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7 Ways to enjoy the little moments

Enjoying the small moments of the day may sound strange in a certain context. How am I going to enjoy washing the dishes, or cooking?… Well, they should be things that are not so boring for us or at least try. Our obligations also have an essential and important part in our lives: they bring order, stability, and meaning to our lives. It's that simple, and everything that contributes something good should be valued.

if we don't know enjoy what we have around us we will be missing many things. We have the mistaken idea of ​​believing that everything that surrounds us is useless, instead, what is beyond is better. The problem is when the one on the other side thinks the same thing.

Conclusion: we move like headless chickens without appreciating what we have right in front of us. You don't have to go anywhere in the world to enjoy a sunset.

Today I want to share with you 7 activities in which you can find a moment of peace. Activities to relax and learn new things. Simple and almost free.

  • 1 Read
Ways to enjoy the little moments: reading
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reading is the most effective way to be aware in the now, when we read we get fully into other people's stories and we are here and now: read and nothing else.

That state of relaxation makes it seem like time flies by, we enter other countries, other cultures, all of this makes us be more open to new experiences.

For me reading is like a ritual. I read many books throughout the yearI try to do it in different environments y read about different topics so as not to get tired I go to the library, I sit there and I can spend the whole afternoon in front of a book or looking at what books to put on my never-ending list. Oh that list...

Also at home I usually read before going to bed, on the sofa or on the terrace when the weather is good. When I'm at home I try to make myself some tea and some cookies. Is my time to travel without having to leave home, discover other times and delve into new languages.

If you are not a reader, I invite you to take a little time twice a week to do it and make sure you choose a topic you are passionate about.

Reading is the best gift we could have been given. , makes us more aware, empathic, freer and more objective. If it has so many advantages Why not give it a try?

  • 2 Nature is your best friend
Ways to simplify your life: enjoy nature
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Nature has a almost immediate therapeutic effect on our nervous system, has the ability to relax almost instantly.

Go for a walk in the mountains or on the beach is a comforting activity. It is another way of put into practice our mindfulness, try to stop thinking about the external things that happen to us in life and simply enjoy the sun, the breeze, the tranquility.

MI really like walking through natureMy favorite places are the beach and any place with a lot of vegetation. Observe the colors, the perfect harmony that is around us. Perhaps because of this fact I am a lover of intermediate seasons: Autumn freaks me out, and spring is my favorite season. Each of them allows us Appreciate the stages and cycles we go through in life.

The autumn with its reddish and brown colors, like sunset. Is a rather gloomy season from my point of view, but that doesn't stop her from being beautiful. Unlike the spring that is full of different colors, it is something difficult to define but spring somehow relieves me, gives me hope, makes me feel good.

I encourage you to get outside and into nature. You decide when and how long but do it, we are somehow connected with her, and we will not feel that connection if we do not visit her from time to time.

For those who have a favorite season, I recommend looking for places to visit in those seasons. For example: where I live, spring is a season that stands out quite a bit. In Catalonia we can visit many places where blooms stand out of some fruit trees such as pears, peaches and also other more widespread ones such as rapeseed; the latter is impressive. Seeing everything dyed in yellow leaves you literally paralyzed.

Each area has its seasons so find out what they are and go visit them. If you have children it is better, they can transmit to you the enthusiasm they feel for exploring, the curiosity that defines them will help you live the moment with greater enthusiasm.

  • 3 Cooking: an activity for everyone
Enjoy the little moments cooking
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cooking makes us Opening our minds to other flavors literally takes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to experiment with new products.

The kitchen is closely related to creativity. It frees us from stress and helps us, among other things, to put full consciousness into practice.

Come on, they are all advantages.

Therefore it is very important that build a comfortable and flexible culinary space.

I love cooking and being in the kitchen, it's a space that I've created with great care, so don't forget that detail. feel comfortable in your creation site. What I like most about cooking is observing all the colors I use for it, for me it is a moment of creativity, as well as painting, exactly the same.

I put on music and forget about the world. Are you one of those who puts on a concert while cooking? Tell me yes!

Whether cooking Spanish, Thai or Chinese food, the question is experience. It is the most beautiful thing about cooking, being able to learn a little about the gastronomic culture of each country. Discover tricks and flavors that make meals more fun.

When I go to a restaurant I take great care to identify the ingredients of those foods that I like so when I try to do it at home I can remember more or less what I had. In addition to helping me from the internet of course.

The kitchen. A way to celebrate, learn and enjoy.

