The most beautiful cafeteria in Barcelona for breakfast

if you are the same sweet tooth than me but Also, you like charming places. those places that make you feel like you are in a fairy tale, wellthis post is for you. The most beautiful cafeteria in Barcelona, place that you can not miss if you visit the city.

My name is Anny and I have been living in Barcelona for 3 years. I think that Barcelona is one of the most charming cities since it has so much variety that it is very difficult for you not to fit in.

Pretty Cafes in Barcelona

In my free time I visit the city a bit aimlessly and that's when the magic happens: fairy tale cafes, old bookstores with Harry Potter airs and alleys full of plants... Places that you would not find if it is not by losing yourself and letting yourself go.

If you visit the city, a good option is wander the streets in search of unique corners, I assure you that you will find true treasures.

In this post I will take you through one of my recent discoveries in the Eixample neighborhood. It is a flower-filled cafeteria where you can eat the richest and healthiest dishes in all of Barcelona.

The best: with very affordable prices and a nice atmosphere a bit far from the center.

I'm talking about the Cafeteria Eixampeling Brunch Café & Bar.

A small cafe where you can have a quiet breakfast with excellent service and delicious food.

NOTE: : Options for vegetarians.

How to get to Eixample Brunch Café & Bar

From Plaza Cataluña you have a distance of 1.2 km roughly so go Strolling not a bad idea either.

Si Conversely Do you prefer to go by subway? you only have to take the L1 towards Hospital de Bellvitge until La Parada Urgell. Once there You will only have to walk a few meters and that's it. To eat and freak out.

Exact address: Carrer de la Diputació, 158, 08015 Barcelona.

I hope you like the place. Take the opportunity to explore the area which has very cool bars and shops.

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A hug and see you soon!

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