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Thanks for getting here!

my name is annie and I'm the one behind these lines.

The Simple Republic was born with the idea of ​​writing about travel, experiences and minimalism. The Minimalist lifestyle has helped me have a calmer life, be more grateful, feel good about what I have and focus on what I love the most in this life: Visiting the world while I search the corners for coffee shops and bookstores.

My minimalist adventure started in England in 2017 where I lived for a few months and then moved to County Cork, in Ireland. Were a few months full of emotions, learning and train routesbut mostly it was an appointment to find myself.

I stumbled upon minimalism almost by accident, when no more things fit in my xxl suitcase and I had to seriously consider stopping accumulating. Yes, that's how it all started. 

What you will find in this Blog

in this blog find Beautiful and cozy corners such as cafes, bookstores, old markets, charming shops,.. Come on, everything that we hopeless romantics like.

You will also have guides and travel lists alone and/or accompanied. Tricks for organize your suitcase and a whole world related to the minimalist lifestyle and how to live with less

In this blog I deal with topics about mental, material and minimalism He too in digital; to get off the phone a bit and stop seeing the world through a screen.

get ready because In this little corner you will see me pedaling through peach fields, exploring Christmas markets, wandering through coastal towns and cities, traveling by tram and going crazy with the food of each country.

Yes, I hope to convey to you my love for simple trips, those trips that fill your heart and that will form your future memories.

A little more?

I faithfully believe in the value of small things, the gestures, the details, the small changes in our day to day that They have the ability to change our lives., both personal, professional and spiritual, and of course, also our society.

I'm a Libra and...... My mood goes a bit like the seasons of the year. That is why my favorite season is Spring. Where my being is a rainbow. Also, as a good librana I am an expert in eating the hole, reflecting on almost everything and giving a thousand turns to any decision.

I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, specifically in the northern part of the country. I currently live in a city whose name I don't want to remember but which is 45 minutes from Barcelona. in some corner of Barcelona I spend my days off, holidays and summer afternoons. I adore the city like I never thought I would want something so huge and disastrous, but I love it with all my soul and with all its defects, still, it seems to me an almost perfect city.

Barcelona is the girlfriend of many, the lover of some and the platonic love of almost everyone.


travel, create, read and write about it.

The most constant thing I have done in my life has been to create pieces from a piece of fabric. Which I have been doing since I can remember.

I love handmade things. In my free time I make bags that I usually paint and embroider, I also design my own bracelets and earrings. Crafts are part of my life and it is a hobby that I pamper and take care of with great affection.

*Whenever I go to a new city I make a detailed list of the craft shops in the area. and on many occasions I have wanted to stay in one of those stores that make you fall in love..

A phrase

Life looks very different with a little salt on your lips, sand on your feet and a pizza in your hand...

Anitta García – I mean, me.