Top 7 beautiful and easy-to-care indoor plants

Plants give heat to the home, apart from Aesthetically they are very beautiful to decorate the plants throughThey help clean the air.

For many, having natural plants at home is a problem: some say that they do not have a hand to take care of them and others that they do not have time to dedicate to them. If you are one of those who wants to introduce natural green into your home without much work involved, this post is for you.

photo of plants on the table
Succulents and cacti are other ideal plants to have at home.

I have selected 7 indoor plants that are beautiful and easy to care for as well as cheap and easy to find at any flower shop.

IMPORTANT: Remember that The plants, no matter how easy to care for they are, still need minimal attention; removing the dry leaves, cleaning the dust and having them in a suitable environment is vital so that they grow healthy and beautiful.

  1. Potoo

It is one of the easiest houseplants to care for that you can find. I've had one for a year and it's wonderful. Apart from being pretty, it is a very generous plant that grows a lot and that you can easily reproduce.

Nice plant and easy to care for. It can also be had in water.

The ideal plant if you are a bit clueless Or you don't know how to deal with them.

  1. Adam's rib

It is a super pretty plant that you can find in any market or flower shop, no matter how small the store, it will have Adam's Rib for sure.

This beauty is Adam's Rib

It is a tropical looking plant It grows a lot, so try to have it from the beginning in a pot with enough space. It is very easy to care for, you water it once or twice a week and that's it.

  1. Aloe vera

Apart from being a very resistant and easy to care for plant It is one of those essential plants that you would like to have at home. Keep in mind that this is a desert plant that does not need a lot of watering. Hence watering it every 15 days is usually enough.

person standing beside aloe vera plant
Aloe vera is always good.

Also Aloe vera it is a medicinal plant that you can use to apply to the skin as a mask, or use it as an aftersun for skin recovery.

  1. mother in law tongue

A very peculiar plant as well as beautiful. It needs very little watering and likes shade.

It is very easy to find and quite cheap. It is a very nice plant to decorate your house in a simple way.

Mother-in-law's tongue ideal for a minimalist and natural decoration.
  1. Lily of peace

It is a fast growing plant that has elongated leaves. It is ideal to have at home as well as purifying the air. Just water them once a week.

Here you have it. It is ideal for decorating the corners of the house.

I have one of these plants at home and the truth is that it is beautiful as well as very easy to care for.

  1. Tapes

These are very peculiar plants, they expel their children through the branches, so they They are also called Bad Mothers. They are very resistant and you can put them in almost any location in your house.

This is a kind of tapes. The ones that they usually have in stores and markets are whitish striped.

they are also very cheap and easy to get.

  1. Ferns

They are very hardy and require almost no care. They are plants that They prefer shade and humid areas, so they are ideal to have at home.

Very decorative plants that will give a more personal touch to your home.

Plants are life, joy and remind us of our close bond with nature. I hope this post has helped you and that you dare to decorate your home with natural plants. It will surely make a difference.

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