Reasons to buy second-hand clothes

In this post I will list you some of the many reasons to buy second-hand clothes It is a good option to save money, lighten your wardrobe and create an original wardrobe with unique pieces.

Giving clothes a second chance

There are a lot of gray legend about second-hand clothes, which makes us perhaps back down when deciding to buy used clothes. This It happens to us even with electronics or cars. What if?

We like new clothes, fresh from the store. Until one day you realize that there are certain clothes/objects that you can buy second hand. New, cheaper, more ecological and original.

LThe most important reason to buy second-hand clothes is a good idea: aWe help the planet. Or at least We don't help make it worse. An interesting fact is that only 20% of textile waste is recycled.

The reasons why it is advisable to buy/sell second-hand clothes are many and I will tell you about some of them. Let's see if I can convince you!

If you give your ex a second chance, why not also give it to clothes.

*As always, this is my opinion and personal experience.

Reasons to buy second-hand clothes

  1. A second chance at clothes

We are not the only ones who want save space. Actually, we all want put our lives and our closets in order. The lion colony that sleeps next to us, and calls it a closet, is very difficult to tame….

Many people choose to donate or sell their clothing to thrift stores. Sometimes those clothes are new, many times, more than you imagine.

With this act we are giving a second chance at clothes. It's like a transfer, what others do not use in our hands can become essential.

Hence, it is a bit heavy in repeating that we do not keep clothes, at least not all, offers a second chance in someone else's hands, someone to whom that garment can bring a lot.

  1. You save money

You save a lot of money.

Some thrift stores aren't exactly cheap. We have some thrift stores that are exclusive well-known brands. They are few and also they are cheap compared to the original prices.

Usually Second-hand clothes are quite cheap. And if you add to that that many of them are new, then a two for one.

person holding coin

if you do accounts the savings are considerable. Am I convincing you?

  1. Aid to the environment

One of The most polluting and problematic sectors is the textile sector. The clothes are a problem for our environment that's why you have to try not to throw clothes in good condition in the trash.

Reasons to buy used clothes.

Opt for: sell, give away, donate, recycle. That the last resort is to throw your clothes in the trash. We will save one more problem for our environment.

  1. you get involved

In countries like Ireland You can donate your clothes to different associations ranging from animal protection to different types of diseases, victims of terrorism or gender violence. These garments are donated to the foundation with which you feel most identified.

Economic resources are converted into investments in research, support centers and education.

This is where you realize what you contribute with the simple gesture of donating your clothes. If total, you no longer wanted it, why keep it?

Buying second-hand clothes is a well-known social task in other countries. I hope that in Spain it continues to grow. We will all win.

  1. New clothes at a good price

Many of the clothes that these stores sell are new, and I say this because they come with labels and everything. A bargain!

At those moments you reflect on how we function as consumers. They sell us prestigious clothes at exorbitant prices with a quality that leaves much to be desired, only to forget about it in the closet and never wear it again.


in these stores we can find real bargains. Normally it is clothes of those that we buy thinking that we are going to use it but that in the end end up in these totally new stores.

  1. Your own style

You'll find unique garments, from past decades, customized and from foreign brands, also national, very little known...

concentrated woman with hangers and clothes

Garments that they will form part of the structure of your wardrobe and will be unique and irreplaceable since many of them are very difficult to replace being old or brands that have ceased to exist.

I remember that when I lived in England, I had bought a super nice shirt, it had some handmade embroidery and some embedded stones. That garment is no longer in the closet, I would have liked to find one like it but it is something complicated or directly impossible.

Here is the magic and beauty of buying second-hand clothes.

  1. You value things more

Imagining that this garment belonged to another person makes you feel some responsibility.

You know that you must follow the chain and be left only with what contributes something to your life. for that very reason you are more aware of what you like and when you have it, you value it, you take care of it.

second hand stores they fulfill an essential objective: provide for people with few resources. Foundations like Cáritas open our eyes to how much we owe thank you for having the opportunity to choose what to buy and what not. Other people don't have that option.

The beautiful habit of thanking; for everything you buy, for everything you have.

I hope this post encourages you to visit one of these stores. You don't need to buy anything, just look and draw your own conclusions.

A big hug,

𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚜 𝚙𝚘𝚛 𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚛 ♡ 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞

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