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8 Reasons behind: "I have nothing to wear"

You look at the closet full of clothes and say resignedly: »I have nothing to wear». It has happened to me a lot of times too. It seems nothing fits, that everything looks bad or difficult to combine. But do not worry, Today I bring you some of the reasons why you can't find anything to wear in your closet.

It has happened to all of us and we have seen each other in the same situation, many times: sitting in front of the closet, thinking If it's better to throw everything away, call the ghostbusters because you can't find anything or become a naturist and go naked through life.

First of all, it is essential to take into account your personal style. Each person has a unique style, and you should always keep yours in mind. So Try to identify what you like and what makes you feel good.

Also, it is very important know your body and know what types of clothes favor you and with which you feel comfortable.

Are we going to mess?

I have nothing to wear but the closet does not say the same

When we're like this, we can't find anything to wear, sometimes the light bulb lights up and we think: "come on, there must be something decent". It's when you get into the wolf house and you realize that the clothes are there, but they're too big for you, you don't like them, they're in bad shape, anyway... A disaster. These are days when you prefer to stay in your pajamas and never go outside again.

Let's analyze the situation a bit. Coldly. In this analysis I have come up with some reasons why you think you have nothing to wear. Nothing at all. 

the amount is excessive

The "I have nothing to wear" and "I have no space to store my clothes" They live in the same closet. Let's put some order to this inconsistency.

I have nothing to wear and I have a lot of clothes

We tend to think that If we have more clothes this problem will be solved. Mistake! The opposite happens. The more things we have, the more difficult it is to decide what to wear, and if you add to that an endless hodgepodge of clothes, TURN OFF AND LET'S GO.

It is important that you know realize how much is enough, in order to be able to put a stop to it with time and not end up with a closet full of clothes and at the same time with the feeling that you have nothing to wear.

This is solved by doing Regular closet cleaning and knowing what your limit is.

I leave you the link for a minimalist wardrobe step by step.

The clothes don't fit your style

How many of us have that beautiful pants that so and so gave us, however, it does not fit our style. We think to ourselves: what a horror.

I currently have 2 of those garments, so you see that it happens to all of us and it's totally normal...

It is important that you know how to differentiate between what you like and what really does not go with your style. Just because you like something doesn't mean it's your style., so keep that in mind when putting this type of garment in your closet.

Solution to this question: If you have many clothes of this style, try to put them on as soon as possible and once you know how you feel with it, it's time to make a decision.

  • Do I like how I see?
  • I feel comfortable?
  • Would I use it again?
  • Is it worth it to take up space?

These questions speak for themselves so trust them and get rid of everything that only takes up space.

The colors and shapes of your clothes are not complementary to each other

If you have a closet with too many colors it will be enough difficult to find concordance between them. I recommend that you consider the fact that define a color palette if you want to make your life easier.

Matching shapes and colors is essential for a well-structured wardrobe And if you don't have it, it's normal that you won't find anything to wear. It's not that you don't have anything, it's that your closet is like a puzzle with many pieces missing.

It is essential that you keep in mind what are the colors that make up your wardrobe. Try to do this first, it may seem a bit difficult but if you take all the clothes and put them by color we can know (more or less) what are they the predominant colors in our closet.

Your basic wardrobe falters

Have an insufficient base cabinet and in many cases nonexistent it's annoying. But everything has a solution in this life.

I don't have clothes and the base wardrobe

When you don't have a solid foundation in your closet It is normal for the house of cards to fall apart often. You must get down to work and start at the beginning: The basic clothes that make up the wardrobe.

Basic garments are essential in any wardrobe, take paper and pen and write down what you need.

I give you a clue:

  • smooth garments
  • Flat colors
  • Base colors of your palette

Clothes that are not your size

It's a sin to have clothes that don't fit you in the closet. Do not do it!

The clothes that you are not going to wear at the moment, either because you are pregnant for example, it should be separate from the clothes you wear every day. For this, it is best to put all those clothes in boxes.

*Be careful, just in case you think you are going to use them again.

It does not make sense to save pants 3 sizes larger for the "just in case" because normally we never resort to them and they just take up space. just what we don't want.

You don't like what's in your closet

This one speaks for itself.

It is like an endless vicious circle. It makes you always wear the same clothes and at the same time you feel as if everything you have in your closet is a disaster, or even worse, the feeling that your closet belongs to someone else.

Get rid of everything you don't like and don't think about it, that if you do not like it will be for something.

Remember that you closet you should go in agreement with you and it is useless to have clothes that you do not like.

The "I'll put it on some day" DOES NOT WORK

*Here it is, another of the reasons I have nothing to wear. Crystal clear and as real as life itself.

It doesn't work, and it never will.. It's as if a little voice with Diogenes syndrome told us: "And when you're in the Maldives with your prince charming, what are you going to wear?" I don't know yours, but mine tells me things like that.

Luckily we already know each other a little and I don't pay much attention to him. But when he insists, he just replied: "Well, when that time comes, if it comes, I'll buy one." It is curious that in most cases that moment never comes.

Conclusion,  When you have these doubts with a certain garment, do not hesitate and remove it from your closet. This technique will save you from having to fold clothes that you don't wear and in the process you will gain space for more beautiful and wearable things.

More is not better

I spoke to you about this point a little earlier but I want to be a bit heavy and insist: more is not better.

If you have a closet overflowing with things, it is impossible for you to see everything you have. Normally you keep the first thing you find and you are lazy to get into Narnia.

Reasons I have nothing to wear: a lot of clothes

When you accumulate clothes to the tun tun, the only thing you are doing is trying to lower that feeling of "I have nothing" with more rags that will only make it more difficult for you. That's why I ask you to be aware of each item you buy and you do the questions from point 2.

  • Do I like how I see?
  • I feel comfortable?
  • Would I use it again?
  • Is it worth it to take up space?

Let's get to work, if your case coincides with any of these points. It has happened to all of us at some time that we have so much mess in the closet that we do not know where to start. So don't worry, that has an easy solution. Pick a day or two for each section and clean out the closet.

In a few days you will have a simple and tidy closet.

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