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Books that inspire you to travel alone

The books, we understood for lovers of reading, like an appointment with the person who writes, it's a kind of conversation between strangers, where one of the parties counts and the other interprets.

Through the reading a very special connection between Who writes and who reads? And it is for this reason that I write this post about books that inspire to travel, in this case alone, because perhaps that connection with Some of the authors take you for a drink the decision or the boost you need to experience solo travel.

Books that inspire you to travel

Travel stories are delicacies that help us savor a country from the point of view of the storyteller, which is why reading travel books is always an interesting trip.

If you have thought or would like to take a solo trip here are some books that will inspire you to take the suitcase, the camera and go out to explore the world on your own.

Women who travel alone José Ovejero

A series of stories where you can delve into the fears, anxieties and joys of women who travel aloneOh how each one of them interprets the trip.

It is a short book with several stories. To begin with, it may be a good option since reading becomes very enjoyable and constantly changes.

Books that inspire you to travel alone

In these stories we will not only find women traveling alone, but we will also have groups of travelers with very different reasons. However, the essence of the book is to read the stories of those brave women who dared and said; - Well, I'm leaving, and alone -.

Free and Powerful. Your best manual for traveling alone. Meritxell Bonet

If you have never experienced a solo journey and are about to do so, this book is for you. A manual with useful tricks that will help you in many cases, in addition to tips for organizing your suitcase and not being excessive.

A point very interesting of the book is the section –Traveling without knowing the language- where he gives you advice to make communication much easier. Personally I think that language is a barrier that many of us face before starting a trip, in other cases an excuse not to do it.

However, with all the tools that we have in the West, this topic is a matter of interest and desire.

Eat Pray Love. elizabeth gilbert

The book par excellence travel, self-love, radical change, seeking inner peace, forgiving, sadness, joy, but above all love for life in all its forms.

You will love this gem and I am sure you will an impulse to change certain aspects of your life.

In the book, Elizabeth Gilbert tells her story, without mincing words and with chilling sincerity, talking about the divorce and how that moment in her life pushed her to travel alone, to getting to know each other better and wandering through different cultures looking for their own identity.

A manual - diary about life, travel and experiences that will fill you with the desire to go outside and experience all the sensations of this book.

NOTE: I recommend the movie 🍿 Starring Julia Roberts and Javier Barden.

Suppose I am traveling alone. Elena Palau

A precious book about fears and insecurities in all its facets, a book about the doubts that torment us all and meanwhile, Elena with her camera capturing moments.

Photographer and traveler, Elena tells us about her experience and her reflections. Sharing with her through her images and thoughts will make us connect with the essence of a solo trip that, even if you don't look for it, consists of: getting to know yourself.

Read, Travel, Be Alive. Pepa Calero

If I had to give a book to someone who likes reading and traveling, I would choose this one over any other.

In this book that is half story, half poetry the author teaches us how The love of reading can lead you to discover the most beautiful settings, to experience life from another angle, to live the journey through characters and to search in each country for a piece of that story that you once read in a book.

With a bit of fear, excitement and books in her suitcase, Pepa Calero begins her solo trip through Europe in search of literary references, streets where you can tire your anxious feet and cafes where you can rest and read while, from time to time, you observe and compare, understanding the essence of Europe and its beautiful cafes.

If you want to read some phrases from the Book I have a post with some notes that I liked about the book. Phrases For Travelers Pepa Calero

So what, do you dare to give these books, yourself and the essence of traveling a chance?

I dedicate this post to you, curious traveller, who is a born adventurer inside or outside: to encourage you to experience the taste of solitude, to encourage you to wander the streets while you reflect, so that it can be you and only you, so that you dedicate that little journey to yourself.

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  1. It must be very pleasant to travel alone and enjoy the company of oneself. ❤️ Greetings from the Dominican Republic. 🇩🇴

    1. Well, the truth is that traveling alone from time to time is very good to rethink our objectives and also to overcome certain fears.

      A huge kiss 😽

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