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It is worth taking food to Iceland. Our experience

The million dollar question: Is it really worth taking food to Iceland?… Which we all consider before traveling to Iceland and the one that makes us fill the suitcase with food to tour the country.

We just came from Iceland just a month ago and we can tell you that Although it is worth taking certain foods to Iceland, the basic basket in Iceland is not excessively expensive. We explain why.

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But all this with certain nuances that we will discuss in this post. where we will tell you if it is really worth taking food for a trip to Iceland, from Spain.

Is Iceland as expensive as they say?

Iceland It is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. It's more, It is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

Ehhh. Do not panic.

Although transportation, housing, and food are expensive in Iceland we can also say that It is a country that is prepared and adapted to foreign tourism. Therefore, Over the years it has become a country with more and more supply and that translates into a much greater price competitiveness, and therefore, cheaper.

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So to the question of whether Iceland is really that expensive, the answer is yes. We have to say that it is one of the most expensive countries we have visited, but with organization and planning you can manage to visit the country with a quite acceptable budget.

And one of the points of that organization, in our case, has been food, which has helped us a lot to save money.

The food we brought to Iceland from Spain

Among all the things we had to take to Iceland we couldn't take too much because we only had a suitcase of 10 kilos in which we had to divide the space for clothes and food.

So thinking about our lifestyle and the things we eat every day, in addition to the easiest to prepare and transport, we have opted for these products:

  • Meal.
    • Canned products: Tuna Lentils Riojana style, Fabada
    • fajitas
    • 2 Sausage Trays
    • 4 envelope soups
    • 3 boxes Chocolate Bars
    • small set with a single dose of: coffee, sugar, colacao and teas.
  • Emergency kit:
  • throat lozenges

Things that are not worth taking on your trip to Iceland

Now we are going to enumerate you the things that are not worth taking to Iceland first because they weigh a lot and second because in Iceland they are very cheap therefore you will spend more on checking the suitcase than the savings that are assumed.

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • envelope soups
  • Sugar
  • Flour (XNUMXg)
  • Buy
  • Bars

Price comparison . Spain vs Iceland

Here we have a quick comparison with the prices of some products in Iceland. And we will also tell you how much each thing cost us in Spain. This way you will really see the difference it makes.

It is important that you keep in mind that these are the prices cheapest supermarket in Iceland, Bonus supermarkets. So if you buy in other places like Nettó or Krónan the prices go up a lot and even double on some products.


Sugar 1kg €1.30 €3.00

Strips 1.50 1.36

Fried Tomato 0.95 2.50

Can of Lentils 1.10 3.50

Oil 1L 3.75 5.20

Tuna 6 3.45 6.50

Pasta 1kg 1.00 1.92

Soups About 0.70 1.60

Tortellini 1.50 1.39

Rice in bags 1.75 1.36

Bars 0.95 2.20

Margarine 1.65 1.80

Tea 1.00 3.30

Eggs 6 1.70 3.09

Grapes 1kg 2.99 7.55

Bananas 1kg 1.50 2.50

Milk 1L 1.05 1.80

Bread 1kg 1.15 2.60

Page of Bonus: locations in Iceland.

Basic kit of essentials to take to Iceland

Now we are going to give you some of the things that you are going to use the most on your trip.

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Note that The trip through Iceland is a tour that is made up of many hiking trails so that having certain things with you will be vital for than yours trip much more comfortable and bearable.

  • A thermos of a minimum liter.
  • A plastic or stainless steel container that does not weigh much
  • A set of wooden cutlery. Wood or plastic, whichever weighs less.
  • A trekking backpack that takes up little space but that you can carry the above in it.
  • A bottle for water. Although you can reuse a plastic one. Blessed be the water of Iceland, the richest and purest in the world.
  • Emergency kit. Take an emergency kit with you medicines and things you may need during the trip.
    • Pain pills
    • Throat lozenges or candies
    • Strips
  • Energy bars. will be your allies during the days in Iceland.
  • A road map. They say that Iceland is one of the best connected countries in the world, that there is coverage in every corner, etc...

Gentlemen passengers, we run out of coverage a lot of times, although for very short periods, but it doesn't hurt to carry an updated road map just in case. We took it, two of them as if that weren't enough, and we didn't need it, but it was there if we needed it.

In addition, We used one of them to plan the trip and write down the N1 gas stations and the bonuses we had on the island. We cannot depend on the internet 100% so get hold of one cheap.

  • External batteries. With all the photos and videos that you are going to take during the trip, I am sure that you will need boosters for your phone. I no longer tell you if you have a camera!

In addition, the GPS consumes a lot of battery, although most cars charge it while you use it. Even so, it does not hurt to carry a well-charged external battery.

If you can think of anything else that we can include in this list, don't forget to leave it in comments, or you can also send us a message. 😉

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