Christmas markets that you cannot miss in Barcelona

And like a string of stories, in this case of posts, arrive the corners to visit this Christmas. This time I'm not going very far, actually I'm staying in the province of Barcelona, ​​without moving too far from home. In this post we will discuss some Christmas markets that you cannot miss in Barcelona.

Most cities acquire a certain charm at Christmas, and Barcelona is not going to be less clear. And it is that In Barcelona we have some markets that give the city an air special Like Central Europe but Mediterranean. You know what I mean? Neither did I, but it looked good.

Christmas markets in Spain: Barcelona

I mean that in a way, and without avoiding it, I start thinking about cities where Christmas markets are typical, I'm talking about cities like Budapest, Prague or Vienna.

Christmas markets in Barcelona

  • Sagrada Familia Market

The stage alone is worth going through. LThe mythical photo of the Holy Family accompanied by a small Christmas market, ideal.

It is a place where you can take a walk with the children while, at the foot of the cathedral, take ideas and buy some to give the last touch to the tree.

Christmas markets are very specialat least they seem so to me such a homely and caring air is adopted in them.

Opening: from November 25 to December 23.

  • Santa Lucia Christmas Market

And this is my favorite Christmas market in Barcelona, ​​between the two I prefer this one. Ahem, as personal data.

As the story goes this market dates back to the XNUMXth century no more no less.

The best of this market is the backdrop: Barcelona Cathedral, It is a beautiful setting that you will undoubtedly like to see and of course, you will not stop taking photos.

Christmas markets in Barcelona 🎄

In the market you can find apart from figurines and elements of the Bethlehem made with the greatest ingenuity, other types of crafts dedicated to Christmas such as forms made with ceramics or unique gifts to make on these dates.

Opening: from November 24 to December 23

NOTE: Although they are very small markets, it is worth stopping by to enjoy the lights, the atmosphere and, incidentally, see the city in a different way.

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