5-day southern Iceland itinerary

Here begins the 5 day itinerary through Iceland. A small road map from which to make the modifications that you see necessary to make this trip as much yours as possible.

You will visit a crater most curious, you will walk the fault that separates Eurasia from America, you'll see the most impressive waterfalls, along with others more humble but equally beautiful.

A great alternative for those who don't have much time and want to get to know the best of Iceland without much stress. It is a route that It is made to make the most of the journeys, putting them together in such a way that you can visit as much as possible each day.

5-day route through the south of Iceland. The most beautiful waterfalls and the heart of the earth.

Day 1: Kerid and South Iceland Waterfalls


A lake in the crater of a volcano? Correct. Its outstanding bluish color makes it look like an eye from above. From the top of the crater the views are amazing. It is worth doing the entire route and going down to the lake. Once down you can walk the shore of the lake. Do not forget to take the mythical photo on the bench that is just down.

It stands out in everything the landscape the color contrasts. The reddish earth, the green and the yellow together with the blue, or green color, depends on the day.

The entrance costs about 400 ISK and parking is free.

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  • urriðafoss

It's not a very crowded waterfall and you probably won't find it in many travel guides. This place is the most picturesque and worth making a small detour to get to know it, It even has a small picnic area.

The tranquility that the place transmits is appreciated.

  • Ægissíðufoss

The colors of this waterfall are incredible and the flat landscape makes everything have its due role. It is a wide and very mighty waterfall.

Here is a photo so you can see what I'm talking about.

5-day Iceland itinerary | Ægissíðufoss

The most beautiful waterfalls in the south

Let's start by mentioning some smaller cascades along with large waterfalls and waterfalls. These are unique corners of Iceland. The waterfalls with several meters of altitude stand out where the mountain suddenly gives way to one, or several, waterfalls.

Many of these waterfalls can be seen a long way from the road. What's more, some of us discover them this way.

  • Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrafoss

The first one sounds safe to you and the second one will surprise you.

Seljalandsfoss is a one of the most mythical waterfalls in Iceland. From there we approach all the beauty that this country can boast of.

With several meters of altitude and a cave that allows to observe it from behind, It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. The landscape in the area is a delight.

South Iceland waterfalls | Seljalandsfoss–Gljufrafoss

It can be seen from the road and is accompanied by other smaller waterfalls.

Later, looking between the cracks you will discover Gljufrafoss. It is a somewhat slippery waterfall that It is inside a cave. To see it completely you will have to get wet and go through the narrow entrance.

Some chillers, like the one who writes, preferred to stay playing with the stones and avoid getting soaked.

Smaller waterfalls:

Ideal for eating tranquil and do a little break.

  • Drífandi
  • Íráfoss

We continue walking until we reach another well-known waterfall in Iceland.

  • Skógafoss. If you want to continue walking you have other smaller waterfalls:
    • hestavaðsfoss
    • fosstorfufoss
    • steinbogafoss

Skógafoss. Our favorite waterfall in Iceland, of which we keep a great memory. The waterfall itself is spectacular. Going up some stairs you can see it from above and if you keep walking you can travel several kilometers next to the river while enjoying the scenery.

Itinerary 5 days in Iceland | skogafoss

Day 2 and 3: Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. The black beaches of Vik and Myrdal.

First day. we leave from Vik and Myrdal

  • Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

Although it is a big detour ahead, approximately 2 hours to go and return, it is a place that we recommend you visit. It's about a canyon about 2 million years old.

It is a small but very beautiful route throughout the upper part of the canyon from where You will be able to see the river from different angles.


On the way back you can take the opportunity to visit these two sites:

  • uxafotafoss
  • Vik i Myrdal Church

Second day we are shortening the way to Selfoss.

  • Dyrholaey

A small peninsula where you can visit a lighthouse and spot an arch-shaped rock. It is a very popular place from which to have a panoramic view of the coast. The black sand beaches contrast with the white of the waves they give us an almost perfect image.

Black Beach South Iceland

In the mating and nesting season it is a perfect place to observe the famous puffins.

