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Books on how to create a capsule wardrobe

If you are thinking create a capsule wardrobe For this season let me tell you that if you have no idea read These books can guide you and help you create the foundations to build a closet that, in addition to matching your style, is small and versatile.

Each book focuses creating a capsule wardrobe starting from simple tricks and ways to classify, organize our clothes, so making our closet stop being a meaningless jungle and become a space with space and order.

Shall we start?

Books that will help you create a capsule wardrobe

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  1. The capsule wardrobe method: The keys to a perfect wardrobe in just 40 items. Dansvogue

Do you have a closet full but you never know what to wear?

« Reasons why you think you have nothing to wear »

In this book you will discover a method to Create a practical, long-lasting and stylish wardrobe with just 40 items. Does it seem impossible to you? Well you can.

With piece classification garment by garment and how to combine them with each other to get a small and versatile wardrobe.

  1. Sustainable wardrobe: Learn to shop consciously and intelligently. Laura Opazo

A complete guide that reviews the history of the textile industry and reveals the serious environmental and social consequences of fast fashion.

Furthermore, it introduces us to the world of sustainable brands by proposing consumer alternatives so that we are more respectful of the environment and, also, improving our relationship with fashion. Exercises for you to put into practice what you learned in each chapter.

Plus some tips to extend the life cycle of our clothes, learn to read labels or avoid temptation when we go shopping.

On the verge of a shopping attack: 73 keys to conscious consumption. Brenda Chavez

With 73 ingenious, simple and effective guidelines that help us be better consumers without lecturing or blaming, and they pave the way towards a more responsible way of life.

Appreciate the values ​​of local brands and support local talent among many other topics.

  1. The wardrobe trend: Complete guide to creating your own wardrobe. Rebecca Ellington

Super easy to read and apply. With this book you can get some Tips to create your capsule wardrobe from scratch, in a fun and practical way.

With this book you will learn to:

– Get the most out of the minimum number of garments
– Make space in your closet 
– Gain confidence and peace of mind 
– Swap basic garments to wear them in different ways and for a greater variety of functions
– Have control again

All this as you transform your life and your style. 

  1. The perfect palette. Color combinations inspired by art, fashion and design. Lauren Wager

If you are one of those visual people and a bit of a perfectionist who likes to have everything organized by colors and tones, you need this book on your shelf. It serves both for create a capsule wardrobe using colors correctly you want as well as to decorate your house.

This way you can get inspired with different colors and tones to start building a wardrobe that is all you.

With this and a cake I say goodbye.

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