What to do in Berga: walk among flowers in Niudalia

If you're looking for A different activity to do near Berga, I recommend a visit to the Niudalia garden. This garden is located about 13 kilometers from Berga, 113 kilometers from Barcelona. It's about a ideal space to learn everything about dahlias and enjoy a natural environment between mountains.

You will come across other types of flowers, although their protagonists are dahlias. The site has a grassy esplanade, a bar and a few sofas to relax. It's the perfect place to walk, have a picnic, take photos or participate in one of the workshops organized by the owners.

I'll tell you the story. A personal project 

Niudalia is a personal project made up of several creative minds. One of the partners told us that They planted all the flowers themselves.


They turned a few hectares of monotonous land into a blanket of colors. Although the results took a while to arrive, Today it is one of the most beautiful places you can see near Berga.

In Niudalia there are thousands of dahlias. All of them planted with care and cared for daily. Without a doubt this garden is a sign of affection for nature and flowers.

Activities what you can do in Niudalia

  • Walk and enjoy nature: The garden is a quiet and cozy place where you can walk and enjoy the flowers in their natural state.
  • Have a picnic: You can book a picnic with wine and local products.
  • Photoshoot:  If you want to have a special memory surrounded by flowers, it is a perfect place. In addition, the place is especially beautiful to take photos of the entire landscape.
  • Tulip planting workshops: Tulip planting workshops are organized where they explain everything about the cultivation of these flowers. It is a fun and creative way to learn.

An ideal environment to enjoy nature

Nature lovers are always looking for corners like this. Among mountains, Niudalia takes on a special air since the mountains make the environment seem magical.

So if you are looking for a different and original activity to enjoy on your visit to Berga, I recommend visiting this site.

How to get to Niudalia from Barcelona

The fastest way to get from Barcelona to Niudalia is by car. El journey lasts approximately one hour and half.

How to get to Niudalia. The most recommended route is the following:

  1. Leave Barcelona on the A2 towards Lleida.
  2. Take exit 565 towards Berga.
  3. Follow the signs to Berga on the C-16.
  4. Once in Berga, take the exit onto the BV-4241 road towards Capolat.
  5. Follow the signs to Niudalia.

Another option is to get to Niudalia by bus. The Sagalés company offers a direct line from Barcelona to Berga. The journey is much longer, lasting approximately two and a half hours.

To get to the place you will have to take a taxi from the city. So that The most recommended option is to go by car.

Times and prices

The entrance to the garden costs €8 and you can find out about all the workshops and activities in the information that I will leave you below.

  • Website: Niudalia
  • Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 09:00 – 20:00
  • Address: BV-4241, 26, 08617 Capolat, Barcelona

Photos of Niudalia

Where to sleep in Berga

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