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6 Simple ideas to create a minimalist atmosphere at home

Let's start with the key question to know if this post is what you are looking for: Why do you want to have a house with less things?

  • You feel overwhelmed when you are at home.
  • You don't find anything.
  • You are unable to concentrate while working at home.

Well, if we have a house full of junk, it is normal to feel all these discomforts. The good thing is that with some painless trick we can create a healthier and more habitable home.

Being a homebody by nature, my home is a sacred space that I seek decorate carefully so as not to overload the spaces. In this post I tell you any of the things I do to get it.

  1. Decorate with plants

plants give peace of mind, they clean the air and give you oxygen. They are all advantages.

Try to replace as much as possible those excessive decorative elements that you neither like nor are useful for natural elements that give life to your space.

At home to decorate I use indoor plants and dried flowers that I put in glass jars or bottles they look pretty to me.

  1. Get rid of everything you don't use. Ha!

How easy it is to say this, then doing it is much more complex.

How do I identify what is not necessary? First ask yourself if you like it, then if it is useful and finally how much use have you given it in the last month.

And you do this process with everything in between in your house. The more space you free up, the easier it will be to clean and organize it every day.

  1. It tolerates empty spaces.

It's super important knowing how to adapt the space we have to the life we ​​lead. As a general rule people tend to fill the available space, whatever the dimension.

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We must take the custom of, for the sake of our visual peace, tolerate that there are holes at home.

Empty spaces at home are necessary so as not to overload our brain.

  1. Check your belongings from time to time.

Having the habit of reviewing what we have helps us to more easily discard everything we don't use. If you take this as a habit, it will be very easy for you to free up space at home and have a house that is much more organized and clean of junk.

You can put this task on the calendar from time to time so you don't forget to do it. This way you can go decreasing the amount of things you have or replacing them with better ones.

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For example: I currently live in a small apartment so I have no choice but to adapt all my belongings very well to that space. To do this, I try to make each space useful and at the same time have as much free space as possible... Mission impossible? The key is to check everything that comes into the house.

  1. Clear some surfaces.

If you live in a big city you know how hard it is to keep things dust free. This point is so that as far as possible do not leave many objects on some surfaces. E.g. Make sure that the smallest things are organized in a box or drawer in order to avoid the accumulation of dust on those objects. So everything will look cleaner and more orderly.

  1. Decorate smartly.

Use all possible resources to have your beautiful house. If you see that there is something you can do yourself, do it. Use elements that are useful for decorating: for example, liquor bottles or the typical cool book that we all have physically.

I have several physical books that I use for this purpose. One of them is Jayne Ayre.

Other Useful Tools

Use Pinterest to get ideas and adapt to your available resources. Here is a board with some simple and beautiful ideas that you can put into practice.

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