Minimally book. The transformative power of the simple.

TITLE: Minimalist. The transformative power of simplicity AUTHOR / A: Adriana Coines GENDER : Personal growth. Lifestyle EDITORIAL: Grijalbo NUMBER OF PAGES: 232 YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2019

Reduce your life to the essentials to fill it with meaning.

Adriana Coines began her transformation by purifying her wardrobe and could not stop: she got rid of everything that was draining her energy and made room for new experiences and people, she changed habits, while cultivating love and respect for herself.

Throughout 16 chapters, he shares everything he has been learning and tells how minimalism changed his life in all areas: He reconsidered his relationships, his profession, time management, his bond with nature, his dependence on networks...

In this book, through practical tips and exercises invites other people to reflect and enjoy a simpler and happier life.

Personal opinion

It's a little hard for me to be objective with this girl. I found out that her minimalist lifestyle existed because of her. Three years ago when I heard the word minimalism applied to the wardrobe and stuff, Adriana was one of the few who spoke about this topic in Spanish.

a super book recommended for those who want to start in the minimalist lifestyle. The book is structured in 16 chapters with different areas of our life.

For those who have read several books on the subject, it may be very basicHowever, we can always learn tricks and habits that we can put into practice.

Very entertaining story where Adri tells us about his personal experience, how it happened from being a shopaholic consumer to landing on minimalism. Seeing the evolution of a real person and at the same time so close, is a shot of energy to know that it is possible.

If you are starting out in the minimalist lifestyle this book is for you..

The 16 chapters are read very quickly and range from the wardrobe (the most superficial part) to mental minimalism and personal relationships.


-Minimalism makes you healthier and happier. You don't even have to do it for the planet, do it for you!

-Nature is a lesson in humility, it is to remember that the universe does not revolve around you.

-Minimalism is meaningless if it makes you feel scarcity.

-Minimalism has taught me to simply want to be happy.

-Truly important memories are not forgotten, and those that are forgotten were not really important.

-You can not miss something that has been forgotten.

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