What to see in the Osona region: Mirador del Ter

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After several posts about places to visit this summer I feel like I'm getting hooked on this write routes for the blog. From now on I will be collecting and using memory to upload more posts from our trips and so share some anecdotes and sites that may interest you.

For now we continue with the local getaways that traveling with the theme of Covid is a drag... Here I leave you this beautiful viewpoint.

The Mirador del Ter is a place surrounded by nature where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the River Ter. Route close to Barcelona city, which you can do any weekend: To disconnect from the City.

It is a site very cool where to go with the whole family, the route is quite short and the environment is very worth it. 😻

I leave you some Little photos of the viewpoint that surely seeing them makes you want to know this place.

Maximum Posture 😆

This gem of nature gives us these views so spectacular of the River Ter and the Monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres.

To play the fool? We always have time 😂

How to get to the Mirador del Ter

The Mirador del Ter is located in the Osona region, specifically in Roda de Ter.

To get to this place you just have to put this address and walk a little to the viewpoint: 283Q+94 L'Esquirol ⬅️ You paste this address into Google and it takes you to a kind of polygon and later you park and you just have to walk to the viewpoint.

Once in the car park, choose the option that you like the most 🤗

Ter Viewpoint & Sant Pere de Casserres Monastery

From the viewpoint you can see the Monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres, I have never gone directly to the monastery but I leave you the exact address in case you want to stop by.

There you have it: Monastery of Sant Pere

Exact direction: Carretera, BV-5213, 08510 Les Masies de Roda, Barcelona

NOTE: the price to enter the monastery is €5

I leave you this post where he talks to you in more detail about the monastery. Post Sant Pere de Casserres Monastery

Until here today's post. A hug &

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