhood on the other side of the river, Vila Nova de Gaia, where you will see the most creative graffiti murals and even a funny rabbit made from scrap.

Address: Half Rabbit. Guilherme Gomez Fernandes, 42.

You also have a beautiful mural of a blue cat on Rua das Flores street. Pay close attention because it is hidden in an alley. 😉

  • Tram rides through the city will be your best memories

I love to walk, whenever I travel I try to move on foot as much as possible, however, Porto is one of the best cities to travel by tram. The tram lines cover the entire city and also offer you views of the city that you will not have walking.

Tram routes around Porto

If your intention is to spend a few days in the city I recommend you visit the highlights of Porto on foot and then choose a day or an afternoon just to see the city from its tram lines. It will be a day for rest and say goodbye to the city in style.

  • Porto will make you see melancholy as a beautiful and necessary feeling

The city of Porto keeps a very deep feeling, a feeling that usually sinks into the traveler instantly: melancholy, but healthy melancholy, of that which makes you value time, life and traditions.

grayscale photography of person crossing street near a tram

Porto is a city that teaches you to appreciate quiet moments. In it you will experience a feeling of sad and welcoming happiness due to the simplicity of its streets and the great beauty of its everyday houses.

I have never seen a city that takes so much pride in what it is and for that reason it is one of my favorite cities.

Porto does not pretend to be liked by anyone, Porto is what it is and you should love it that way if you want to.

  • Get inspired by the Sant Benito Station

A classic: stroll through the San Benito Station to appreciate its tiles. Looking at the sky, to the sides and to the ground to feel that you don't need large elements to make a beautiful place.

In this Station you will be able to enjoy beautiful tiles perfectly placed to form an almost perfect drawing, you will see the sway of people accustomed to their city and its colors, you will see the train tracks and you will feel melancholy.

That feeling of farewell when seeing a well-preserved train station, which gives the appearance of being many years ago, about to say goodbye to a loved one, without the means of communication that we have today...

  • Rua de Santa Catarina

A street where you can do some shopping for clothes, souvenirs and more than one coffee... You will pass through this street many times if you spend several days hanging around the center of Porto.

  • Delving into the Portuguese culture is always a good plan

The last reason is that a trip to Portugal is always a good plan. If you want to travel with friends, with your partner, the whole family or even travel alone. Porto welcomes us all with the same affection.

If you ever visit the city you will realize that there are more than a thousand reasons to visit Porto, that each traveler ends up loving or hating the city in his own way, that with each step you understand the Portuguese philosophy better and that there are few cities like Porto in the world.

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