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15 ideas to practice the Hygge philosophy

A few years ago I read a book that promised to reveal the secret of happiness. The book is Meik Wiking's Hygge: Find out why the Danes are the happiest in the world and how you can be too. In it it is about the Hygge philosophy and how it can help us to enjoy some moments of everyday life.

I admit that I read the book with a bit of suspicion, since the cover and its phrases seemed too commercial and marketing to me. Surprise!

I loved reading. Although he didn't say anything about the other world, his vision of life and the explanation of the Hygge philosophy was something that was very consistent with my way of being. Besides everything that is discussed in the book is very easy to achieve.

For the car, what the heck is hygge? Now I'll explain it to you a little in my own way (how scary).

Put the hygge philosopher into practice. The happiness of small moments

Fun is a danish word with lots of translations. None of them are literal. Basically hygge means or is interpreted as pleasure to enjoy the little moments.

Our Danish friends have taken this word and made it famous. Hygge is a lifestyle that focuses on the small moments of our day to day. And in those small pleasures that go unnoticed.

ideas for a simple life

Come on, you don't have to go to the Maldives to be happy. Goodness.

You like the smell of freshly wet earth, you feel in heaven while you are in bed reading a book or preparing your favorite recipe. Well that is exactly the Hygge.

Hygge teaches us to pamper ourselves, take care of the details with love and surround yourself with beautiful and quality things.

Put hygge into practice

It sounds a bit strange to tell you to try to enjoy while ironing but, we can incorporate small changes in our tasks to make them more appealing.

Other activities, those which yes our like we can include them more often in our routine. It is these tasks with which we will put hygge into practice. An example is cooking. Cook for yourself, your family, friends, partner, etc.

Hygge brings with it some elements of Danish culture that would be interesting if you took them into account.

*These elements are perfectly adaptable to your needs. Use them as a reference not as a rule.

  • Hot drinks
  • Dim light
  • Comfortable clothes
  • blankets, cushions
  • A book, a movie,….
  • Clean and uncluttered spaces
  • Natural elements such as natural plants and flowers

Now for the funniest part: hygge activities.

15 Ideas to practice the hygge philosophy

Have a picnic

How about organizing a picnic day with your friends?


Get a basket full of appetizers and snacks, fresh fruits and drinks. Don't forget to bring a comfortable blanket to sit and relax while you chat and enjoy nature.

eat on the terrace

Many times we do not use the terrace out of laziness, but the reality is that, If we accommodate this space in a beautiful and cozy way, it can become our favorite corner.

go camping

One of the best ways to travel with family or friends is to go camping. It's fun and at certain times of the year very economical.

Movie marathon... romantic, cartoon, based on books, Christmas.

There is nothing better than seeing a complete saga of our favorite movie. With a bowl full of popcorn and dim lighting, magic is guaranteed.

Chocolate with churros at home

There is nothing better than good homemade chocolate. If you accompany it with churros or your favorite sweet, it is already perfect. 

sofa, blanket and book

Ideal for a rainy day or a winter day where you don't feel like leaving home. It's time to dust off some reading or get a good electronic book.

Spend time in nature. Routes

Short routes or any hiking route is a great way to clear your mind and enjoy nature while doing sports.

Here we are from the club to go hiking on Sundays, we usually opt for Los Caminos de Ronda on the Costa Brava or go to visit a town.

All the info about him Camino de Ronda in the next button. You have available guides, itineraries, photos, beaches and own experiences doing the different paths.

Let's be anti-tech for a day.

Would you like to do a Détox or digital cleaning? It's a great idea for focus on offline activities and create unique moments without technology involved. Also, those moments without internet access we are more present and we achieve greater concentration to do other things like painting or writing.

Very interesting: digital minimalism y Leave Social Media Experience

Incorporate writing into your life

It's been a while since I've been reading the book El Camino del Artista. In the book, the author proposes you to make the so-called morning pages. About three pages as a diary to talk about anything, bring to light deep-rooted blockages and customs in order to work on them.

Writing is a way of let off steam and find clarity in our ideas. Put it into practice and if you like you can make a cool diary, stick photos on them, even make diagrams and drawings. 

Make your home a cozy place. order your space

Try to keep your house as tidy as possible and create a cozy atmosphere.

Decorate your house with plants and flowers

woman buying flowers on city street

If you like plants and flowers, a good idea is to go to the market or the field and pick some flowers. Decorate the house with them to create an intimate and different environment.

Activities with your children: routes, games,...

Do activities with the little ones in the house; Organize games at home for a day of family activities.

Music tames beasts. relaxing music of your choice

To dance!

people dancing in front of a smartphone

Practice il dolce far niente. The art of doing nothing.

Many times the best therapy for the body and the soul is to do nothing.

Book a day without plans and relax to see what comes up.

As you can see, putting the hygge philosophy into practice is very simple.

Books About Hygge

  • The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish philosophy of well-being Andrea Valdés García
  • Hygge. happiness in the little things: Find out why the Danes are the happiest in the world and how you can be too.

Can you think of any other activity? Leave it in the comments and get to work with the hygge.

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