The importance of analyzing our goals

Usually The lists what do we do with our new year resolutions they stay at that, in simple lists we don't look at again. Today we are going to talk about analyze goals, resume projects and take lessons learned and even redirect the path if necessary. These are very important actions to move forward and see where we started from and where we are going.

-A lot of Things we wanted to do but knew we weren't going to do. It has happened to all of us and it will continue to happen until we clear our minds and focus on what really adds value to us.

Having goals for the new year is very nice, but fulfill them it's even better, much more rewarding and comforting. So why not get in the habit of looking at our goals at the end of the year?

If last year I have proposed to start reading more, How will I know that I have fulfilled it? Necessary take stock of the year. Just as all companies do their accounts at the end of the year, we must evaluate our life and when I say -life- I mean any area of ​​it; personal, professional and spiritual.

That's what this post is about, forgetting for a while what I want to do this year to start with, what have I done last year? In this manner greatly improve, and adjust, which I hope to achieve next year.

Although we shouldn't focus on the past necessary (very necessary) learn from him.

->At the end of the post you have a downloadable template what can you use to write your achievements and learning this year.

What have I learned this year?

Every day we learn new things. Let's take note of what we have learned and be aware of those acquired skills.

The question: What have I learned this year? It is a way of seeing that no year is a complete waste. We always learn something, even if you don't see it so clearly right now.

Perhaps you have not achieved any of the proposed goals the previous year, however, you have learned enough to know how to correct your objectives in time.

Many times we make plans and later realize that we are not the same person who made those plans.

I remember that when I finished my studies my greatest desire was to work for a company related to my knowledge. Today, my biggest wish has nothing to do with that. It is curious that a person can change so much in such a short time. That change of heart has a name: Focus.

This year I have learned that I do not need to work on what I have studied to be happy and feel fulfilled. In fact, feeling fulfilled professionally has nothing to do with my work. My personal and professional fulfillment depends on me, my knowledge and above all, my desire to continue learning.

Goals achieved

The best part is when we write all those goals that we have met, even if they were not on our initial list.

It is important congratulate us on those goals we have achieved, even if they are very small and seem insignificant.

One of my goals accomplished this year has been to read an entire investment book. Reading a book a goal? Well yes, it was important for me to invest in that part of my financial education that I had so forgotten. I have achieved it and not only have I learned a lot but I have put it into practice.

You also have many goals that you have achieved, but you see so little that you do not dare to be proud of them. As the phrase says:

"You have to applaud yourself, because there are sacrifices that many do not understand."

Objectives that have arisen

I think some crazy years like 2020 has served as lesson to learn not to plan life so much.

Suddenly you have a list of objectives with their specific tasks, tools, defined methods, and a pandemic comes and upsets all your plans.

During this year I have learned to set goals as I go. The situation called for it and my mental health needed to focus on something. In the midst of so much worry and so much pain, our mind does not stop working to get us out of where we are.

One of the most peculiar consequences of crises is their ability to generate movement. 

Annual summary and things to improve

Make our own annual summary. A summary sincere and realistic that allows us to draw conclusions and learn from them.

Look at your list and try analyze everything that has worked and what has not. Leave in writing the points to improve and the tasks to be carried out to fulfill them.

Some areas of your life that you should analyze:

  1. Health wellness
  2. Personal relationships: partner, children, family…
  3. Work
  4. Finance
  5. personal development
  6. fun and leisure

New Year's resolutions

Once this is done and knowing where you start from, you will find yourself the task that everyone does not like the most. Resolutions of the new year.

I don't like the phrase "New Year New Life" Apart from the fact that it is not realistic, it does not take into account the premise that we must carry with certain habits and decisions of the previous year.

This year 2020 must be a springboard that takes us from where we are to become better. Wiser and more focused on what is truly important.

Try to make your purposes:

  • You realists
  • Measurable
  • give you value
  • and let there be some way to answer the question: Have I achieved my goal? For this, you can help habit record or habit tracker, what can you do in a sheet of a notebook or download some internet templateIn this way, you will be able to see at a single glance, if you are achieving your goals.

Wear a habit tracker not only serves for remember things or to motivate: also gives many clues about our customs.

This is my personal opinion. Like I always say: Listen to others, however, do not let anyone decide for you. Make your own decisions.

Thank you very much for reading my occurrences. A very big hug!

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  1. What a good post! I usually make lists for everything, even for what I want to do next year, the first thing: bring the number of books read!

    1. Hi Nani.
      I've been doing like you for a long time, I help myself with lists because that way I can see how the year has gone. Before it was more of a disaster and I just set goals and didn't know if I would meet them or not.

      A big hug!!

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