This Palace near Barcelona will leave you speechless. What to see in Sitges

If you are thinking of spending a day outside the city of Barcelona, ​​today I bring you this beautiful city on the Costa Dorada that I am sure will make you fall in love. What to see in Sitges: The most emblematic Palace of the city.

What to see in Sitges 🐟

Sitges es one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan towns that you can find near Barcelona. Its liberal air and the feeling of being in a town that still retains its homely essence make this city a unique place.

Although I have visited the city several times, I have never had the opportunity to see some of its most emblematic and artistic jewels: The Maricel Palace. Right in the upper part of the city is a beauty that, apart from leaving you speechless, you do not expect.

This modern corner will transport you and make you see the city in a much more special way than before.

Maricel Palace a dream place in a dream city

This noucentista artistic complex built between 1913 and 1916, It was designed by the artist and engineer Miguel Utrillo.

the palace is inspired by the beauty of ancient and modern folk art, It was commissioned by the American magnate, collector and philanthropist Charles Deering who wanted a place where he could have his collections of Hispanic art.

the palace was built with bits of old castles and fortresses brought from all over Spain. If you look closely you can realize these differences by observing the details.

I recommend that you visit it slowly, that you stop at look at the tiles and their collection of enamels and crockery.

Tickets to Maricel Palace

If you want to visit the palace, I recommend that you first find out about the days it is open. Currently the palace only opens on specific dates and this is due, in large part, to the fact that it is a place where concerts and events are held.

Website Information: Maricel Palace

NOTE: The entrance to the Maricel Palace costs 5 euros.

El tour to the palace is one way. Be sure to observe each room carefully and enjoy this beauty to the fullest.

What to see in Sitges. Maricel Palace as Inspiration

Si you are a hopeless romantic and You are passionate about creativity in all its facets, this place is for you.

In this palace you will daydream.

Take photos, take notes, observe the drawings, the colors, enamels and even the tiles that adorn this place so peculiar and charming.

How to get to the Maricel Palace from the Center of Sitges

Maricel's palace It is located just behind the Church of Sant Bartolomé and Santa Tecla. It's found In the highest part of the city, the area can be seen from any corner of the boardwalk.

The best way to get to the palace is walking since the city not available many parking spaces nearby. In addition it is the best way to soak up the good atmosphere of Sitges, with its tapas bars, its white houses and the promenade.

How to get to Sitges by Train from Barcelona

Sitges is located about 40 kilometers from downtown Barcelona. For to get to the small town the best way is by train for what I leave you several options to visit Sitges on your own and at your own pace.

  • Barcelona Station of France

Next to the Citadel we have the france station. One of the most beautiful stations in Barcelona, take the opportunity to take some photos since the place will transport you to another time.

there you can take the R2 SUB line in the direction of Vilanova i la Geltrú or Sant Vicenç de Calders.

Address Francia Station: Avenida de L'Argentera, 1

  • Barcelona Sants

I give you this other option in case you are closer to the Sant station, which is the main one in Barcelona, ​​where you will have to take the same train as before: Line R2 SUB towards Vilanova i la Geltrú or Sant Vicenç de Calders.

The price of Ticket usually costs about 8 euros (round trip). If you're lucky enough to catch a double-decker train, try to find a seat on the second deck. The views of the sea on that line are beautiful.

*Sometimes the train passes over the crest of cliffs that give you unique views.

Views from the R2 SUB train line

Here are some photos of the Palace, but not too many so you don't lose the charm of the visit and many other surprises. 😉

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