What to see and do in Budapest. A different post from a different city.

If you are wondering what to see and do in budapest, either because Do you plan to visit the city or out of curiosity? this post is for you. Activities and experiences to experience the city in a unique way and much more than a simple list of sites to visit.

What to see and do in Budapest 🇭🇺

Conclusion simple activities that perhaps, for some of you, are irrelevant but that we really liked. Behind the simplest moments hide the best memories.

What to do and see in Budapest for free, or almost.

  • Tour the city by tram

Once you know, more or less, the most visited places in Budapest it is worth buying a pass (for a day or two) to tour the city more calmly and, if possible, sitting in a tram.

Cities with trams have a special air, a kind of connection with the past and at the same time a distinctive that gives each city a unique essence and certain charm.

And is that Budapest, along with Prague and Porto, are that kind of cities that evoke a characteristic and deep melancholy that is worth feeling.

  • Visit and have a drink in the Szimpla Kert

If you ever ask someone about where to have a drink in Budapest, they will almost certainly recommend you go to a Ruin Bar.

And what is a Ruin Bar? They are basically Ruin Bars. An initiative that began by creating local bars in places torn to shreds (by war, by time). Well, the idea has been so successful that Budapest has dozens of places of this type. The Szimpla Kert is one of the best known and original of all.

Ruin Bar Szimpla Kert 🤡

No more no less, the Szimpla Kert is one of the best bars in the world and if you ever visit it you will understand why. I will leave you some photos of the place: mine and from Instagram so that you can appreciate what I mean.

one of the best known Ruins Bar in Budapest, this place it will leave you baffled. A creative mix in every way that endows the Szimpla Kert a perfect Alice in the land of madness.

Szimpla Kert address: Budapest, Hajós u. 25, 1065 Hungary

  • Early morning photos at the Liberty Bridge

The majestic Freedom Bridge, which connects the city of Buda with that of Pest. It is a beautiful wrought iron bridge that you will like to cross on foot while you try to take a photo with one of the trams that cross it.

– We got something. –

It helps the fact that I went in November where the weather tends to foggy mornings and early sunsets.

It May Interest You 👉🏽 Post The most famous and emblematic Christmas Markets in Budapest. If you go at the end of November or December, it will be very useful for organizing tours of the city.

Liberty Bridge – Budapest. I walk between trams 🚋

Taking a walk first thing in the morning (around 8:30) without people and with fog is wonderful.

Here are the photos we took that day. And it is that seeing the city all full of fog gives it a very special feeling, difficult to describe.

Activities | what to see and do in Budapest 🇭🇺
  • Finding tranquility on Isla Margarita

One of the things you can do in Budapest is Take the afternoon or morning to explore Margarita Island, a particularly beautiful place where city dwellers go to run and relax.

On Margarita Island it gives the feeling that you are not in a big city but in the middle of the forest.

Margaret Island | Budapest

Also the walk to the island itself passing through the bridge was a real delight.

Budapest is that kind of city created for people who like to walk.

  • Have a drink at The Magic Budapest. A track? Harry Potter

We don't really know how we got to this place, I just remember that we were chasing our friend Marina through the streets of Budapest and, when we least expected it, we were already sitting down drinking beers, or some special cocktail, taking photos, trying on the Harry Potter hat and hallucinating with the place.

A bar themed in Harry Potter has to be named on this list. The site is great, everything here is designed to effectively make it look like you're in the saga.

Address: Budapest, Hajós u. 25, 1065 Hungary

  • Have breakfast at Cirkusz Café Budapest

On this site you can try the famous and delicious Benedictine eggs. ORa delight along with good atmosphere, nice people and a very cozy place.

on that site you can eat all kinds of breakfasts, among them the famous English Breakfast, They also think of vegetarians and you have sweet alternatives available for those with a sweet tooth.

Capture Instagram Cirkusz | Budapest

⚠️ NOTICE: Either you go early and queue up or you run out of space. Although the site seems quite large, and it is, the reality is that this place is quite famous in Budapest and for that reason I advise you to go a little before it opens, wait at the door, and you make sure that you can enter first thing in the morning, have a leisurely breakfast and then go explore the city.

Visit the website, Cirkusz Budapest, and take a look at the letter.

Address: Budapest, Dob u. 25, 1074 Hungary

  • Stroll through the neighborhood where the Széchenyi thermal center is located.

In this part of town In addition to the Heroes' Square, you have churches, gardens and typical streets of the city that you cannot miss.

It is another of the free activities to walk around Budapest at your own pace.

What to see and do in Budapest: Széchenyi Baths

It is a Especially beautiful area in autumn.

*In winter there is a skating rink and the atmosphere is very cheerful. 😻

Other Experiences in Budapest

  • Die of laughter or run out of the New York Café.

Imagine: The princess enters her dream castle, looks at it, likes what she sees; the background music, the colors and everything very exaggerated but beautiful. Then the princess looks at the waiting list to enter the castle and after waiting, she looks at the letter in her hands while looking at the exit doors that are still crowded with people... The princess has no escape and the princes are not spared from seeing those prices.

The New York Café is a claim for visitors to Budapest. However, without neglecting its history and all the charm of the place, it's quite an expensive place.

Address New York Café: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11, 1073 Hungary

  • Feel like a marquise for a few hours at the Gerbeaud Café

Another of the city's historic cafes highly recommended in all travel guides.

Is one of the oldest cafes in Budapest.

A place to sit and have a coffee is expensive but less than in New York. Of course, it is worth going in and seeing its huge and beautiful rooms.

It is right next to Vörösmarty Square.

Address Gerbeaud Café: Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8, 1051 Hungary

  • Glad to realize that Budapest is not that big

When you see it on the map, BudapestIt looks like a huge city. Nevertheless, It is perfectly organized so that you can walk to almost all tourist sites.

Even in these tremendously photographed times there is always one photograph among the hundreds that summarize a trip, a capture that among all captures precisely the moment, the place and the people. Here we leave you ours. 🧡

You have to walk around Budapest looking into its eyes, head-on, without fear, with light feet and a heart ready for all its contrasts.

𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚜 𝚙𝚘𝚛 𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚛 ♡ 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞

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