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The best books on minimalism

One of the ways we have humans de learning is through the experience of others. We have a very strong inclination to listen to the experiences of others when you are we are particularly interested. That's why if you're looking books on how to follow learning about simple lifestyle this list can help you. Are best books on minimalism what i read to date.

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Books on Minimalism that you must read

These book recommendations are ideal for learning from other experiences and putting some advice into practice about minimalism and simple living.

Minimalism for a meaningful life. Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus

With a documentary on Netflix and a whole method documented and put into practice these guys They tell us, in great detail, their learnings thanks to minimalism.

From the story that led them to make the decision to live with less even some tricks that helped them on their way to minimalism.

A book to be inspired and learn control techniques regarding purchases. Also methods of organization, focus and order.

Goodbye Things. On Minimalist Living. Fumio Sasaki

Fumio Sasaki is undoubtedly one of the pioneers in making minimalism known in Japan. Starting from simplicity, Sasaki tells us about his experience. It shows us his life from a personal and close point while offering us an overview of what minimalism is and how it can help us redirect certain aspects of our lives.

minimally. The transformative power of the simple. Adriana Coines

Adriana has a YouTube channel.

minimally. This book is an experience condensed in a few pages of everything learned during his years practicing minimalism.

Adriana freed herself from everything that was draining her energy, leaving space for new experiences and people. At the same time, he tells of his setbacks and speaks to us very closely about depression or the feeling of low self-esteem.

During 16 chapters he shares everything he has been learning and tells how minimalism changed his way of seeing life in all areas: He reconsidered his relationships, time management, his profession, his bond with nature, his dependence on networks...

also has some exercises and tips. It deals with some introductory topics such as digital minimalism.

Minimalism: Get rid of what is left over in your mind, your life and your home. Eloid-Joy Jaubert

Minimalism as a philosophy and way of life proposed focus on what's important and discard everything unnecessary with the purpose of personal fulfillment.

A kind of guide to approach the principles of minimalism and the different existing methods; includes some tips to clear your house and techniques to maintain order in a definitive way.

easy tips to implement together with feng-shui recommendations to encourage the flow of energy in you.

The Happy Minimalist: How to create a simpler, more organized, and more meaningful life by getting rid of unnecessary things. Marc Reklau

A series of questions where Marc unrolls all the Doubts that arise when we start in this minimalism thing.

Chapter by chapter is resolving issues as important as; areas of your life in which you should apply minimalism, how to focus it in an orderly way and put the simple life into practice step by step.

In this book you can read and learn from the author's experience. Along with a series of techniques that can help you order your ideas.

The minimal life: How to live a hundred years with health and happiness. Peter Field

What would happen if we focused on what's really worth it and stopped accumulating, consuming and chasing things that don't make sense?

Maybe everything would be simpler. It is time to eliminate unnecessary problems and dedicate ourselves to living happily, to be better people and to contribute to the well-being of others. It's time to stop worrying so much about having and start taking care of being.

The minimalist life told from a much more spiritual point of view, although it also covers the material. A fun way to approach other points of view on austerity and the simple life.

Finance for a minimalist: Learn to live with less and expand your financial possibilities. andrea rodriguez

Many people believe that if they increase their income, they will be able to solve their financial problems. But the reality is that, If we don't change our mental patterns, we will return to where we started: debts, unnecessary expenses, money leaks.

The book focuses on minimalism from an economic plane, with a series of guidelines and steps to follow to avoid spending on unnecessary things.

A way of approaching financial minimalism and putting it into practice with simple methods, but effective, to achieve have financial stability while we improve other aspects of our life.

It takes very little to be happy but a lot of maturity and mental clarity to realize it.

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