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The 10 commandments of minimalism

Minimalism is that way of living where belongings are not a priority in your life. With the frugal or minimalist lifestyle you learn that having more does not necessarily make you the happiest or most successful person. With these commandments on minimalism you can go evaluating your path and analyzing your own objectives and goals.

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Minimalism does not contain formulas or fixed rules but yes what There are a number of principles that it is interesting to know so that each one can create your own face style to fit your life and feel at peace or more connected with what you really want.

Principles on Minimalism

You will buy only what you need

It may sound difficult, but if you have been living with what is necessary for a few years, this commandment will be much easier for you to fulfill and even you already do it intuitively.

Buying only what you need helps you, apart from saving money, to take care of the things you already have and value everything you buy. Always evaluating the utility that object can give you.

If you are just starting out, this post about How to Get a Minimalist Wardrobe in 10 Steps.

You will love the simple moments of everyday life

Being a conscious person makes you look on the bright side of the most everyday things. When you do not have too many distractions or effort to get material objects people and important things take priority in your life.

A coffee with a friend, find a good book, a rainy afternoon with your partner or just be…. It sounds corny but there are more moments like this in our lives than we imagine. You just have to stop notice them and give them the importance they have.

you will be grateful with life

Being grateful is a habit that we have heard thousands of times in books, on TV, in religions around the world, etc. Although many times we ignore this beautiful act, it is important that Let's be thankful for everything we have while we fight and strive for everything we want.

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Gratitude is what makes us happy in the present or at least accept it as it is while we try to make some things change or happen.

You will not buy on impulse

This is one of the most difficult habits to apply when you are starting to reduce your purchases and one of the most most common mistakes when you start to create a minimalist wardrobe. Buying on impulse is so integrated into our system that it seems completely normal and routine to buy things that we know we are not going to use.

If you still have this habit the best way to get rid of it is through monthly list with things you need yes or yes.

Another trick which usually serves is think about yourself for a few days, weeks or months, if a certain object/clothing/etc is really useful or necessary In your day to day. If the days go by and you have forgotten or you can continue your routine without it is that it's really not essential.

First things important

How much does it cost us to prioritize. In a world with so many distractions we should have this commandment at the door of our house so we don't forget any day.

Prioritizing what is important will help you achieve your goals and feel much more satisfied with your actions and habits from day to day. A thingor this is what you do annual or monthly goals, with lists of things that are important to you, which of them you should focus on at all times.

  • Remember that one finished thing is better than three half done.

You will not judge others by their lifestyle

We usually think that we do it is the best or the correct thing and trying to attract followers, as if it were a sect, is part of our functioning as a society. Although having people who think or are like us makes life much easier, the reality is that each one creates his orchard as he sees fit.

Respect this commandment and live with others respecting their decisions and lifestyle. share whenever you can your learning but try not to judge others for being materialistic or too austere. After all we all have reasons and freedom to choose how we want to live our lives.

When things do not go as you want, you will say: everything happens for a reason

Frustration dominates this Era in which things have become really difficult for us in some aspects. We live in a world where nothing is permanent and the rules change in the blink of an eye.

Procura take care of your -flow with life- so that you can be flexible and adapt to changes while working for what you need. Try that, after regretting, the next sentence is that everything happens for a reason, and the next action is to look for possible solutions to a certain situation. All this, as long as it is in your hand.

You will know that everything in excess is harmful

In case you haven't noticed we are in a stage of humanity where nuances are becoming extinct, white or black are kings, and lifestyles have been welcomed as dogmas more typical of a sect. Don't fall for this.

Whether you want to be vegan, minimalist or totally austere Keep in mind that we make changes to feel better about ourselves, not to beat ourselves up and try for perfection that will never come no matter how hard you try.

Enjoy your stages and progress and don't get attached to excesses. They will only bring you bitterness and frustration. This has been one of the lessons that minimalism has taught me.

You will be aware that being a minimalist does not make you better than anyone else

This commandment about minimalism is in tune with number 6. You should know that The fact that you use less plastic does not make you a better person than someone else who does. Although from the outside we only see villains or saviors our habits cover many aspects of life where we can be better or worse actors.

Think that we are all in a learning process is key to eteach instead of judging and respect instead of imposing.

Every person is a world. Create your own with respect

With these commandments on minimalism I want you to analyze your own actions and apply them to your way of life so that adapt each aspect to what you need.

Think about how you want to live, what are the optimal amounts for you and your family. Learn to reject everything that does not go with your values y think consciously in what makes you feel good.

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Al fin y al cabo minimalism are a series of guidelines that oneself creates based on making mistakes, trying over and over again, to try new things and always keep in mind what your priorities are.

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