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Books you have to read before going to Iceland

Here I am going to leave you one list of essential books that you have to read before going to Iceland. A simple and fun way to get closer to Icelandic culture, with all its contrasts and curiosities. These books about Iceland are short and sweet

I am sure that After reading these books you will have a much greater desire to get to know the country and discover for yourself all its peculiarities.

So in this list I wanted to include some of the books that I read before the trip to Iceland. And that they have helped me to delve into the Icelandic culture and its customs.

  • Chronicles of Iceland

A book that I have read as my first contact with the country. From the point of view of a person who does not know all the peculiarities that Iceland has as a country, it is very interesting. read such curious things condensed in such a small book.

Books to get to know Iceland

In this book apart from the natural wonders that Iceland has the author get in touch with real Icelandic people, get up close and personal with interviews and delve into the Icelandic character which leads you to get to know their way of being and seeing the world much better.

One thing I really liked about the book is that comments on all the peculiarities and advances that Iceland has had in the last 10 years and how has it happened from being the poorest country in Europe to being one of the most prosperous and advanced.

  • the secret island

Here we meet a writer who is looking for a place of retirement in Iceland where he can write quietly and it is where we find small stories of the day of this writer commenting on some curiosities that he experiences during his stay in the country and also tells what surprises him the most about the island.

Iceland is not an easy country, but if you do your part, one day you will be able to understand all its charm.

Fragment Book The Secret Island

It is a book that is made quite entertaining since it tells things in a very simple way and besides that, he lives them in his own flesh. Let's say It is quite similar to a travelogue.

  • Lonely Planet Guide Iceland

And if you want to visit Iceland There is nothing better in this world than buying a complete guide to the country. For me there are no better than those of Lonely Planet.

The guides of Lonely Planet are complete, entertaining, the content is usually organized by localities, provinces or states and this makes it a lot easier to organize your journey dedicating yourself to reading only the part that interests you.

🗺️ Complete guide for your trip to Iceland.

Books about Iceland

Also at the end of the book you have some curiosities about Iceland and very important data that you have to know. Data as important as the peculiarities when driving in Iceland, important numbers such as the contact and addresses of embassies and applications that you should use in the country.

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth. Julio Verne

Who would have thought that I would visit the country of one of the books I have read the most as a child.

What a beautiful journey you are about to undertake! Such unexpected words managed to startle me. 

Journey to the Center of the Earth. Julio Verne

In the journey to the center of the earth Jules Verne begins the adventure in one of the most spectacular peninsulas of Iceland, Snaelfelsness. Throughout the book, the author is continually inspired by Iceland and reproduces for us a singular, magical and wild place. It had to be Iceland!

So if you like reading and want to remember one of the Jules Verne's most famous books that is a very entertaining idea you can even take to read on the plane.

You cannot miss some of these books before your trip to Iceland. It is magical to read and imagine that island so far away, wild and unpredictable.

many things will surprise you of this peculiar country, some may scare you or they will give you a lot of respect and others will seem so exciting that you will want to start your journey immediately to the island of fire and ice

If they are books about Iceland, the most peculiar and impressive country in the world.

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