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The best books on personal finance

A small cookbook of books on personal finance and savings that will help you better organize your money. Achieve your short and long term goals.

Money management methods, like the kakebo method. Tricks for those who have little time and explanation of how to use some tools correctly so everyday like credit card. With these books you will learn to get the most out of your money and other useful tips to involve the whole family.

Books on personal finance and savings

Minimalism: How to Save Money by Decluttering Your Home. Daniel Patterson

Pack of two books where You will learn not only to clear your home, but your life, your budget and your relationships. Starting with the principles of minimalism and, continuing with techniques to maintain order at home.
Plus some tricks and little guides:
– Order with your partner.
– How to convince a stubborn teenager and make him clean his room without asking!
– Progress board can keep your family team on track.
– The advantages of Minimalism at a glance.
– Initial steps to implement Minimalism in your daily routine and that of your family.

Finance and children. How to teach your children to be financially happy. Amalia Guerrero

I am aware that the education of children is a delicate subject, but Don't make the mistake of giving your child money every time he asks for it. The key is to teach your child from a young age to manage their money and educate them accordingly. " I think that a society formed in financial education will be a freer society».

In this book you will discover that personal finance are a set of techniques and habits that They teach you to relate to money. You will understand basic concepts such as saving and investing

Finance for minimalists. Learn to live with less and expand your possibilities. andrea rodriguez

Financial minimalism is based on not following trends spend money on things you don't need to focus on the things you really want.

Many people believe that if they increase their income, they will be able to solve their financial problems. The thing is, if we don't change our mental patterns, By understanding our relationship with money, eventually, we will return to where we started: money leaks, debts, unnecessary expenses, etc. A style of minimalist life It is living intentionally and being more conscious about the things we buy.

How to save with the Japanese Kakebo method. Ivan Sanchez Luis

In this book you will find a description of the Kakebo method, a template so you can start using it and tips to improve your personal finances.

You can also download template to use it for as long as you want.

With a template and the bases on how to use it correctly.

I recommend that you have a Kakebo notebook already on hand or, if you prefer, purchase the template that the book recommends as a trial.

How to get out of bad debt. Credit cards. Secrets to use them to your advantage. Joshua Garduno

Techniques to avoid getting into debt as well as methods explained step by step so you can eliminate your debts

How credit cards work as part of a complete and effective financial education. Explanation of how the bank makes money with these.

understand the difference between bad debt with an illustration showing the people's realities. And how to reconvert this pattern from the analysis of each situation.

Invest in yourself. Natalia De Santiago

Why is it so difficult for us to save? Is renting a waste of money? How can we choose the bank that best suits us? Is all debt bad? What things do you need to know before investing? When should we start saving for retirement?

Natalia de Santiago, has written this practical guide to help us manage our economy in such an effective way as entertaining. Without miracles or false promises and with a genuine sense of humor.

Finance for girls in a hurry. Georgina Geronimo and Ana Perez

One of my favorites.

Made for modern life, with a friendly tone that encourages us to get to work and organize our finances.

It's hard to make ends meet (let alone save) When life is very expensive, you have a wedding around the corner and next week it's time to pay the rent. The point is to take it philosophically because, whether you like it or not, Finances are part of life. If you follow the tips From this book, you will be able control your economy without juggling, sign up for the plans you want and even prepare a mattress for unforeseen events and future goals.

Other famous books on saving and personal finance

  • Become independent from Papa State. Carlos Galan Rubio
  • Money Code. Raimon Samsó
  • Your little book about personal finance. David Adam

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