Hygge: the secret of Danish happiness

Imagine a rainy day. Are you at home reading a book while you hear the sound of rain.You are in the living room and by your side the hot chocolate wait for you. You feel lucky and happy to enjoy those moments of calm. This is Uan example of Fun: the secret of Danish happiness.

Other examples are: the smell of a new book, the feeling of staying in a warm bed or the sound of the sea.

What exactly is hygge?

Our Danish neighbors They claim to be one of the cultures happiest in the world. Despite their climate and their location in the world, the Danes they take life in an optimistic way and with a different approach, to the point that they have invented their own philosophy of life.

The hygge concept does not have a literal translation. Its meaning could be summed up in the pleasure of enjoying the little things of the day.

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the hygge philosophy It is a lifestyle that promises happiness in the little things of everyday life.. other meaningRelated s can be: “to think and feel with satisfaction” or also “something cozy”.

*Choose the meaning you like best.

Really Hygge (Pronounced hu-ga) is a danish and norwegian word whose meaning (also) covers concepts of moods related to well-being: íintimate, cosy, pleasant, etc.

Summarizing, hygge is the Spanish "like God"!

The happiness of a simple life

In this blog we are fans of simplicity. Living life in a simple way based on the little moments: watch your children grow, prepare dinner with your partner or read your favorite book over and over again.

Really the little things are what feed the spirit, unlike what the consumer society sells us.

Furthermore, after all that we have and are experiencing with covid 19, enjoying the small activities of the day has become essential so as not to go crazy and distract our mind. Or am I the only one who feels good just being able to go out into the field and breathe fresh air? What not!

*Something good we had to get out of all this madness...

Enjoy life without waiting for great victories and events to occur. One day you will realize that you have lived a happy life thanks to knowing how to value what is truly important.

If you don't know how to enjoy the small moments, it makes you think that you are going to enjoy the big events.

The Hygge philosophy, perhaps you have never consciously put it into practice or you did not know that these sensations or practices have a name. Now you know what hygge is and how it can change your way of seeing life.

Steps to incorporate Hygge into your day to day

  • find your moment

In the famous book Hygge by Meik Wiking, the author proposes find our moment of the day where we can be calm, without interruptions.

Find your time of day to do things that you like and at the same time relax you. These activities you can complement with some hot drink.

*Remember to turn off notifications.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Wear loose clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Hygge puts a lot of emphasis on the satisfaction of feeling comfortable and how this makes it easier for us to enjoy what we do at that moment. Live it more intensely.

Use loose garments and if you like you can go barefoot at home. Contact with the ground is a very beneficial habit for our health.

  • Enjoy everyday activities

There are certain tasks from which we cannot escape.

Choose incorporate some changes into your routines, that they make of your chores more fun. It will help you do things with more enthusiasm.

An example is the kitchen. I usually use pretty plates and (cloth) napkins, I am very excited to see the table well organized and pretty.

  • watch and feel life

Around us there are magical moments. Every minute, every second. Observe your surroundings without distractions and contemplate all the good things that you have around you.

The smile of a child as he goes hand in hand with his mother, a couple or grandparents sitting on a bench, as if life were not with them.

Many days I go for a walk through my city and I try to do this: observe and nothing more. He left his mobile phone at home and I start taking walks, just like that.

Life is full of magic. Watch and you will see that soon the show begins.

  • On rainy days your best allies

Stop hating rainy or cold days and start enjoying them.

There are a lot of things we can do on those days:

  • Photo session with the kids
  • sofa and book
  • blanket and film
  • Family cooking
  • Board games
  • Crafts

Books About Hygge

  • Hygge. happiness in the little things: Find out why the Danes are the happiest in the world and how you can be too.
  • The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish philosophy of well-being Andrea Valdés García

I hope you liked the post. If you did not know this Danish philosophy, I suggest that you put it into practice, now consciously.

𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚜 𝚙𝚘𝚛 𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚛 ♡ 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞

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  1. Hello. How are you? I just discovered your blog thanks to the Couch Minimalista podcast and I found it interesting.

    My hygge moment is when I travel to my hometown, I have a hard time sleeping on the trip, so I like to look out the bus window towards the horizon. The countryside landscape calms me down, and nothing beats traveling at night and in the rain!
    I can't read or use my cell phone because I feel dizzy, so I focus more on the music I'm listening to and I usually enjoy it more.

    1. Hi Nico! So you are one of mine because I also love car journeys, I feel a peace when I see nature. It's the beauty of life: enjoying the little moments in life.

      A huge kiss and see you around here. 😉 A pleasure!

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