  • 4 Moments of creativity
Enjoy the small moments with creativity
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That concern for creating is what makes us human. It's like a necessity. Imagine things and then materialize them. It can be painting, composing. They come from the depths of ourselves. It's like you have to get all those ideas out of you or else you go crazy.

I really enjoy creating new things, one day I can be painting pallets to make a sofa and the next collecting snails to make a necklace. The question is in join things to get others.

It is a relief to have creativity, that illusion that new projects cause us, fills us with energy.

I always try look for creative alternatives to everything I need. I enjoy creating an object much more than comparing it directly. I like to be part of the process. Thinking, turning our heads around is an essential part of the creative process that evades us from the world.

That desire, that love for creativity is what makes us feel alive and part of something much bigger.

If nobody likes what you create, nothing happens, we don't make a living with it, it's just an exhaust and relaxation tube, and besides, who has to like it is us.

I know that there are many people who can tell us that we are not creative, but remember that we are notno one has the right to tell you if you are creative or not. They can say that they don't like what we've done, but not that we're not creative, never.

You already know that we work with a pixie called imagination and neither you nor he have to care what others think. We do it period.

Creativity is the most subjective thing in life. Keep creating and be happy.

Precisely for this reason, because it is wonderful to create.

I plan to create and imagine until the rest of my days. It makes me happier, it amuses me and it also makes me a better person. More than enough reasons to never stop.

  • 5 Meditate: in harmony with our mischievous monkey

I have been practicing for years meditation as necessary, almost as necessary as eating. Meditation has the ability to relax, to become aware of our bodyHow we feel inside

Enjoy the small moments: meditate
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It helps us to relax, to be more patient, to be aware of our own body beyond the physical. At first can be a little complicated but with time we get used to it and we do it in a way much more naturalI would almost say that it comes out alone.

When I am meditating I enjoy every moment, it does not matter if I am sad, happy or worried. It's a moment of observation where all that is nothing more than a movie that comes suddenly and we let it go just as it came.  

The benefits of meditation are many so I encourage you to try for a while. You don't have to spend a lot of time 5 minutes a day is enough. The only thing you have to do is get comfortable somewhere quiet and try to be here and now.

It seems the easiest thing in the world but the truth is that our mind is very restless and at first it can even be exhausting to try to be present. Over time this will change be patient and do it. Just 5 or 10 minutes each day.

  • 6 Dance La Macarena whenever you can
Enjoy the small moments of life dancing
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I like to dance, although I admit that I am not a very good dancer, I like it a lot. It is the best way I have to do sports other than yoga. I like any type of music, I don't care, I enjoy any sound That reaches my soul and I don't care where it comes from.

From Portuguese fado to merengue. Each type of music has a meaning for me and provokes different feelings in me for that reason music is so important, because it makes us feel alive.

When I go to the city of Barcelona I am amazed by the street artists, they take music to another level and many Sundays I go to Barcelona just to eat and take a walk through the Arc de Triomphe to see what they surprise me with that day.

  • 7 Writing saves us
Enjoy the little moments in life writing
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This is the most recent of all, although I like to read, it had never occurred to me to start writing. Until one day I read that it was a good way to relax, let off steam and also increase creativity. I jumped into the pool...

Time flies by when I write and it makes me discover a new facet of myself that I didn't know. Without looking for a perfect job, no specific story, I write for myself.

Writing, like creativity, is a much-needed escape valve in this life full of stress.

I have never written a diary, not even when I was little, but now I have a notebook that is a mix of a diary, a list of things I would like to learn and travel routes. It's crazy without any logical order and I like that, I just open the notebook and where it matches I write the date of that day and write.

*How strange we are: so orderly for some things and a disaster for others.

ButHere the important thing is to enjoy something as simple and easy as writing.

I would like to know: What are those little moments that make you feel happy? .

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    1. Thank you very much for your comments, they inspire me to continue forward with much more enthusiasm. A hug!

  2. I loved your post Anne. Thanks a lot.

    You really don't need to go that far or do extraordinary things to be happy, to LIVE life. You have made it clear in the post, it is about being immersed in each of the activities we do daily, enjoying the moment, the aromas, flavors, sounds,... that flow around us.
    A huge hug, Laura 🤗

    1. Thank you very much for your nice comment Laura,
      I agree with you, many times we overlook unique moments waiting for better things to come, when we are already experiencing the best.
      A huge kiss Beautiful! See you here or on your blog.

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