Mistakes when creating a minimalist wardrobe

Mistakes when creating a minimalist wardrobe

Mistakes when creating a minimalist wardrobe are so easy to make that we all go through the same place. Some of us even become attached to the stone and stumble upon these mistakes over and over again.

Today I want to tell you about some mistakes that we usually make in the transition to minimalism. It is essential that you know each one of them (if you haven't met them already).

The transition to a minimalist wardrobe

The transition to a minimalist wardrobe (Especially if you have a lot of clothes) must go slowly and in this post we will talk about some things to keep in mind.

It is important that you do not despair and go little by little. Throwing away your clothes and then buying again is not a great idea, so I recommend that you go step by step and meditate your decisions.


1. Wanting to throw everything away

I hope I'm not too late.

Let's start with the most common of all. When we get carried away by passion, desire or everything at once and decide: throw everything away and that's it! It may seem like a quick fix but in most cases it is not.

The transformation towards minimalism must be done consciously, not on impulse.

I recognize it I have also had that impulse of wanting to throw everything away, perhaps because of the burden of not knowing where to start or perhaps that desire to start from scratch with my wardrobe. We can experience both feelings but none of them is the solution.

Mistakes when creating a minimalist wardrobe
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

our closet Although it seems that now it is a disaster without solution, It has many garments that will help us to compose the perfect closet.

Try on all your clothes one at a time. I know it's lazy but this simple gesture will help you a lot. Look in the mirror and try to describe how you feel about them.

Each garment that you discard has to be consciously and if you still do not have it clear, nothing happens, throughout this process there are many times that you have to re-check your closet.

If you throw away all your clothes at once, you risk not paying attention to some clothes that we know we have bought on impulse. Some clothes: they don't work for you, they are in poor condition, the ones that you really like and make you feel safe and,... also those horrors that you don't know why are in your closet.

This is a crucial moment in the process. It helps to better understand your consumption habits and to know what our weaknesses and strengths are, especially when buying.

Step by step is better.

2. Not choosing your colors

Do not take your choose a color palette that you saw on Pinterest or in some fashion blog. These resources are great for brainstorming but not for fully adapting to your tastes.. They are a reference.

take your time to Analyze which colors you feel most comfortable with, which ones make you feel better. A minimalist wardrobe does not have to be made up only of whites, blacks and greys.

It is you who decides the touch that you want to give to your wardrobe and only by analyzing your clothes and your tastes can you discover what those colors are.

If you want you can do it like this:

Place all the clothes you like in the closet or somewhere where you can see them all and try to place them by color, there you will realize which colors are most repeated. There you can go pulling when choosing your color palette.

If you are interested I also have a post about a minimalist wardrobe with colors and not just whites, blacks and grays.

3. Forget the basics

Basic clothes in a minimalist wardrobe
Photo by Mnz

This is a blunder that can ruin everything you've achieved so far. If we do not have a base wardrobe, we do not have a starting point with which to combine clothes, It's like wanting to make a cake without having the main ingredient.

It is very important that you form your base wardrobe calmly. Here the rush is not good, better for the car.

Our base cabinet is the backbone of our closet.

Take all the time necessary to assemble the foundation of your closet. This will help you take advantage of each garment. When choosing your basics, remember that the basics always win and go with everything.. Don't complicate your life.

Plain garments, flat colors They will get you out of a lot of trouble and they will be the clothes you use the most. Make sure they are of quality and that they fit what you want.

4. Count how many clothes you have

I do not recommend counting the clothes you have, neither now nor later.

I think that this process is not a matter of numbers but of comfort. When we count our clothes we are somehow limiting ourselves to thinking that this is just a matter of numbers when it is not.

Minimalism is not a matter of numbers, but of comfort and flexibility.

Counting the clothes limits you and makes you obsessed and in minimalism we seek just the opposite. Don't chain your process to a number, at least not for now.

The ideal number of clothes in a closet
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

I know that many times when you are starting (it happened to me), you want to compare yourself with this or that person who says they have X clothes. The problem is that this person does not have the same job as us, nor does he have the same tastes.

Each person has their method and each individual has their own needs. We can't talk about X number of garments, it wouldn't be realistic (at least not for everyone) so don't get obsessed with the number.

If you have been counting how many clothes you have, try to forget that number and move on.

What matters is how comfortable you feel with your wardrobe, how flexible and practical it is for you.

5. Not being patient with yourself

The key here is: be patient and go little by little.

We are not going to achieve a minimalist and functional wardrobe in a week, not even in a month. That is why it is so important to be aware that this takes time.

My process to arrive at an optimal wardrobe took almost two years. Every month I went through my closet to see what clothes I had worn and what I hadn't, what colors I thought would suit me but in the end it didn't work out.

All this with time, perseverance and patience.; I assure you that I'm not the most patient person in the world, but I am practical And I don't like to complicate my life.

Remember this phrase every time you think you are going too slow:

Don't measure your progress by someone else's ruler.


Each person has their rhythm and this is not a long-distance race. I hope you don't forget it and be patient with yourself because it depends on it that your path is more pleasant.

6. Stay with few clothes

If you have become too obsessed with the number and you have not taken into account the rotation of the garments you can find that:

  • After three days you have almost nothing to wear. Dirty clothes are piling up and your closet looks like the Sahara desert.
  • The clothes are so scarce that they do not combine with each other.
  • You feel like you always wear the same. The cry of: "I have nothing to wear."

In balance this key.

Find the optimal middle ground for you. We don't want to put a washing machine every 2 days, either put it almost empty to waste water.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Try to have a good rotation of garments.

For example, if you usually wash on Sundays because it's the day you're at home, try to get to that day without haste, being able to use everything you wanted to wear every day.

That's why it's so important seek the balance that allows us to live in a more comfortable way, because otherwise we go to extremes and end up exactly the same as at the beginning.

7. Not adapting your wardrobe to your needs

It is perfect that we like X clothes a lot, but ask yourself this question: How many times a year do you wear these types of garments? If the answer is almost never, we should not focus on that garment to build our wardrobe.

The questions to answer:

  • What are those clothes that I use the most throughout the week?
  • Do I feel comfortable with them?
  • Could I change them for something that I like more?

There is the key to 80% of the clothes in your closet. Be practical and don't get complicated because if you spend many hours in the office that will be the clothes that have the most turnover in your closet.

Our minimalist wardrobe is there to make our lives more comfortable, not the other way around.

And with this sentence I end today's post. This post brings back many memories of my transition and if I'm honest, it was a process in which I realized many things: about my personality and priorities when it comes to leading a simpler life.

Enjoy the process. Although it seems insignificant in the closet we keep many judgments and virtues about ourselves so good luck with that, it's worth it.

And you, what are those mistakes you have made when building your closet?

Your opinion helps us set our path on track and also makes us feel accompanied in this transformation.

Remember that mistakes are also part of learning, learn from them and move on.

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