Women who inspire: writers you must read

Today March 8 is Women's Day, if you are a woman I would like to congratulate you and send you a huge hug, tell you that you feel proud of being yourself, of the woman you have become, you are beautiful, strong and brave. You carry it in the blood.

I wanted to leave you a gift of those that they inspire to cut chains, to raise our voices and above all to move on.

Writers who made a difference

Women who with their words have encouraged us to stand up against what is established. Amigas that through his writings they give us light and open our minds towards a change.

I'm real, not perfect.

Writers, activists and even bloggers. Women who with their books bring out the best in us and give us strength to move forward.

  • Jane Austen

He was born in a small town in northwest Hampshire, England in 1775. Steventon Rectory was his home for the first 25 years of his life.

Although some feminists have branded Austen as a conservative writer, the novels of the author show a great capacity for insight into female psychology. Women who inhabited the society of the English countryside Cuya situation it was much more complex than it might appear at first glance.

I am half agony, half hope.

Jane Austen

What I like most about Austen is her ability to convey the irony and absurdity of some customs.


  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Pride and Sensitivity
  • Emma

I'm sure that You'll love Jane Austen. his strength, the way in which she expresses and gives prominence to empowered women who are not afraid to be different. She is and will be a goddess of English literature.

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I discovered Chimamanda's books thanks to Booktubers that I follow and they mention her non-stop.

Their books promise to be a turning point in Nigerian culture, where the author shows us that we are not so different either.

I tell you: this woman does what she says, her books are one of those you can't stop reading and I'm not telling you to get attached to the characters.

The unique story creates stereotypes. The problem with stereotypes is not that they are false, but that they are incomplete.



  • The Purple Flower
  • Americanah
  • The danger of a single story
  • we should all be feminists

My favorite is Americanah, as an immigrant I felt very identified with certain situations, also lThe author approaches immigration in a powerful way that makes you hooked from the first moment.

The last two works mentioned (he has some more) are very short. Come on, in an hour or two you can read them without a problem.

  • Malala Yousafzai

It is a Pakistani student, blogger and activist resident in England since the attack of 2012. It is the youngest person in being awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Malala is known for her human rights activism, especially women's rights in his country, Pakistan.

The only thing I want is education and I am not afraid of anyone.


Malala was just 11 years old when she began writing for the BBC about her life in the Swat Valley, two years after the Taliban came to power and closed girls' schools.

A girl who can perfectly be our sister, cousin or neighbor from the next door, Malala teaches us what it is true feminism. Her struggle and strength to move forward and achieve the freedom of womenThey inspire half the world.


  • I am malala
  • Malala's magic pencil

As well you can read his interviews or articles in different magazines. Even, you can follow her on instagram.

  • The Bronte Sisters

From the s. XVII; Charlotte, Emily and Anne were sisters dedicated to literature. The three sisters publish novels and poems under a male pen name.

His novels, characterized by their originality and passion led them to be one prestigious writers.

They write about the time, the duties of women and the customs. Through her works they drop subtle hints towards a society that suffocates women's dreams to death.


  • Wuthering Heights, Emily
  • Agnes Grey, Anne
  • Jayne EyreCharlotte

I am not a person who has physical books, in fact I think that the books I have do not reach 10. Within those 10 books is jayne eyre, a book to read over and over again. Impressive: Jayne's strength and optimism.

  • Michelle Obama

American lawyer and writer, best known for being the First Lady of the United States between 2009-2017. She was the first African American woman to serve as First Lady.

You can be as beautiful as you want, but tell me, if the world were blind, how many people would you impress?

She seems to me to be a woman who, despite being so famous, acts behind the scenes for different causes that help society such as: education in third world countries and support for social causes in general.

The saddest thing a woman can do is lose her dignity to make a man like her.

Michelle Obama


  • My History
  • Elizabeth Gilbert

It is a American writer who has written novels, essays, short stories, biographies, and memoirs.

I love this writer very much. Being that I have always known her and could identify her books without having to read her name on the cover. One of those authors with their own personality when it comes to writing.

When you read one of his books it seems like you're keeping a conversation with a friend.

If you want to get to the castle, you have to cross the moat.

Eat Pray Love


  • Eat Pray Love
  • Unleash your magic
  • City of women
  • Concepcion Arenal

He was born in Galicia, specifically in the province of Vigo. she was a Spanish thinker, journalist, poet and author. She falls within the authors of literary realism and was pioneer in Spanish feminism

Throughout his life He denounced the situation of the prisons for men and women, the misery in health homes or begging and the condition of women. Galician heroine.


  • The education of women
  • The Woman of the Future
  • The Woman of his House

When it's everyone's fault, it's nobody's fault.

Concepcion Arenal
  • Nawal El Saadawi

She was born in Egypt in 1931. She is a writer, feminist, physician, and political activist. It is considered as one of the most important feminists of her generation

A woman that He has fought to achieve his dreams, despite the injustices and obstacles He has managed to write and reach his audience, women. Arrested by the Egyptian government, her works were taken off the market.

Nowadays is one of the most recognized voices of Arab feminism.


  • Women and Sex
  • The Hidden Face of Eva
  • The Fall of the Magnet
  • Woman at Zero Point

Very hard books but necessary to understand the complexity of Muslim culture.

Nothing is more dangerous than the truth in a world that lies.

Nawal El Saadawi

I hope encourage you to read any of these books. If you are a woman so that we support each other, learn about causes that are still alive today and that we should know about to continue fighting for a society fairer.

And if you are a man so that you put yourself in our place, from this perspective you may see things a little differently.

Thank you for supporting this blog: reading and sharing the posts help me to continue growing.

A big hug.

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