  • Reynisfjara Beach

Surely you have seen countless photos of this place. A black beach with several rocks on the shore and a mountain of basaltic columns in the background. It is Reynisfjara beach, one of the most famous black sand beaches in Iceland.

As well one of the most beautiful.

waves crashing on a black sand beach
5-day Iceland itinerary | Jo Kasis | Reynisfjara Beach
  • Black Sand Beach Vik

In case you haven't had time to visit the previous beach or you wanted more, you can visit vik and myrdal beach. It is a long black sand beach where the landscape is just as beautiful and impressive than on Reynisfjara beach.

We return towards Reykjavik or as close as possible to the next point of travel. I recommend sleep in Selfoss. It is a large town where you can take the opportunity to buy food and rest a bit.

Day 4: golden circle

We have already covered a good part of the south of the island, we have to retrace our steps to discover the Golden Circle.

  • Þingvellir National Park

We start the day in Thingvellir National Park. It will take you a few hours to visit the main points of the park. It is a tour that is very enjoyable.

Ideal to do with children, also in this park you will discover a bit of everything, from a path between rocky cracks and mountains, a waterfall, a church and the tectonic plate from where you can dive or snorkel.

This curious sign caught our attention.

What you will see in Þingvellir National Park:

  • Þingvellir Viewpoint (Lookout)
  • Oxarárfoss (Waterfall)
  • Þingvallakirkja (Þingvellir Church)
  • silfra Snorkelling Pond. In case you want to snorkel, crevice dive or just watch

Going through the different points of this park can take you all morning. Take advantage of the day and get up as early as possible.

  • Strokkur and the famous Geysir

Let's start with the main character. the Geysir. It is oldest known geyser. The pity is that he is peacefully asleep. It is said that when it "explodes" it can reach 80 meters.

Next to him is Strokkur. Surrounded by people with phones, including us, all waiting for the young man to show us his strength and precision with a rash. In fact, you can see the eruptions from the road. Eruptions usually occur every 6-7 minutes and can reach several meters in height.

Be attentive because each eruption has a different intensity. Normally after a big explosion comes two small ones.

It's really impressive and after making the obligatory video we were delighted to stay for a while to witness several explosions.

The area itself is ideal for walking and seeing small fumaroles. The smell of sulfur is also part of the experience.

  • Gullfoss

Here you have it the largest waterfall in Iceland.

I recommend you take a raincoat because you are not going to get rid of end up wet

It is impressive to see all its strength, hear the noise and go all the way around the area to observe it from different angles.

You can see it from afar or do the small path until you reach an esplanade to enjoy it up close and by the way let his fury splash us a little.

We wring out a little clothes and we go straight to the capital. 1 hour journey.

Day 5: Reykjavik

We return to the capital to say goodbye to the country and rest a bit. Here the plan is to stroll through the city without haste, buy souvenirs and have coffee or a few beers.

The main attractions of the city:

  • Hallgrímskirkja (Church in the shape of a Volcano)
  • Rainbow Street Regnbogagatan
  • icelandic phallus (Museum of penises)
  • Harp (Auditorium and conference center) There are also shops with products from the area.
  • Sun Traveler Sculpture

Street food in:

  • Baejarins Beztu Pylsur

Iconic hot dog stand where Bill Clintton claimed that they were the tastiest hot dogs in the world.

I don't know how many hot dogs this man has eaten in his life but they definitely aren't the best. They are good and the price is reasonable if you want to save some money, Other than that it's a normal position.

It's good to be funny and take the mythical photo imitating the president.

If you see there is a long queue and you don't want to wait, I recommend another position.

  • Viking Pylsur

They make more elaborate hot dogs, they look delicious. The post is located very close to the Reykjavik church. The prices are the same but with more variety.

The time has come to say goodbye. Iceland is the wildest and most unpredictable country we have visited, but without any doubt, It is the most impressive and impressive that we have traveled.

Iceland is a country to grow as a traveler and be more flexible. Some lessons will surely help you apply to your life and other trips. Iceland is not docile at all, so either you adapt to it and its circumstances or you have a hard time. Is an island that changes every few kilometers, take advantage of these changes to appreciate the different and how much nature has to offer us.

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