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Charming towns to visit in autumn near Barcelona. You will love this beautiful town.

Towns with a lot of charm to visit in Autumn. And close to Barcelona!! But we are almost at the end. Nothing. This town is a beauty that will make you fall in love in autumn, winter or spring. 🤩

Visit mountain villages in Autumn

Fall, for some a sad and lifeless season, for others a rainbow of different colors. In this post I will talk about a town located in the Osona region that you must visit if you like autumn. Located in the province of Barcelona, this place will take your breath away and you will be transported a few years back.

Although there are places that are beautiful and special in any season of the year, at certain times some sites acquire a different air that makes them even more charming.

In the village of Rupee, stone village surrounded by mountains and nature where you can go to spend a day, get to know your history and try the local food.

Mandatory stop for coffee ☕️

This small town located in the mountains is one of the destinations outside of Barcelona that you should know if you visit Barcelona. You will only need one day, a day in which you will disconnect from the noise and enter a very different era, a 24h time travel to put it in some way.

ruby is one one of the most picturesque and best preserved villages in Spain. In this town you can lose yourself for a long time while you are transported back centuries.

I will leave you some photos as well as the exact address and how you can get there from Barcelona Centro. Too easy.

What to see in Rupit

As soon as you arrive, go to the Rupit Tourist Office which is right at the entrance of the town. There they will explain the places of interest in the area. Nevertheless, I will leave you here a list of the corners that we like the most in town.

  1. Rupit Suspension Bridge

suspension bridge divide the town in two, once on the other side you will go through a narrow street that will take you to the town square, where the church and the town hall are located.

Rupit 🐿 Charming towns near Barcelona.

The bridge is amazing just for the fact that it moves in all directions and it makes the village even more authentic.

  1. Church of San Miguel

Right in the center of town you can take a look at the Church of San Miguel, Baroque style building that stands out among all those stone buildings. A marvel!

  1. Hermitage of Santa Magdalena

For a while you will take a walk through the forest until you reach the Hermitage of Santa Magdalena, located on a hill just in front of the town. La view they're so pretty and environment so calm that you don't want to leave.

Views of Rupit
  1. Craft shops in Rupit.

Do not forget to enter all the shops that cross your path in Rupit, here you will have time for everything, you have artisan shops where you can buy porcelain or wooden items made in the area.

Ceramic shop in Rupit 💓

Remember that it is you who should design the trip based on your tastes. Rupit is a town to walk and not stick to any plan, just breathe and enjoy the view. 😉

How to get to Rupit from Barcelona

rupit lies about 100 kilometers from Barcelona and although the fastest way to get there is by private car also you have options to go by train to Vic and then take the bus.

  • From the Center of Barcelona. Rodalies of Catalonia. The R3 train line to Vic, Ripoll or Puigcerdà will take approximately 1.15 hours to reach Vic.

NOTE: : Stations in the center of Barcelona where you can take line R3: Barcelona Sants, Plaza Catalunya, Arc del Triunfo, La Segrera...

Once in Vic you must take a bus to Rupit. The bus is the number 464 with address Pl. Nova de L'Era. The duration is 1:25 approx.

*Note: The Vic Bus station is right next to the train station. Leaving the station on the left you can see it.

Now enjoy!

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