Motivational Phrases from the book My Story by Michelle Obama

Many times we are the ones who choose a book, other times, it is the book that chooses us. Without a doubt, My Story of Michelle Obama came into my hands just at the right time. With these phrases from Michelle Obama's book I want to give you a brief summary of what you can find in My Story.

It is a book that I recommend reading to everyone but especially to EVERYONE. Women present here, give this book to others, read it, read it again, underline sentences. This woman has overcome barriers and is an example of overcoming that we all should know.

For every door that has been opened for me, I have tried to open mine for others.

Michelle Obama

I leave you a few sentences that I have underlined from this book. I hope it encourages you to read it.

  • I spent most of my childhood hearing the sound of exertion.
  • In the world, they explain to us, all people carry an invisible history on their backs and for that reason alone they deserve a certain tolerance.
  • Reconcile who you are with where you come from and where you want to go.
  • I wasn't going to let one person's opinion ruin everything I thought I knew about myself.
  • I changed method without changing objective.
  • Some were born poor or lived lives that many of us would find unfair and fraught with adversity, yet they still behave on the surface as if they have had all the advantages in the world.
  • The noise doesn't go away, but the most successful people I know have learned to live with it, lean on people who believe in them, and follow through on their goals.
  • He never talked about material things, like buying a house or a car, not even new shoes. She spent a good part of his money on books, which were to him like sacred objects that brought balance to his mind.
  • It was one thing to get out of a complicated place and quite another to make the place itself stop being complicated.
  • He had a simple, deception-proof faith that if you stuck to your principles, things would work out for the best.
  • Many times, with your circumstances, you have to be twice as good to get half as far.
  • Friendship between women, as any woman knows, is built on a thousand small favors like those that one does for others and vice versa, over and over again.
  • Progress and change happen slowly.
  • One can live in the world as it is and at the same time work to make the world the place it should be.
  • The optimism. For me, it's a form of faith, an antidote to fear.

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