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Books you must read if you are going to visit Thailand

A country comes to life in your mind when you can understand its people and their circumstances, or at least get up close and try to understand them. That's why I want to recommend these books about Thailand that you may find useful and interesting plus show you the country from multiple sources: the beauty of its landscape, gastronomy, legacies, customs, and of course, itineraries that are useful for organizing your trip and the experiences of other travelers.

Girl in front of a temple in Ayutthaya

When I organize a trip I try to get an idea of ​​what the country is like; its culture, gastronomy and history. I like to listen to the history of nations, both the beautiful ones and the most adverse and difficult to fit in with. That is why In these posts you will find stories of dream trips, invented stories based on real events, Thai customs, both the most modern and well-known as well as the strangest and most curious. Along with a host of cities, towns, markets, natural corners and temples that you will like to visit in Thailand.

Books, stories and travel guides in Thailand

  • What the sea does not take. Daniel Zaragoza

We are located in 2004, in Thailand there is a day on the calendar that will mark a before and after in its history and will be on the front page of all the news. Reason? A tsumami devastates the south of the country and takes dreams and illusions with it. This book is about it and how those moments were lived.

<< Thailand, an exotic country with dream beaches, virgin jungles, wild fauna and hospitable people. At Christmas 2004, it was hit by a devastating tsunami, which turned the largest of paradises into a veritable hell. >> Synopsis

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The novel is inspired by the story that some friends affected by the tsunami told the author. It is written entirely on a six-month trip to Southeast Asia.

  • Thailand: Stories a Thai will never tell. Eli Zubiría

The author It tells the attitude and character of the Thai people from a more personal and profound part.

The closeness of their opinions reproduce us an idea of ​​how people are educated in Thailand, what traditions and customs prevail in their tradition. It is a deeper look into the most intimate of a country, which is familiar to us a priori but which hides a lot of complexity.

  • Thailand in underwear. Luis Garrido Julve

As well mentioned in the synopsis, the author He talks about Thailand's problems without mincing words. It is a close book where delve into culture from a critical and less superficial point of view.

Buddhism, Siamese traditions and history have their place in these pages, as well as culture and modernity. And of course sex, low passions, and addictions. Without forgetting transsexuality. A dozen and a half stories about Thailand narrated with courage, halfway between journalism and opinion. 

Luis Garrido-Julve
  • The Visual Guide to Thailand

A more entertaining and easy to digest guide if what you need are visual references about the country. This guide book has illustrations, 3D maps, some itineraries on foot, explanations of the main monuments and recommendations for eating, hotels, markets and some nightclubs.

Also has important information about transport schedules and visits.

  • Lonely Planet Guides: Thailand

They are our favorite guides par excellence. Although we do not use it to organize the trip itself, it brings us closer and puts us in a situation, as well as giving us an overview of the country. From there we take references, both areas and itineraries, deepening and adapting the trip to our liking. It is a resource that we alternate looking at other books, blogs or travel groups.

It is a good investment if you need a summary of everything you have to see in Thailand and also It is divided into sections so you can read and bookmark only the parts that interest you.

It also has a chapter with phone numbers and important information that you should keep in mind and that it does not hurt to have it on hand during the trip.

Ideas to organize your trip to Thailand

If you are one of those who likes to have everything organized and You usually use notebooks to write down routes, currency exchanges, expenses and schedules. This notebook can be very useful.

  • Travel notebook to write down itineraries and organize your day to day

The ideal would be to have a notebook for each trip where you can recount your thoughts, write down the routes you have taken and paste photos, brochures, tickets or tickets as a souvenir.

If you are one of those who only need a notebook to mark the itinerary, some details and important information with one of these you get for several trips.

It's a great gift for someone planning a trip. either to Thailand or anywhere else. It sure makes you very excited.

Thailand Photos: Our trip to Thailand in photos.

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