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Books on minimalism that I would like to read

Books on Minimalism that I would like to read for learn more about the subject and put them into practice. Minimalism is a constant evolution, like life itself.

Good morning. It's been a long time since I wrote a post like: I sit on the sofa and write about something and that's it... It's great to have scheduled posts since we don't always feel inspired to write but sometimes you get the vein to say: come on today I write a post and upload it at the moment. Et voila!!


It's funny what happens to us some readers: The less time we have to read, the more time we dedicate to expanding our to-do list. I do not know if I have a reading block of those or is that I really do not have much time to read. However, a few days ago I was tempted to leave half the books I'm reading and that do not inspire me at all and start from scratch with a book on minimalism that might return me to the routine of enjoying reading.

Conclusion pretty simple books that they surely talk about minimalism without going any further, without delving into it. My goal with them is to read experiences of others and see how they focus their lives towards a simpler life.

Books About Minimalism

  • Minimalism: Get rid of what is left over in your mind, your life and home

  • The art of living simply

  • Minimalism: The art of not having to have it all

  • Minimalist Essence: Achieve a simply fulfilling life

If you have read any, leave me your opinion in the comments. I appreciate it a lot! AND If you have any recommendations for books on this subject, it will be welcome. to ~ The Endless List of Books to Watch ~.

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