Phrases to encourage you to travel alone. Pepa Calero travel report

Pepa Calero one day decides to tell her family that she is going on a trip to Europe. So, without more... Plan your solo trip through the cities of the literary characters of his dreams. She is a dreamy woman, reader in her free time and especially Pepa Calero is a real woman and her journey through the old continent is also real. This is a repertoire of phrases to encourage you to travel alone by the hand of an adventurer which tells us in the most enjoyable way how he undertook his solo journey through Europe.

In this book tells the experience of traveling and exploring the European Continent on its own and without ties with its cathedrals and, of course, its cafes.

I liked this book because I couldn't help but feel a little identified. I had a lot of fun reading it because it's a passionate about reading and her desire to visit those literary places they carried her, many times, to deviate from the typical tourist guides.

It is a book that every woman who wants to travel, alone or accompanied, should read.

Phrases to encourage you to travel alone. travel narrative

I will not review this book but will limit myself to rewrite some of your sentences.

  • The dictionary of war has been made by diplomats, the military and the rulers. It should be corrected by those who return from the trenches, widows, orphans, doctors and poets.
  • Peace; a beautiful word, endless and as sought after as sunlight.
  • Fear accompanied me. He was a prudent companion, uncomfortable to which he hardly paid attention.
  • It is surprising to contemplate from the sky an emerald landscape with bicycles and large avenues. A colorful and vital fan in a city that I thought was gray and dark. The author about Berlin
  • There are men that fight one day and are good. There are others that fight for a year and are better. Some fight for many years and are very good. But there are those who fight all their lives, those are the essentials. bertolt brecht
  • The end of one trip is only the beginning of another. You have to see what has not been seen, see again what has already been seen, see in spring what had been seen in summer, see by day what was seen at night, with the sun what was seen before under the rain, see the verdant sowing, the ripe fruit, the stone that has changed its place, the shadow that was not here. You have to return to the steps already taken, to repeat them and to trace new paths at your side. You have to start traveling again. Always. The traveler returns to the road. Trip to Portugal. Saramago
  • Stop time in a cafe with a notebook and a pen. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • What amazes me about the books I like is that they open doors for me, that they show me corners that I didn't know about myself or that I was afraid to explore. And it is very good to be able to open one's own doors. Antonio Lobo Antunes
  • The truth is to live intensely, the small small, like a child lives his real sandcastle. – Celia Vinas
  • My little refuge, my intellectual and emotional joy: books.
  • They set me free. My passion for literature led me to order the messy, understand life, intelligible, indecipherable, unpredictable. Understand the world and come to love it. Quite a challenge from which I never emerge unscathed.
  • How many times has reading a book been the crossroads that has changed the course of a person's life! Henry David Thoreau
  • He was free, even if that freedom took effort; be on constant alert, organize and disorganize on the fly, make mistakes. All a risk that was worth it.
  • European culture with its reflective, leisurely character is inconceivable without cafés.
  • Either I traveled with myself or I stayed at home weaving and unweaving the desire to explore.

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