The Christmas Markets to visit in Budapest in the year

Christmas, synonymous with lights, cinnamon cookies, nougats, family and, Christmas markets! We missed visiting Christmas markets in Europe, so this year we have dared to visit budapest and, of course, their so famous and beloved Christmas markets.

With pictures, I'll show you the most beautiful Christmas markets that you should have on your list if you visit Budapest.

The city that end of november and all of december is wrapped in a authentic Christmas party: with Mulled wine, typical food, postcards and the city in the background They are a true marvel. If you have the opportunity to get to know the city on these dates Do not hesitate for a second because it is very worth it.

When Christmas arrives there are cities, like Budapest, where melancholy and magic mix and make the place the perfect love song.

So let's go with the posts of the most emblematic Christmas markets in the city of Budapest. And some extra information that is always good to know in advance. In these times, more than ever, it is important to be prepared.

I have some appreciations about the city that I would like to discuss with you, however, I will dedicate an entire post dedicated only to the most curious corners of Budapest. It will surprise you. I'll leave the link here as soon as I post it.

Come on. To the mess!

Christmas markets that you can visit in Budapest this year

Christmas markets in Budapest they are one one of the most famous and well known of the world, and it is that before the whole world thought of organizing Christmas markets to attract tourists, in budapest they had cycles doing them, more than a fashion It is a tradition.

So don't forget to buy your mulled wine, with that delicious touch of cinnamon, and enjoy the show.

  • Christmas Market in the Basilica of San Esteban

Fair-Poor Next to the Basilica of San Esteban, this beautiful market awaits you with countless stalls where you will surely crave a thousand beautiful things including very appetizing food made at the moment. With the basilica in the background you can enjoy one of the most sublime times of our culture.

Surrounded by so much magic, it's hard not to let go of your worries and just fall for the charm.

This year you will be able to witness a light show and projection that will leave you speechless. She left you a photo as gossip and advance.

Note: The projection that we witnessed took place at 17:30.

Opening dates: November 19, 2021 to January 01, 2022

  • Christmas fair on Vorosmarty Square

And we arrived to the best-known Christmas market in Hungary and probably one of the most famous in the world.

It is the oldest Christmas fair in Budapest and one of the more special and authentic.

It's found between The 10 Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in the World.

Although in recent years the number of posts has decreased a bit, I must admit that It is a pleasure to walk through its little stalls while appreciating the happiness of the little ones and the impression of the adults walking through the square and contemplating Budapest., with its buildings, in the background.

Opening date: November 16 to January 01, 2022

Do not forget to stop at one of the stalls where you can buy the famous Hungarian sweet Kürtöskalácsbetter known like Trdelnik in the Czech Republic. It comes to be the same with some variations, but just as delicious. After trying this sweet you will not be the same.

*Name Kürtöskalács I have been looking for it on the internet, clearly, since it is impossible to pronounce it and, even more, to memorize it. So ask how you can.

The Kurjccjksbvjk dessert (I won't write it anymore eh) is about a sweet dough made on the grill and sprinkled with nuts (Our favorite is cinnamon and almonds) It can be filled, for those with a sweet tooth, with chocolate or Nutella.

Covid measures at the Budapest Christmas Markets

*IMPORTANT NOTE: To enter both markets you must present your identification (DNI, Passport or similar) along with the Covid Vaccination Certificate.

I hope you liked this short post and if you have any, do not hesitate to write to me. A huge kiss.

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