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10 Steps to get a minimalist wardrobe

Some steps that can be useful to get a minimalist wardrobe, both if you want to switch to a minimalist lifestyle or if you just want to save time when choosing your clothes.

If you want to have a more comfortable, flexible closet that at the same time has everything you need, this post is for you!

Shall we start?

Tips to get an organized closet

Garments by sections

When you've been looking at capsule cabinets for a while, photos on Pinterest about super computer cabinets It is normal that you want to do it all in one go, because you want to see the result now. You can't wait to see everything organized.

reality arrives and you realize you have clothes in the closet, in boxes, at friends' houses, under the bed. Ok, at this point we are going to start by dividing the clothes into sections.

Organized wardrobe: divide the garments by sections.

It is a simple way to cover all the avalanche of clothes you have.

I'll give you several ideas:

  • notebook in hand
  • Separate each item into a section. (example: pants) and each section in a week or several days.
  • Make three piles: keep, donate and trash.
  • Try all the clothes

You can even combine several categories in the same day, however, I recommend that you do it by single categories. If you have 50 pants, I don't think you'd really want to also take out the shirts that occupy half a closet.

Take your time to carry out this sieve and much better to do it with a clear head and not the entire wardrobe on the same day.

Divide your clothes by seasons

Well, you have already selected the clothes you want to keep.

Now what we will do is divide those clothes into seasons, if you live in a country where there are very different summers and winters This trick will help you a lot, since having clothes from two seasons together is not really practical.

Instead of dividing the clothes into the four seasons, I divide them into two. Winter and summer, check.

Organize your wardrobe by seasons

I do this because in summer clothes I usually include half-time garments that are useful for those cooler days or to wear at night on certain days. Also that same summer clothes is what I use in spring when the weather is undecided between whether it is cool or hot.

Do not forget to store the clothes that do not touch in boxes or a suitcase. It will help you realize how many clothes you have in your closet for each season.

Do not hurry

As our grandparents always say "rush is very bad" and when we talk about the closet it will not be less.

If you see that you still do not have the wardrobe as you want it, nothing happens, you are already on it. Remember this is not a competition Let's see who has the prettiest wardrobe.

Keep judging and valuing your entire wardrobe until you decide what you want to do. Many clothes will stay with you for many years and others will go away very quickly.

time will help you create the perfect closet and I assure you it does not compare with any other, because you have made this one for yourself and only for you.

Box questionable items

oops! That dress that they gave us for our birthday that is very pretty but that we have never worn. If I have doubts I keep it.

There were many times that I had to make that decision with one of my clothes. I just thought that I could start using it at some point or that maybe in a few months I could wear it, so I did the same without rushing, I put it in a box and waited a while.

I forgot about the box and therefore about the damn garment and when I remembered I didn't even know what was inside... How curious! Out!

Organize clothes in boxes

Nothing happens if you have doubts with a special press, save it for a few months and when you take it out again you will know what to do. If you decide to keep it, don't forget to put it in the closet immediately, if you don't use that garment in the next month, it means that you will never use it. Then you will know what to do.

All those clothes that you do not want can be very useful for another person, it is useless to have them saved when you know that you are not going to use them.

Choose your favorite colors

I know that maybe I'm too heavy with the theme of colors But is that is something paramount so that you feel good with your clothes.

It is very important that you take your time in create a color palette

Before starting to build your wardrobe, you have to know what are those colors that suit you. The colors you like.

I recommend you experiment with a color that you have never used before, you may be surprised. Take a trial period with those colors and if you feel comfortable with them don't be afraid to put them in your wardrobe.

"The color of Saturdays" mine is yellow, I have very few clothes of that color but the few that I have are essential. It is a color that I did not like very much before, however, now, I love it. 

so you see, why not be surprised.

Here is a link to the post about a minimalist wardrobe with color and how to get it.

The basics are essential

Without a solid foundation our wardrobe will be a disaster. We will have the optimal clothing yes, the optimal quantity yes, but at the moment of truth we realize that our clothes do not match each other, and there, at this point is where the basic garments should enter.

A minimalist wardrobe starts from them. Be patient and take a look at the basic clothes and colors you need, it's okay if you have to start over, just do it and you will notice the difference.

The base wardrobe is usually made of plain garments and flat colors. Take into account the colors and tones of your palette so that everything is like a puzzle with each other.

Reuse, give away, donate

minimalist gifts

When you see that something has finished its cycle in your life, think about how you could take advantage of that garment. Let your imagination fly a little. If you see that you definitely do not want it, you can choose to donate or give away.

You can even take such clothes and put them up for sale, it's up to you.

One person's trash can be another person's treasure.

Find your style and stick with it

There's nothing worse than a disorganized closet, a hodgepodge of different styles and it would be a perfect closet if you liked each one of them but that's not usually the case. Have you chosen that garment?

Normally in our closet we have: the clothes we like, the clothes that we would like to wear but that we know we are not going to wear because we are not going to be shorter all of a sudden.

There are also the clothes that our circle of friends likes because they say that when we are X tall, those are the clothes that we should wear, and the worst thing is that we have believed it. Sunday clothes to go see grandma and look good with everyone our uncles and cousins ​​(because we already know that grandma doesn't care what we wear).

We can't please everyone, if we want to, go ahead, but we will never really know what we really like.

Try going to that meeting of friends with what you really likewhat you feel comfortable with. If someone makes a comment, simply reply with: “I feel good about this but thanks for your opinion. "

The glorious moment will come when no one will tell you anything anymore and you will feel much better knowing that you have chosen your style.. It's a small pulse, but a big step.

Create a wardrobe with your favorite clothes

Once you really find your style, it will be very difficult for you to get carried away by the opinions of others..

Who has to like what you're wearing is you

Ok, we already know the cliché of X dresses, they look better on people of X height. What does it matter if we put on that garment, we are not models of any place, nor does the world end for that and thank goodness.

Opinions are important but don't let the opinions of others define who you are.

That's why I ask you please: Your opinion is the most important thing when we talk about clothes. Ultimately, you are going to use them.

enjoy the process

When we enjoy what we do, we tend to pay more attention and are more motivated.

Enjoy the creation process, have fun with each step forward and learn from what you step back.

There is no perfect closet, there is the perfect closet for you.

The Simple Republic

Don't burden yourself waiting for an ending that will take a long time to come or even never come, instead enjoy the process.

Take some pictures out of your closet. You can even schedule those photos every month and analyze your progresss. you will realize how the shape of your closet changes over the months, quantities and tones.

Closet adapted to you

It is useless to spend months trying to compose a wardrobe for a person who is not you, unless you dedicate yourself professionally to it of course. This is not the case.

Observe your daily needs, and when I talk about daily necessities I don't mean those super fancy dinner parties that we have 5 times a year. I mean the clothes you wear in your day to day.

What you wear to go pick up your children, to go to work, to do the shopping, to go out with your partner. All that makes up the mix of your life, small daily situations.

Finding your style when you are a mother

If you have a wardrobe only for formal occasions, you will have the perfect wardrobe for 5 days a year, not for the remaining 360.

Let's get to work or rather: Let's get to work.

I think we have finished with the tricks, only the most important thing is missing, putting them into practice.

Here is a summary of what we saw in this post.


And you, What tricks do you have and have you used to create your minimalist wardrobe?

Every idea brings meaning to this puzzle, so go ahead, leave in the comments those actions that have helped you achieve it.

Books on Minimalism and Sustainable Wardrobe
  • minimally. Adriana Coines
  • Sustainable Wardrobe. Laura Well

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