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The ridiculous idea of ​​letting you go

The other day I was talking to a reader about detachment and she told me that she had suffered a lot to get rid of all the photos of her wedding. I was divorced and very hurt. At first the only memory of her was that; the souvenir of a life full of beautiful moments. Beautiful moments that become sad when you open the photo album.

In short, the happy album ended up in the trash and he was finally able to close that stage of his life. The ridiculous idea of ​​letting go of that phase of her life was difficult. but wonderfully liberating.

How difficult it is to choose what leaves our life when we decide to load the objects with feelings and especially with memories.

That's why letting go is an art, because it's not always easy. It's all practice they say, so let's get started.

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How to let go of memories and objects

It is very difficult for us to get rid of some objects, especially those that we treasure and give it meaning. It is nice to relive some moments from the past, but we must not anchor ourselves to it in a way that prevents us from moving forward.

Within the feelings or moments hidden by those objects we can find the two most extreme, joy and sadness. Antonyms they, they make us feel very deep emotions and sometimes even We think that by staying with that object we will be able to tie those moments forever. Could be.

Our memory works selectively. Choose those things with which you feel comfortable and those necessary to live, the rest are stored in a kind of drawer. Those drawers that we don't frequent so often, but are still there, that's their function. Order the data because if not, we would go crazy. The problem is when we want to open those drawers that continually hurt us, or that somehow tie us to the past..

We have to learn to let go, does not mean that we forget everything we have experienced, but we must dmake room for new moments, new feelings.

The past is important but the present is even more so. Both have different objectives, the difference is that with the first we can no longer do anything, except learn from it and the second is an opportunity, like a blank piece of paper.

We have to leave space for the new, new moments, feelings. The past is important but the present is even more so.

It is important to learn to see things as they are, not to fool ourselves. If a memory makes you happy, do not hesitate to keep it, but do not think that you will only be happy having that object, remember that it is just that, we have endowed it with that feeling. On the other hand, if it hurts you, it is not worth keeping them in our lives. We decide, don't forget.

Sometimes we are afraid of letting go of certain objects, memories, feelings. We think that if we do, part of our life will go with them, that is called attachment. It's okay to be fond of some things, however, it's not healthy to hold on to them too much..

In balance is the key.

When we get rid of something that hurt us at first it is strange, we even feel empty but after a while we realize that it was necessary, that we have lightened the load and therefore we feel freer and masters of ourselves.

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Even if it looks like a lie there are things that weigh even more than physical things; the resentment, the hatred, the sadness of moments that we can no longer remedy. Feelings that weigh too much. Life goes on and if we dedicate ourselves to putting those feelings on top of each other the burden becomes bigger and bigger.

The body warns, always warns. He tells us that we must stop and leave belongings along the way because if we continue like this, apart from going slower, we will arrive (if we arrive) more tired, more jaded and bitter with life, and no one deserves that.
Hate and resentment are useless, more than to destroy usIt's like holding a hot piece of coal. Exactly the same. In the end, the only one who suffers from it is you, your head and your body, that is, your entire inner world.
Do not doubt take each element of that load, analyze it and if it does not cause you any good, remove it from you, if you ever need them again you can always come back, but people never come back, because life is long and the suitcase is small for those things.

Life is long and the suitcase is small.

This is quite a delicate subject. It is very easy to leave objects without further ado, but quite difficult to choose those to which we attribute so many emotions. That is why I wanted to write this blog so that it makes us all think, rather than giving you tips to do this or that, we have to get involved and find our way of doing things. Our way of dealing with things, feelings or situations whose affection only binds us.
Once this is done, all that remains is move on, freer and more aware of what enters and leaves our lives. It's like we wipe our hard drive, we know that there are important things and they will stay, but all those that do not contribute anything will go away forever.

Do not forget to take the opinions and analyze them. Do not take anything the first time, you know that you are different and therefore you need different solutions. Learn to find your own path.

And for you, what is letting go?…. If you want, leave it in the comments or if not, write it in a note where you can read it from time to time, or both.

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