Menorca in pictures. Trip to Menorca explained with photos

Menorca in pictures It is a post that I would like to see repeated with other destinations visited. It is much more painful to see the experience of a person in brushstrokes accompanied with photos and small notes about the adventure.

Menorca for me was a corner of the Balearic Islands that my feet would probably never set foot on, until the pandemic locked us up in the country. Until that day Menorca was destined to be the place that I would always have on my list and that I would never go to because of too many other options.

It's been a year since my partner and I visited Minorca. This place it was never my weakness. I'm talking about that desire to know a specific place.

Much I had heard of this island. Idyllic beaches, crystal clear waters, white sand,... It's not to be presumptuous but when it comes to beaches I'm quite skeptical.

We Caribbeans think we have the best beaches in the world, and we think so with an almost sectarian intensity. Without exception. And there is no one to get us off that idea. Until you go to a place like Menorca that takes you out of your egocentric ignorance.

I still think that Caribbean beaches are amazing, but now I can say that I have seen a glimpse of my home on this island. A brushstroke, a small and great detail: The color of the water. That's all! The color of the water reminded me of my land. That particular turquoise blue.

So that this post is done more often I am going to show you the experience of this trip with photos. In some I will make a comment with the things that impressed me the most on the island.

We start! ⛵️

  • Citadel, the island's main city, reminded me a bit of Cadaqués, only much bigger. A beautiful, quiet and very white city where I wanted to stay. Here I would live the sea of ​​content 😌

It is very tiny. That same makes you feel welcomed by it, it also seems like the typical city where everyone knows each other.

Ciutadella was only the beginning of a continuous wonder...

  • One of the things that surprised me the most about Menorca is the change, so abrupt, that you can appreciate it in just a few kilometers. If in the southern part you have white sand, in the north you are on the planet Mars. And so happy!!
  • I fell in love with this island because of how rare it is. I'm not used to these sudden changes.

Si the world was created by some superior Entity, sure that the day Menorca was being built his humor was somewhat whimsical. Now Red, now Green, now Red again. Or alike the entity went to bed to rest and left his 4-year-old son in charge of the creation of Menorca. I'll stick with the latest version. I like it more!

Does that feeling of having seen that same place in a totally different country sound familiar to you? Well that!

  • Menorca has Irish airs, It does not lack the goats, nor the narrow streets. If it is that even the walls of the meadows are made of stone.

Menorca, a peculiar island

What a shame not to have rung the doorbell of his house to meet the owner of this marvel. I liked the mural, but I liked the message more.

“Chronicles of the collapse” – an ideal name to describe the current times.

I wanted to give the island a gray touch with this filter. However, even in full Tramontana, Menorca is brimming with life and pure Mediterranean colour. Even in her darkest days she is beautiful and special. In addition, the white color of their houses never lets the light go out completely.

From Menorca I was captivated by his love for the traditional. The homemade bread, the minimalist style of the houses, the coexistence between centuries, the art seen in any corner.

This place is a constant wonder.

Either the lady in the mural above has several houses, or is it that on this island the people are very cool 😻

They blow me away the plants, especially the cactus, and here they are everywhere.

I want a house like this, where I can read while listening to the noise of the sea, have my craft workshop and live from art 💌 Enough Frida.

*Now out of the joke. I I make these photos to get ideas when I have my own house. When that day comes I'll have a bunch of photos from different parts of the world and my house will be a great hodgepodge of crazy ideas. 😍 Nothing would make me happier!

Maybe these photos are not what you expected but These are the images that have inspired me the most about the island.

For me, a trip that is worth it is one in which you do not stop dreaming and being amazed. A perfect trip is the one that makes you feel special, different and lucky.

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Menorca has helped me understand the world in a less selfish way. How many storms has this island not had to go through to be this beautiful? How many centuries and how much transformation work exists in a small piece of the world.

Nature is wise. I usually say that phrase a lot when I don't like something, when I have a hard time accepting that things happen when it doesn't suit me. However, how much wisdom has ~nature is wise~ nature is beautiful, captivating and bipolar. That makes it so special.

Now I know what place Ricardo Arjona was referring to when he said: "I want to have a coffee watching the Mediterranean." ????

𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚜 𝚙𝚘𝚛 𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚛 ♡ 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞

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