Habits to apply digital minimalism to your life

There are many ways to apply digital minimalism to your daily life. and it is important that you try one of them and resist that anxiety caused by being without a mobile phone.

Learn to use the tools that technology offers us it is key to our mental health and the way we relate to others.

What is digital minimalism

Before I start I want to summarize what digital minimalism is. I also have a post introduction to digital minimalism in case you want to read it and understand it a little better.

digital minimalism it is a movement that aims to use technology as a tool. Using these tools correctly are key to avoiding dependencies. With the goal of using technology in a conscious way, for specific objectives.

Habits to apply minimalism to your day to day

  • small steps

At first it can be difficult to be without your mobile for a whole day. We are too used to being with us all day, everywhere. That's why it's better little by little.

I encourage you to Turn off your mobile for a few hours, leave it at home or activate airplane mode. At first it can be difficult to resist and surely you will miss watching it every minute. You must endure.

Try doing this exercise a few times a day until you feel like you can go a little further.

  • Look for alternative hobbies

Find an activity that you like and that does not require mobile technology. A good example is reading or anything that has to do with creativity (related to something physical, such as DIY or sewing).

Distract your mind a few hours a day and use that hobby to avoid dependency on this little device that is so small and powerful at the same time.

At this point you may forget about him for a long time without realizing it. You will be moving towards a more conscious use of technology in general.

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This exercise apart from distracting you makes your concentration increase. You learn more and enjoy twice as much. You will see.

  • Learn to control anxiety

Try not to look at your phone the first time a notification sounds. People can wait and so can we. continue with what you are doing, talk to people, finish that task you had pending, read the entire chapter, but don't look at your phone.

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A practical exercise that will make you realize your level of dependency and at the same time it will help to stop it before it becomes a problem.

  • Nature your best ally

When I feel saturated I go to go for a walk through the park or a nearby forest. do the same and Try not to take your mobile phone with you, or if you do, activate airplane mode.

Disconnect from the networks to connect with yourself.

  • Digital Detox

Choose one day a week to use the mobile the minimum or not at all. Disconnect social networks, email and everything that is not essential.

This detox can last as many days as you want and target specific applications. For example: a week without instagram.

If you feel like it Write down in a notebook how you feel as the days go by. At first it is strange but in a few days you will feel freer, with more time and in a better mood.

  • Don't use your mobile phone at night

It is shown that the use of screens at night can interrupt the natural cycle of our sleep. The lights cause our brain to get confused and thus cause lack of sleep or trouble sleeping.

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Try turn off wifi and data at least 1 hour before going to bed. If you get bored or don't know what to do, you can read (physical book if possible).

If you gradually integrate these habits into your daily routine, you will notice the effect of using technology more consciously and for specific things.

Recommended books on digital minimalism.

  • The smartphone effect. Connect with meaning. Manuel Armayones Ruiz.
  • Digital minimalism. Cal Newport.

MThank you very much for reading my posts. A hug full of love and gratitude. See you at the next one!

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