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What is minimalism. Introduction to the minimalist lifestyle

So much so that we have talked about the minimalist life on the blog, when on many occasions we are not clear about what it means. I, without realizing it, was beginning to practice minimalism. But, what exactly is minimalism? There is talk of digital minimalism, fashion, architecture, lifestyle. The minimalists, are those who live in a precarious way and only have two pairs of pants? What a mess!

An explanation that should have been one of the first blog posts (better late than never!). Today I want to talk to you a little about the roots of minimalism, a necessity to begin to understand this lifestyle. and also for see its many benefits in every aspect of our busy lives.

consumerism and minimalism

A minimalist rejects everything that tries to frame a false happiness in material things. A minimalist looks for the essence and utility of each object, emotion or relationship.

Minimalism makes us open our eyes to a new world of abundance and awareness towards what is really important.

With social networks and the bombardment of advertising they try to make us believe that happiness is in material things, in compulsive buying and in the absurd principle that happiness is achieved through objects.

What does it mean to lead a minimalist life? Photo by Pedro Figueras

if you look around The reality that hides an extreme consumer lifestyle is disorder: the disorder of ideas, the excess of material objects, information, toxic relationships and little quality free time.

If to all of the above we add the excess of work, then we are all here. It is a vicious circle that leads us to stress and constant dissatisfaction, even when we think we are where we want to be.

Instead, minimalism seeks to gradually reduce everything unnecessary. He is showing us a totally different path that requires time, involvement and a lot of patience. in that process we learn that what is really important comes down to very simple things that are relatively easy to achieve.

Quality before quantity

minimalism as a concept

Speaking in a much more general term, minimalism is a tendency to reduce to the essentials. It is that principle of make everything easier, return to the essence of things to organize our environment and ideas from there.

Minimalist Life Maksim Goncharenok

There was already talk of minimalism a long time ago applied to many artistic fields such as painting, where minimalism has had a lot of impact. Another equally important is architecture.

Understand minimalism as a lifestyle.

Minimalism is applied to many areas such as architecture, but If we go to people and how we can apply it, what is minimalism?

minimalism is a lifestyle that goes beyond the aesthetic and the material. Many people have a very fixed idea of ​​a minimalist person: straight lines, black and white clothing, and reduced objects. That idea is old and generalist.

A way of living that has evolved to other broader areas such as: emotions and thoughts. Minimalism has become a way of life that is very compatible with any other, which basically seeks to reduce our entire environment to what adds value and is necessary.

Reasons to lead a minimalist lifestyle. Andrea Piacquadio

Prejudice about minimalism

Minimalism life is surrounded by unfounded opinions which are basically due to the lack of knowledge on the subject or ideas that have been given as valid for a group that can be as varied as any other lifestyle.

It is false that minimalists are stingy, count everything they have, do not know how to live, it is a lifestyle for a very small group of people and endless things.

Minimalists are the complete opposite of what these prejudices dictate, butYou just have to delve a little deeper into that way of living to understand and respect the peace that living in a simpler way provides.

Less is more.

The minimalist life and its implications

As we said before with minimalism we seek improve our life by mediating the reduction of the superfluous to the essential. Well, when we talk about lifestyle we mean almost any area of ​​our life. Minimalism can be perfectly applied in:

  1. personal finance
  2. Professional and spiritual personal development
  3. Material objects
  4. Productivity
  5. trips and experiences

Just as we also find other types of minimalism:

  • emotional minimalism
  • digital minimalism
  • financial minimalism
  • artistic minimalism

The minimalist revolution

Minimalism is here to stay and more and more people are embracing this lifestyle and adapting it to their lives giving it their own personal touch.

Vlada Karpovich

Let's try to be open to new ways of living. Dare to try new things, to evaluate and analyze your objectives and goals to be able to change things that are not going well or we want to improve in some areas of our lives.

Starting to value other things like time, money and experiences can lead us to the inevitable fate of a more focused life. From there we begin to reduce everything that hinders us and it is at that moment, when we reach a bit of peace and liberation, when we do not want to let that feeling escape.


less but better

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